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Nuna trvl

Nuna's first travel ultracompact stroller/system
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The Nuna trvl is a TRAVEL, compact stroller made for parents convenience. You'll find quite a few comfort features on it, such as a very easy, one-hand, semi-automatic fold; a padded seat with extra-easy, slide up & down harness; an easy magnetic buckle; a one-hand operated strap backrest recline mechanism; a one-touch click-on click-off brake activated as well as deactivated by pushing from the top; and a lot of extra ventilation on the top as well as in the rear of the canopy. Also, the trvl buggy also offers adapter-free compatibility with the Nuna Pipa car seats, which you can click right on the bumper bar.

Nuna trvl, still, stays simple, meaning that it doesn't recline fully. The seat is, therefore, not suitable for newborns or babies that didn't sit by themselves yet. To be used for traveling from birth, the only way is to pair it up with one of the Pipa line of lightweight car seats, making the trvl one of the lightest travel systems on the market. Another downside is the slightly larger size that doesn't get accepted by all airlines, so be sure to check before taking it with you as cabin luggage. A practical travel bag is included with the Nuna trvl.

Nuna trvl Features & Specifications

The Basics

Pushchair (seat and chassis only), 2in1 stroller system
Stroller weight
7 kg
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l)
111.8 cm x 51.4 cm x 82.55 cm
Folded dimensions (h×w×l)
61 cm x 51.4 cm x 28 cm
Chassis material
Country of origin
Stroller available as a pushchair (seat unit configuration) only; newborn accessories (like a carrycot) need to be purchased separately

The Seat unit

Maximum weight capacity - seat load
22.7 kg
Recommended age range (best to use with a child of)
0-36 months
Reversible seat unit
L-shaped, bucket-type seat unit
Reclining backrest
Yes, infinite recline
Full-recline backrest (a bigger-than-a-150-degree-angle to a lie-flat)
Backrest recline type
One-hand backrest recline system
Extendable backrest
Legrest positioning
Yes, 2 positions
Extendable leg rest
Wipe-clean layer on the leg rest
A higher seat unit's position on the chassis
Height-adjustable seat
Seat unit's proper attachment indicator
2in1 convertible carrycot/seat unit (pramette travel system)
Fabrics removable for cleaning
Seat fabrics cleaning
Wipe-clean only
Safety harness type
Harness padding
Height-adjustable harness belts
Ventilation integrated into the seat
Second seat can be attached (single-to-double convertibility)

The Canopy (Hood)

Seat unit equipped with a canopy/hood
Extendable canopy/hood
The canopy/hood features a sun visor
Floating, follow-the-sun canopy
Height-adjustable canopy
Removable canopy
Waterproof canopy
UV protection in the (canopy) fabrics
Ventilation integrated into the canopy
A pocket integrated into the canopy
Peek-a-boo viewing window present on the canopy
Peek-a-boo window can be closed/covered
Quiet (magnetic/no velcro) peek-a-boo window
Reinforcing side clasps present on the canopy

The Bumper bar

Bumper bar
Bumper bar type (style)
Removable bumper bar
Gate-opening (swing-away) bumper bar
Height-adjustable bumper bar
Bumper bar features a fabric (non-wipe-clean) cover
Bumper bar features an extra crotch strap

The Wheels

Number of wheels
Front wheel(s) type
EVA foam-coated wheels
Rear wheels type
EVA foam-coated wheels
Front wheels diameter
13 cm
Rear wheels diameter
15.5 cm
Swivel wheels
Lockable wheels
Removable wheels
All wheels are double wheels
All-terrain version of wheels available to purchase separately
Wheels equipped with mudguards
Two-wheel mode

The Suspension

Wheels with suspension
Suspension type
Mechanical (internal spring-loaded mechanism)
Adjustable suspension softness
Rocking chassis

The Brake

Central brake system/type
Push-push pedal brake (flip-flop friendly)
Deceleration handbrake

The Fold

Folding system
Flat (compact) fold
One-hand fold
Plane-travel-friendly stroller with an ultra-compact fold (suitable as carry-on luggage)
Folds with the (forward-facing) seat attached
Folds with the rearward-facing seat attached
Self-standing fold
Auto-lock feature of the folded chassis
Folded stroller can be pulled behind like luggage
Stroller folds and/or unfolds by itself
Equipped with a carry strap/carry handle
Outward fold (the seat fabrics are on the outside after folding)

