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All user reviews of Petite&Mars Easy

31 parent reviews

Good handling and spacious basket

  • Large storage basket
  • One handlebar
  • Large hood
  • I really don't know...

Great stroller with good handling and spacious basket.

Best buggy I've had so far

  • Easy operation
  • 4 wheels, rubberised
  • Full lie flat
  • Adjustable
  • Apron included
  • Large basket
  • Beautiful canopy colours
  • Storage tray for mum
  • No handle positioning because of the tray

Best buggy I've had so far πŸ‘πŸ» I'm comparing with Elodie Details Stockholm - Graphic Grace.

Overall we are satisfied

  • Price
  • Beautiful fabric
  • Large canopy
  • Large basket under the stroller
  • Easy handling
  • Plastic wheels
  • Apron does not hold well
  • Backrest can't be put too high/upright when baby is sitting
  • The sides of the backrest get in the way when sitting
  • Leg rest unstable

Very nice in appearance, good handling, folds well and is lightweight. The condition was to have a bar of the stroller connected over the seat, so that the child does not fall out, and a larger space a the footmuff over the winter. Overall we are satisfied.

A great alternative to classic buggies

  • Light
  • Foldable
  • Very easy to fold
  • Beautiful design - Heritage
  • Large basket

Lightweight, foldable, a great alternative to classic buggies! The big basket is great and even the little one enjoys the stroller. Only because of the small and hard wheels, the ride is not as comfortable as with our Neonato Puro, which I definitely plan to use in winter and for the next little one. But as I wrote already, it's an alternative to a buggy, so it does everything it's supposed to and it's just great!

Good stroller at a good price

  • Large basket space
  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to handle

Good stroller at a good price. I am very satisfied with it.

  • Front swivel wheels that can be adjusted to turn or go straight on the ground
  • Bottle holder / organiser
  • Large spacious basket
  • Lightweight
  • I noticed none

For me the top stroller - easy and quick to fold in the trunk of the car. Easy to operate, which I appreciated the most. What I give 10 points for is the stroller's extended canopy - great especially in summer when it's terribly hot outside, the baby has shade in the stroller πŸ‘ The baby can see the surroundings as the stroller is in the direction of travel.

Not too comfy

  • Storage basket
  • Low weight
  • Not too comfy

Pretty nice stroller. But not for our sidewalks/roads :-D

  • extended canopy
  • lightweight chassis
  • convenient for the car
  • large shopping basket
  • drink holder
  • full wheels - inflatable would be better

My only criticism would be that it doesn't have inflatable wheels - then it would be completely faultless. But if I had to choose again, I would definitely buy it again. Extended canopy, top cup/bottle holder, large shopping basket. I am very satisfied.

Very nice looking

  • large basket
  • lightweight
  • foldable
  • looks very nice
  • the wheels can't handle the slightest bump, which can't be avoided even in the city - it always gets stuck somewhere πŸ˜‘

Very nice looking stroller. Spacious shopping basket, large enough seating.



It would be a good stroller if it had an adjustable handle and inflatable wheels. Otherwise fine.



Amazing - lightweight, compact, could go everywhere.

Lightweight foldable stroller with super large canopy. A compromise between a buggy and a pushchair. The plastic window on the canopy started to crack pretty soon.

  • Long canopy
  • Light weight
  • Handles well
  • Large shopping basket

Perfect stroller for me, lightweight, great to control with one hand. It has a long canopy, enough space to lie down. I didn't mind at all that it is not cushioned, we went with it even over terrain. It has a huge shopping basket.

  • hood
  • can be laid completely flat
  • 5-point harness system
  • handle
  • tryay
  • large basket
  • insulated apron
  • wheels

I am satisfied with the stroller. Too bad this one doesn't have inflatable wheels - they rattle a bit on our roads.

  • light weight
  • easy to fold
  • easy positioning
  • wheels with locking
  • large shopping basket
  • I kind of feel like it's going to fall apart on the way

We bought the stroller as an alternative to our Gusio because the little one didn't really want to ride much. At about seven months he was already riding in the Easy. He did sit in the direction of travel, but he liked it. The stroller isn't exactly one of the nicest in the world, but it's very practical, lightweight, compact... The backrest adjusts independently of the footrest.

It does rattle a bit, as if it's going to fall apart, but it has survived the city and the mall, as well as a village road or a trip to the meadow or icy sidewalks or snow sprinkled with salt. You can fold it with one hand, and the price is otherwise very affordable - even more so if you snag some special offer at the baby store.

A super big canopy

  • Big canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Harder to fold
  • Harder to handle

It has a super big canopy. Longer handle, which may bother some people. Harder to fold.

More suitable for occasional rides

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Large canopy
  • Large basket
  • Weak chassis
  • More suitable for short walks without napping, as the larger child's legs stick out quite noticeably - ok for shorter children

I used it as a second stroller for my son, we have it at the grandmother's house. It's more suitable for occasional rides.

