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We would buy it again

  • Easy to push - one handedly
  • Practical
  • Nicely collapsible
  • Inclinable cot
  • Certified for transport in the car
  • Possibility to exchange wheels for larger ones
  • Storage space
  • Mobile phone pocket inside the cot
  • Hanging loop for toy 😉
  • Higher price

It is easy to steer. Practical, smart, easily foldable, adjustable recline in the cot - we used it during reflux, plus good storage space. Great satisfaction, we would buy it again 🙂👍

  • large bassinet
  • washable parts
  • lightweight
  • sturdy
  • well manoeuvrable
  • wheels can handle even the toughest terrain
  • the baby is not lying in the egg, which is part of this 3 in 1 system, but it is almost sitting completely - an unnatural position for a baby
  • after a year and a half, the construction loosened and the parts started to squeak (it didn't stop even after tightening what was loose and then lubricating it)

It was a great stroller, but after a year and a half it completely "loosened up". It squeaks, the frame got loose and all the joints have a sort of slack. After a complaint, which of course was not acknowledged, we were told that it was not a defect and it happens to everyone - just the rivets come loose and it can't be fixed. If it hadn't started squeaking so much, I wouldn't have any complaints about it.

So far the best Peg-Perego Book I've had

  • One-handed manoeuvrability
  • Folding and storage
  • Locking of the wheels on the frame
  • Soft wheels
  • Machine washable
  • Leather child belly bar and handlebar
  • Sufficient zip-open canopy
  • Compatibility
  • Colours and materials - quality
  • Legs can't be set completely straight
  • The basket under the buggy fades from black to brown after a while
  • The cup holder tips over

So far the best Peg-Perego Book I've had.

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