The Handlebar

Handle height adjustment
Handlebar material
Leatherette (PU/eco-leather)
Handlebar height
105 cm
Reversible handlebar (handle can be flipped to the other side)
Safety wrist strap

The Basket

Shopping basket
Large shopping basket
Basket's weight capacity
4.5 kg
Closable basket
An extra basket can be attached to the frame
A pocket integrated into the seat/elsewhere on the stroller frame

The Carrycot

Carrycot compatible

The Car seat

Car seat compatible
Yes (without adapters)
Car seat sold separately
Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat attachment-type adapters available
Britax Römer car seat attachment-type adapters available

The Accessories & Extra features

Parent tray/organizer on the handlebar (included)
Cup holder can be attached
Reflective elements
No pushchair mode/seat-unit configuration available
Rain cover included
Mosquito net included
Leg cover (apron) included with the seat unit
Seat liner/insert included
Changing bag included
Carry bag/transport cover for the folded stroller included
LED light(s)
Built-in audio speakers
A storage/bag can be attached instead of a seat

Parent reviews of the Nuna trvl

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  • easy to fold
  • light weight
  • ventilation
  • looks sharp
  • easy to use with Nuna car seats
  • seat is VERY short
  • canopy is small, even for a travel stroller
  • canopy rests on hands when not extended
  • baby slides around in seat
  • no carry strap or handle

We got this stroller when our baby was 6 weeks old, and at 10 months old he has already outgrown it. His head is past the top of the seat, making it impossible for him to nap or get comfortable in this stroller. There were already some thing we didn’t love about the TRVl (the canopy stinks), but our son’s evident discomfort has pushed us to purchase a new stroller.

This one is not worth the money. The fold is awesome, but you’re sacrificing a lot for one standout feature. I’d get the Bugaboo Butterfly or the Joolz Aer+ over the Nuna TRVL.

Very stressful experience so far

  • Lightweight to push/travel around with
  • Super easy to steer/manoeuvre
  • Quick and simple braking system
  • Decent basket size underneath
  • Folds quick and compact great for storing.
  • Material used for straps is too slippery. Straps constantly tighten each time my daughter moves where they then pull her shoulders downwards making her restricted and very uncomfortable
  • The straps only have one fixed height position. So I don’t see how it can take a child to 22 kg
  • Pram is so lightweight that it doesn’t take uneven ground well. I have walked along several sloped pavements and the pram has fell sideways on every occasions
  • The rain cover doesn’t give enough room now for my daughters feet and she is only 12 kg. Her feet have to be pushed back half way into the basket in order to keep dry
  • Cannot see this pram lasting and providing my daughter up to 13kg let alone 22kg!

Nice pram, but sadly wouldn’t recommend. Very stressful experience so far.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Easily collapses
  • Easy to store
  • Good storage
  • Reclines well
  • The straps are very uncomfortable and hard to adjust
  • Bumper bar leather bit peeled off after a month of owning and only a week’s use
  • Pricey for the quality

It’s great for travelling as the one-hand fold feature works so quickly. It’s also really light to push and easy to swivel. Storage but underneath is ample for a day out. The only thing I would say is that the straps are really tricky to adjust, and my daughter looks so uncomfortable in it when sitting for a length of time. She also managed to get out of the buggy without undoing the straps & they were at their tightest.

Not sure it’s the best design for a toddler my daughter is 10kg in weight and 17 months old and she’s almost the length of the buggy. It’s a lovely made buggy with stylish colour but for the price, I had hoped it might be more comfortable for her.

The other thing with it is used it for a week’s beach holiday in Greece and when we returned the brown leather on the bumper bar was peeling off. Not sure if it was the heat or just if it’s a fault.

Your questions about the Nuna trvl


Am I using the safety harness wrong, or is it really that bad?

The top part of the shoulder pads are fixed to the seat, and so my sons head seems to rest on the corners of the pads which looks really uncomfortable and has began to leave red marks :( is there a solution to this? Thanks :)


I am attaching the Nuna TRVL manual with the part about how to fit the harness. I mean, yes, the use is limited, and the pads can be in the way. Personally, I am not very fond of this model. However, you should be able to adjust the height so that it would fit your song and his sitting style a bit better. Other than that, unfortunately, there's not much to do about this.

.eli - 13 Jun 2023

What is the seatback height? I am between this and UppaBaby Minu 2 (46cm). I've read your reviews and worry that the Trvl may not grow with my toddler.

Hey, Sarah,

Definitely go with the Minu. The trvl has a shorter backrest and overall is much less sturdy, meaning it will, in any case, last you less than the Minu. The seatback, although there are no official numbers, is around 44 cm.

