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rubia10 says:
"For me THE pram"
and gives the Petite&Mars Easy

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For me THE pram

  • MEGA, I admit, MEGA basket srsly
  • MEGA elongated hood
  • light weight
  • one-hand folding
  • bag and apron in the same design
  • eco-leather on the handle, handle and footrest looks luxurious
  • beautiful limited edition
  • so many advantages that I don't even have time for cons

I was choosing my pram to be foldable, light and practical. And since I'm a woman, I want it to be pretty :wink: This stroller fulfills all of this perfectly.

Extra mega total perfect huge basket under the stroller, where hopefully the baby itself will fit XD The extra long extension hood, when you take it all down, and put on the apron makes the baby like in a bunker - best protected from the wind. The plastic window for checking the baby is great, folding the canopy it cracked in a couple of places, but it's nothing terrible. The pram folds flat, easily with one hand down to the ground, it takes up adequate space in the car, so it's fine. Maneuvers perfectly, too.

It says it is up to 15 kg, but I think it could handle more. I don't understand what some people write here, that bigger children's legs protrude when napping, but the adjustable footrest is for smaller children for sure. There is a step down for bigger children to rest their legs on.

The wheels are foam, but there was no problem with them at all. Sure, you can't get a 15kg baby over a pile of gravel easily, but we walked across the grass to the playground just fine. It also handles sidewalks, curbs, floor in a store (it doesn't slip like some others). Because I am taller, sometimes I can easily hit the brake with my foot, but otherwise the parent's handle is at a good height, I don't slouch.

The sun has taken out the colour slightly, but it hasn't faded - it's just changed colour (blue to purple). We have the full set of accessories - a stroller, a bag and an apron in the Heritage design color, blue for a little girl, and everyone envies it. And the brown eco-leather, a combination like from a fairy tale. For me THE pram <3

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