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okakik says:
"It's a budget stroller, there's a lot of things you can improve on it"
and gives the Raf-Pol Largo

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  • It can take a lot
  • It's cheap
  • Suspension
  • There is a recliner in the bassinet
  • Can be facing both forward and rearward direction, as a bassinet and also a seat unit
  • With a bit of skill, everything can be washed (for the seat you need to use a screwdriver to remove the covers)
  • Accessories included: rain cover, net, bag, car seat reduction, warm foot covers (aprons)
  • Bassinet:
  • After a time it fades and the mattress gets too soft after washing
  • The recliner in the bassinet can't take a heavy load and falls backwards
  • Seat:
  • Hood falls down
  • The straps are ill-thought out (when you untangle the belt from the plastic buckle, it's hard to get it back)
  • When you have the seat unit:
  • You can't push a bag of groceries into the bottom basket anymore (like you used to with the bassinet)
  • It's hard to find the brakes with the seat on
  • Sometimes you have to go to the tire/bike shop with a flat tire

A stroller that can withstand a lot. It has carried both my children. It can carry two kids at once in the pushchair setup. It's a bit uncomfortable for the kids, but when a two year old and a three year old are crying that they can't walk anymore - I fold the back down, load them back to back and carry them like a wheelbarrow - even with groceries they weigh about 30 kilos. It's a budget stroller, there's a lot of things you can improve on it.

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