.eli - 13 Mar 2023

I live in Miami so not much walking is done, but yes a lot of car travel; so as a 1st time mom, I am looking for a stroller I can manouver on my own, put in and out of the car, etc. Would Nuna Trvl be a good choice for my baby to come? I do have the carseat. Would it be safe enough to be a baby’s 1st stroller (with carseat)?

Hi, Michelle,

I will probably disappoint you, but no, this is not a stroller I would ever suggest as an only stroller. For the price, it is quite rattly, which is never good for a newborn, and the quality does not represent the price tag, unfortunately. Definitely needing to take this model as an occasional, travel stroller, not an everyday model by far, for that, it is not sturdy enough, unfortunately.

If you really need something as small as possible, check perhaps the Recaro Lexa Elite or the Cybex Eezy S-Twist2, or better yet a Quinny Zapp Flex Plus which even offer an option of a cot of a soft insert carrycot/cocoon for your little one.

Again, it is important that a super simple travel buggy was never meant fr everyday from-birth use, and I would not recommend doing so, comfort- as well as the baby's health and safety-wise.

.eli - 26 Nov 2022

Is Nuna trvl able to work with Beblum Danzo car seat?

Hiya, Jason,

The Beblum Danzo is using the same car seat adapters - attachment system as Maxi-Cosi cars seats, so yes, you can pair it up with the trvl with Maxi-Cosi adaptors.

.eli - 04 Sep 2022

Does it have a footrest? Looking to buy two lightweight strollers for holidays for a 6 month old and 3 year old. Would prefer to purchase one which has a footrest for comfort for my older child. Thanks.


Well, yes, the trvl does have a footrest, but it is quite small/shallow. The overall quality is also not as great for that price here, though, so I personally would NOT recommend this for a 3 years old. For an older toddler, I'd rather go with a better model. Some inspiration can be found in THIS top 2022 ultracompacts article I have put together, so I would suggest reading that.

.eli - 28 Jul 2022

Is the TRVL compatible with the Bugaboo by Nuna Turtle Air car seat?

Hiya, Kay,

The Bugaboo by Nuna Turtle Air car seat is presented to fit the Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat adapter style, and the TRVL only fits the classic Nuna car seats without adapters thanks to a click-on mechanism in the rear part. The rear part seems to be similar on the Turtle Air, BUT there is no official statement about any other compatibility. I di believe it should be possible to click it on, but because of the lack of securing system in that rear click-on part on the Turtle, it would most probably not be secured enough for it to be safe. I wouldn't, therefore, recommend pairing the TRVL stroller and the Turtle Air.

If you have an option to try the compatibility out in a shop, empty, and trying even to move the stroller to the sides to check if the Turtle won't fall down, go ahead, you might be positively surprised. The chances are there, but they seem to be slim. And if you're deciding to buy it just online, I would probably go for a more sure car seat.

.eli - 05 Apr 2022

Hello! Is the Nuna Trvl compatible with any other brand infant carseat? For ex: Chicco, Graco, etc?

Hi, Lauren,

I am sorry but no, it doesn't accept the Graco nor the Chicco. It only works with the Nuna PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite RX, and PIPA Lite LX car seats.

.eli - 01 Apr 2022

How does this compare with the Nuna Triv? They seem very similar. Are there any major advantages / disadvantages to the TRVL (vs the Triv)?

Hey there,

well, the trvl stroller is, just like its name suggests, different in its OCCASIONAL suitability meant for traveling. I would never really recommend this smaller model for everyday use as it's WEAKER, less roomy, less durable, and with much worse driving characteristics than any normal everyday model - not alone a reversible stroller as the Nuna Triv is. To learn more, read this article of ours talking about ultra-compact strollers.

So the basic difference is - the reversible Triv s meant as a comfort urban model for babies even if they don't sit by themselves just yet, for moms needing something where they see the baby even if it means a shorter seat and less space to the canopy, AND something mid-size. The non-reversible, ultra-compact trvl is a small, occasional alternative for holidays, airports, around shops - when you don't care much about longevity and terrain just need something small to pack into the cabin luggage compartment.

My own opinion is that the trvl is not worth the money - there are better ultracompacts out there. (...check his top 2021 list of ultracompacts.)

...also worth checking:

Also good to know is that the Triv was rated not as good as it looks, and moms say it is not stable - so rather check something better like a Cybex Mios.

.eli - 22 Feb 2022

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