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Absolutely comfortable for the baby

  • Suitable for both city and off-road
  • Large storage space under the stroller
  • Very comfortable seating for baby
  • It doesn't fit in the smaller trunk of the car, even after folding the front wheel, that's its only disadvantage

Absolutely comfortable for the baby.

Terribly heavy

  • none
  • heavy
  • hard to maneuver

It's a terribly heavy stroller. Never again.

Perfect in every way


For me it is a perfect pram – in every way.

It can go through everything

  • Large basket
  • Cushioned
  • Goes through everything
  • Seat goes in a full recline
  • Wheel lock
  • Easy handling
  • Weight

I have had this stroller for three years and I am very satisfied. Yes, the stroller is heavier, it takes up almost the whole trunk, but it has its pros too. A big storage basket, the seat goes to an almost lying down position, and it can go through everything (mountains, forest, dirt roads). I am really very satisfied.

Very difficult to handle

  • Large basket
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Handle organiser that can be put around the waist
  • After folding very bulky
  • Heavy
  • Poor handling

The stroller is very difficult to handle, it is very hard to walk on snow. When I am on skates, the handle is low for me.

  • very roomy for a child
  • can carry a lot
  • handbrake, which is great especially for off-road
  • can go over very rough terrain
  • easy to lock the wheel on the side of the stroller, no need to switch anything on a muddy wheel
  • heavy
  • quite bulky
  • the seat cannot be reversed to face the parent

If you want a stroller that can carry absolutely anything in absolutely, whichever way you go, the GT3 is ideal. The stroller can handle two children at once and can even navigate through heavy snow. It's not a travel stroller though, it takes up almost the entire trunk of the car and is quite heavy. But if you walk a few extra miles a day with two kids like I do, you'll be happy.

Great for terrain use

  • Great for terrain use
  • Spacious
  • Can be used up to older age of the child
  • Large shopping basket
  • Front wheel can be removed
  • A little worse to store, but that's the price for its size
  • I definitely wouldn't buy it if one has a small car

I'm happy with it, I list all else below.

  • Large basket
  • Handbrake
  • Comfortable and spacious for baby
  • Easy to handle
  • High quality covers that can be easily removed and washed
  • Quite bulky after folding

I was very satisfied with it and if I had a baby again, I would go for it immediately. Parents living around bad terrain will appreciate it.

  • spacious in both lying and sitting length (I use it with my 2.5 year old most of the time)
  • positioning from sitting upright to lying down
  • long handle
  • folding is easy - you put the front wheel down and the rest folds in one piece
  • large shopping basket, which can also be folded down (made smaller) if the child is sitting
  • TOP bonus is the "step" where an older child can stand (down there where the brake usually is)
  • handbrake
  • a little heavier
  • takes up more space in the car
  • a bit shorter belts, our 2.5 year is kind of large for them

A sturdy, robust stroller (which is both an advantage and a disadvantage). Spacious even for a larger toddler, with an integrated space - a rear step where an older child can stand. With hand brake instead of foot brake (this suits me very well), large basket, full recline positioning for the child, folding cup holders on the sides. The covers can be taken off all the way and washed, the handle can be positioned nicely - and although it's not telescopic, it's super adjustable for taller people so they don't bump into the wheels when pushing... Canopy extendable (in semi-reclined position it is enough, even if there is more wind), wheels are great, inflatable. It handles pretty well for having three wheels (not a fan of three-wheelers, though). The apron has nice fastenings in different places.

Great for older kids (although the surface for lying down isn't quite the longest). Sturdy and robust = can accommodate both of my kids (2.5yrs and 5yrs) just fine if need be.

  • It's a tank, it goes over anything - field, woods, meadow, stones...
  • Huge space for the baby in the bassinet and in the seat
  • Inflatable wheels are large and with 3 suspension positions
  • Very large, bulky and heavy for everyday folding in the car

I recommend buying this stroller to all who want a stroller not only for the mall but also for the outdoors. There is a lot in which it is absolutely perfect.

