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Waiting for it to arrive

  • It's beautiful
  • It seems a bit small, I'd say

Waiting for it to arrive :-D We picked black with brown trim with a hint of gold! :-)

Quite happy with it

  • 3 in 1 system
  • Car seat is ok
  • Bassinet is ok
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Bassinet can be adjusted in half seat
  • Large storage basket
  • Sturdy brake
  • Easy to handle
  • The seat is terrible, it's huge, and when I put it on I can't get to the basket

I am quite happy with it ☺

I recommend it

  • Large carrycot
  • Suspension of the chassis
  • Car seat only up to 10 kg

I recommend it :-)

Not perfect, but I rate it very good. A few adjustments could be made. We've had it for two months, we've been using it for a month, and as soon as we've taken it out it's stopped braking - so I'm still holding it so it doesn't run me over. The best thing about it is probably the shopping basket 😊

Don't expect miracles


"Classic" Polish pram. Don't expect miracles, but it will be enough if you're not too demanding. Not suitable for travelling by car.

  • Inflatable non-squeaky wheels
  • Handles rough terrain and snow
  • Roomy even for a bigger child
  • Easy to control with one hand
  • Low price for a 3 in 1 set
  • Seat unit, carry cot and car seat can be clicked on facing both directions
  • The screws on the canopy of the seat have quickly worn out and it is falling down spontaneously, need to be tightened
  • Slightly larger size, does not fit in smaller car trunks
  • Higher weight (but I personally didn't mind much)

Quite a nice stroller if you're not into expensive models. It's roomy, doesn't squeak, easy to handle and fold, good for bumpy terrain too. However, the screws on the seat of the canopy bulge out quite quickly and fall down spontaneously - they need to be tightened frequently.

  • Large enough
  • Solid
  • Beautiful colour
  • Handle adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest in the bassinet
  • Worse to load in the car boot

For us, it fulfills everything we expect from a stroller 😊

A beautiful stroller at a great price

  • Easy to drive
  • Suitable for any terrain
  • I did not find any :-)

A beautiful stroller at a great price. I was very satisfied, I can only recommend it :-)

  • It can take a lot
  • It's cheap
  • Suspension
  • There is a recliner in the bassinet
  • Can be facing both forward and rearward direction, as a bassinet and also a seat unit
  • With a bit of skill, everything can be washed (for the seat you need to use a screwdriver to remove the covers)
  • Accessories included: rain cover, net, bag, car seat reduction, warm foot covers (aprons)
  • Bassinet:
  • After a time it fades and the mattress gets too soft after washing
  • The recliner in the bassinet can't take a heavy load and falls backwards
  • Seat:
  • Hood falls down
  • The straps are ill-thought out (when you untangle the belt from the plastic buckle, it's hard to get it back)
  • When you have the seat unit:
  • You can't push a bag of groceries into the bottom basket anymore (like you used to with the bassinet)
  • It's hard to find the brakes with the seat on
  • Sometimes you have to go to the tire/bike shop with a flat tire

A stroller that can withstand a lot. It has carried both my children. It can carry two kids at once in the pushchair setup. It's a bit uncomfortable for the kids, but when a two year old and a three year old are crying that they can't walk anymore - I fold the back down, load them back to back and carry them like a wheelbarrow - even with groceries they weigh about 30 kilos. It's a budget stroller, there's a lot of things you can improve on it.

They should make the belts smaller

  • It's lovely to drive
  • It's spacious
  • The belts cannot be tightened (they are for big kids)
  • It is heavy

I'm satisfied, but they should make the belts smaller.

  • Low price
  • Easy handling
  • Accessories
  • The bassinet could be larger

The pram is absolutely suitable, although there are some bugs, like everywhere ;-)

So far we use the bassinet, which could be bigger, but otherwise great. For the price, I'd say a fine stroller that can withstand worse terrain - here in the village we drive it through every dirt road.

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