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saimaa says:
"Sturdy and robust = can accommodate both of my kids (2.5yrs and 5yrs) just fine if need be"
and gives the Peg-Pérego GT3

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  • spacious in both lying and sitting length (I use it with my 2.5 year old most of the time)
  • positioning from sitting upright to lying down
  • long handle
  • folding is easy - you put the front wheel down and the rest folds in one piece
  • large shopping basket, which can also be folded down (made smaller) if the child is sitting
  • TOP bonus is the "step" where an older child can stand (down there where the brake usually is)
  • handbrake
  • a little heavier
  • takes up more space in the car
  • a bit shorter belts, our 2.5 year is kind of large for them

A sturdy, robust stroller (which is both an advantage and a disadvantage). Spacious even for a larger toddler, with an integrated space - a rear step where an older child can stand. With hand brake instead of foot brake (this suits me very well), large basket, full recline positioning for the child, folding cup holders on the sides. The covers can be taken off all the way and washed, the handle can be positioned nicely - and although it's not telescopic, it's super adjustable for taller people so they don't bump into the wheels when pushing... Canopy extendable (in semi-reclined position it is enough, even if there is more wind), wheels are great, inflatable. It handles pretty well for having three wheels (not a fan of three-wheelers, though). The apron has nice fastenings in different places.

Great for older kids (although the surface for lying down isn't quite the longest). Sturdy and robust = can accommodate both of my kids (2.5yrs and 5yrs) just fine if need be.

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