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Nuna strollers

65 parent reviews

Nuna is a Dutch brand of stylish strollers, bouncy chairs, travel beds, highchairs and car seats that are lightweight, safe and popular around the world. Nuna was launched in Amsterdam in 2007 when the highchair Zaaz, which is still available to this day, was developed. Since then, the brand is developing childcare products that are not only beautiful but also really practical in order to make parenthood easy. Nuna strollers and other products boasting minimalistic design yet retaining their own individuality. Apart from a number of functions to provide the maximum of comfort, Nuna came up with the Dream Drape that is integrated into the hood. The Dream Drape, originally created for the Pipa car seat, extends the already robust Nuna hoods to protect the baby from the elements completely. The current portfolio of the brand includes the iconic, compact Pepp Luxx and the luxurious, full-sized Ivvi Savi, the versatile Mixx or the new urban Tavo.

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