  • large basket
  • tray
  • quick folding

A very good stroller for a baby that is already sitting. Great for the city, for a quick transfer. But also around the village.

y son likes to sleep in it

  • Lightweight
  • Large basket
  • Large canopy
  • Wheels

I like the stroller, it's just worse to handle on gravel. My son likes to sleep in it :)


  • Spacious basket
  • Tray for the parent
  • Window in the canopy
  • Zippered canopy extension
  • Fully detachable child bar
  • The brake I was kicking while walking!
  • The handle cannot be adjusted in height

Practical pushchair/buggy. Large, spacious basket, everything fits in there. Sturdy frame, parent tray on the handle, easy to fold, lightweight, easy to use.

What bothered me a lot, though, was my feet kicking the brake. So did my husband, and so did a friend who also had one. I had to push the stroller far enough in front of me to keep from kicking it, which eventually bothered me so much that I sold it. It goes to a full recline, and has an adjustable leg rest.

For the price I can only recommend it

  • Large shopping basket
  • Foldable, large hood
  • Light as a feather
  • Easy to handle
  • Compact, takes up little space
  • Nice design
  • None

Maximum satisfaction. Light, easy to handle and fold. And the best is the large shopping basket. For the price I can only recommend it.

For me THE pram

  • MEGA, I admit, MEGA basket srsly
  • MEGA elongated hood
  • light weight
  • one-hand folding
  • bag and apron in the same design
  • eco-leather on the handle, handle and footrest looks luxurious
  • beautiful limited edition
  • so many advantages that I don't even have time for cons

I was choosing my pram to be foldable, light and practical. And since I'm a woman, I want it to be pretty :wink: This stroller fulfills all of this perfectly.

Extra mega total perfect huge basket under the stroller, where hopefully the baby itself will fit XD The extra long extension hood, when you take it all down, and put on the apron makes the baby like in a bunker - best protected from the wind. The plastic window for checking the baby is great, folding the canopy it cracked in a couple of places, but it's nothing terrible. The pram folds flat, easily with one hand down to the ground, it takes up adequate space in the car, so it's fine. Maneuvers perfectly, too.

It says it is up to 15 kg, but I think it could handle more. I don't understand what some people write here, that bigger children's legs protrude when napping, but the adjustable footrest is for smaller children for sure. There is a step down for bigger children to rest their legs on.

The wheels are foam, but there was no problem with them at all. Sure, you can't get a 15kg baby over a pile of gravel easily, but we walked across the grass to the playground just fine. It also handles sidewalks, curbs, floor in a store (it doesn't slip like some others). Because I am taller, sometimes I can easily hit the brake with my foot, but otherwise the parent's handle is at a good height, I don't slouch.

The sun has taken out the colour slightly, but it hasn't faded - it's just changed colour (blue to purple). We have the full set of accessories - a stroller, a bag and an apron in the Heritage design color, blue for a little girl, and everyone envies it. And the brown eco-leather, a combination like from a fairy tale. For me THE pram <3

Iwould not consider changing it at all

  • easy to fold
  • fits easily in the lift
  • amazingly large shopping basket
  • bottle holder
  • the possibility to buy practically anything and it fits it
  • the plastic wheels make a sound after rain that might annoy some people

Perfect for us. I am extremely happy with it and would not consider changing it at all.

  • Large canopy
  • Handles terrain
  • Large basket
  • Easy to fold
  • Window on the canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to adjust backrest
  • After half a year the pattern on the wheels almost peeled off, but that's to be expected, it doesn't change the functionality πŸ™‚

The stroller could handle even terrain - we pushed it in the field and in the vineyard, even when it was muddy, and it was fine. It survived everything and we are extremely satisfied πŸ™‚

The leg rest could have been longer


Good, lightweight and compact 😊 Even if the leg rest could have been longer 😊

A great lightweight and portable buggy that can handle any terrain.

  • ΓΊloΕΎnΓ½ priestor

It was bought just for our holidays. Quite ordinary, sturdy, easy to fold stroller.

Its biggest advantage is the very large storage space under the stroller.

Not good in my opinion. Just for occasional walks, really. I almost broke the wheels off in a few holes in the road...

My pushchair had a lopsided chassis right out of the box. It somehow doesn't fit right. The leg rest is too small - it is there, but more as a decoration, as my daughter has no place to really put her feet up. I wouldn't buy it again. And I got it because I heard good things about it! But it didn't live up to those, unfortunately. The only pluses to me were the huge canopy and the foldability.

Awesome adjustability


Compact, awesome adjustability, storage space, the extra large hood, and the harness. The swivel wheels are πŸ‘πŸ‘

I am basically satisfied

  • Large basket
  • Easily collapsible
  • Affordable
  • For children up to 2 years maximum
  • Leatherette handle cover and area under the legs - it deteriorated quickly with use

I am basically satisfied with the stroller.

Good design


For me, great. I use it every day - I have it as a buggy. A lightweight pushchair, very handy - with the dexterity of a buggy... good design.

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