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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Easily collapses
  • Easy to store
  • Good storage
  • Reclines well
  • The straps are very uncomfortable and hard to adjust
  • Bumper bar leather bit peeled off after a month of owning and only a week’s use
  • Pricey for the quality

It’s great for travelling as the one-hand fold feature works so quickly. It’s also really light to push and easy to swivel. Storage but underneath is ample for a day out. The only thing I would say is that the straps are really tricky to adjust, and my daughter looks so uncomfortable in it when sitting for a length of time. She also managed to get out of the buggy without undoing the straps & they were at their tightest.

Not sure it’s the best design for a toddler my daughter is 10kg in weight and 17 months old and she’s almost the length of the buggy. It’s a lovely made buggy with stylish colour but for the price, I had hoped it might be more comfortable for her.

The other thing with it is used it for a week’s beach holiday in Greece and when we returned the brown leather on the bumper bar was peeling off. Not sure if it was the heat or just if it’s a fault.

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