The priority stuff... not good at all

  • machine washable
  • indestructible material that does not fade
  • the stroller is spacious, comfortable for the baby
  • huge shopping basket (there is not a mom who would not praise it :-D)
  • the bassinet has gadgets like reclining, side pocket, toy holder
  • the bassinet has legs to stand on, I used it as a cot on visits
  • two built-in drink holders
  • wheel lock (at hand)
  • suspension settings soft, medium, hard
  • zippered bottom of the footmuff - protected my boys beautifully in winter
  • it's awfully heavy, for a mother in her sixth month
  • absolutely bulky
  • I have an Octavia COMBI and it still took up the whole trunk!
  • only a handbrake, totally sucks :-) best to hold it in a moving bus, a 14kg stroller + child
  • permanently flat wheels, frequent servicing
  • cannot be put facing the parent
  • I had my first son for 4 months in the bassinet, the second for 5 months... then they didn't fit anymore (it is sold as XXL, I have no such experience with it though)

I wouldn't want this stroller again. It has taught me that I never want inflatable wheels or a handbrake again :-) I don't want to carry it around anymore :-D But what I do miss are the gadgets around it - like the bag attachment (the best, no more buying hooks on velcros), the basket, the bum bag, and those drink holders are awesome...). But the priority stuff... not good at all.

Really can handle any terrain

  • Suitable for any terrain - thanks to large wheels and adjustable suspension
  • Three-wheel design - despite its high weight, it is pleasant to ride and manoeuvre
  • Hand brake
  • Built-in step for sibling
  • Organizer on the handle which can be easily detached and used as a bum bag
  • Built-in hinged cup holders on both sides of the stroller
  • Positioning up to a flat lying position
  • Mesh in the canopy for ventilation
  • Huge shopping basket with folding option for better access
  • Front wheel lock with knob on the structure
  • Easy and quick folding
  • Very high quality workmanship
  • A lot of accessories included
  • Large size when folded (definitely need to have a second stroller for travel)
  • High weight
  • Short canopy (plus on ours when lying down it didn't hold tight and fell backwards)

A stroller that can really handle any terrain. The toll for this is the high weight and large dimensions after folding.

  • Comfy
  • Spacious inside
  • Easy to operate
  • Soft suspension chassis
  • Large shopping basket
  • Pram's size
  • Pram's weight
  • Short leg rest

A great stroller that can handle any terrain. Inflatable wheels on which you can choose the softness of the chassis. Sturdy construction and a large seating area for the child. Who is not used to 3 wheels, you need to get used to it a little bit, so that you do not lose the child when going out on the curb 😄. As the backrest is big enough, the leg rest could be adapted to it, but I found it short. But we have an older model that is no longer in production.

From just a bit of unevenness to real off-road, snow, and mountains, this stroller goes through everything! The only thing we couldn't get through was deep but melted snow uphill.

The seat is spacious enough, even for a three-year-old. Inclinable carrycot. So many extras - like the integrated cup holder. Super wide hood. Large basket with a high weight capacity. The handbrake was a great help. I really find this stroller very good. I had a different - four-wheeled one before, and for outdoor use, this is so much better.

As far as disadvantages go: it's large (with the Peugeot 5008 it's ok, but my Fabia was too small for it, we had to remove the front wheel, which is actually rather easy); it's on the heavier side; the three-wheeled chassis is not that stable sideways on a steeper hill.

A good pram for bad terrain


A good pram for bad terrain. It truly tackles ANYTHING.

THE stroller for every terrain

  • spacious
  • big basket
  • small bag for parent
  • seat lays flat
  • cup holders
  • higher weight

This is THE stroller for every terrain. It has everything, even for many hours of strolling - it's practical, sturdy, beautiful, so much space for the child, a sibling board, integrated drink holders, huge hood, adjustable suspension, large wheels... It's wonderful.

It is perfect for me

  • Huuuuge and spacious
  • Stable, even if it's a three-wheeler
  • Ready for any terrain, with three levels of suspension adjustment
  • Easy manipulation while pushing it as well as folding it
  • Huge shopping basket
  • Someone could mind the higher weight

I rate it as Perfect because it is perfect for me. I dont mind the higher weight. I mentioned all in the pros and cons.

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