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Folded great and was lightweight


A great stroller for quick transfers and for the city. Folded great and was lightweight.

Size can fit a larger toddler for napping.


I highly recommend it, even though it's an older model - you should look for a newer model if buying it. Large hood, reclining, leg positioning, wide backrest and size can fit a larger toddler for napping.

Lightweight yet sturdy


Lightweight yet sturdy umbrella-style pushchair.

Absolutely shapable, foldable and maximally usable stroller. It is possible to put on a bath bassinet, a seat unit or a car seat on it - in the direction of travel or in the opposite direction. The pushchair's seat can be put into a full reclining position. It fits even in a small car. The only drawback for me is the golf clubs handles - I prefer a single handle when I can operate it with one hand. Otherwise great.

  • Compact and self-standing when folded
  • Large wheels (for an umbrella stroller)
  • Adapter-free clicking on the carrycot/car seat
  • Not sturdy
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Not suitable for a tall person
  • The basket scratches on the bottom when you climb up a curb

It's compact, but not sturdy at all - I wasn't too happy with it, overall. The fold is OK, and it stands by itself when folded, I like that. The seat unit is not much in terms of comfort - you have to use a seat liner or a blanket under the child to make is sit on a soft surface. The canopy is average, but what I minded was that with every folding, it clicked itself off the stroller.

It is suitable for short parents - the handlebars do adjust, but it's not much help - a taller parent will kick the sibling stand. Other than that, the handles are nicely shaped and comfortable in hands.

The wheels are rather large - for an umbrella stroller, and there's even a light suspension - of course, nothing for all-terrain or snow, but nobody buys an umbrella stroller for that 😉

I had an older Peg-Pérego Pliko, which seemed to be sturdier and with better fabric and padding...

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