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  • Carrycot is great
  • Suspension is really good
  • Canopy is large and waterproof
  • Harness nowhere near long enough
  • Handlebar worn away after only 14 months
  • Customer service shocking, they don't care once you've bought the pram

Great for when baby is in the carrycot, but not for much longer after that.

A very expensive system with awful customer service.

Loved our Fjordi while our baby was in the carrycot and she slept in it overnight while camping and was super cozy, comfortable and warm.

Once baby (tall for her age) got to a year old we started experiencing problems with the Fjordi.

The harness on the seat unit stopped being long enough to go over her shoulders once she hit 12 months old and by the time she was 15 months old the handlebar had completely worn away, leaving two massive patches where the material had vanished. The pram wasn't being overused, we had it out 4 times a week and we look after it. The material is just so cheap and thin that less than every day pushing it hard worn away the handlebar.

Customer services say its normal wear and tear (It isn't. I've had numerous second hand prams that I've them kept for 2-3 more years and they've been totally fine) and they've told me I have to pay £40 to have the handlebar replaced, and £40 for it to be collected/delivered and I will be without a pram for the 10+ days it will take to fix.

Needless to say I am now looking for another pram that will actually last and will fit our needs.

For an expensive, award winning pram I think it's not worth the money.

  • Height adjustable handle
  • Practical mesh air ventilation
  • Nice diaper bag
  • Spacious seat
  • Multiple hood levels
  • Thermo bassinet
  • Good brake system

It's a good-looking stroller that will get noticed. It drives especially well, the overall quality is impeccable, and I always notice people noticing it in the streets. It's a good size stroller and therefore better for average-height or taller parents, my tall husband was very pleased with this stroller, also, the handle has several positions so it can be adjusted to each person individually.

Overall, I can really recommend it.

  • Excellent overnight sleeping carrycot
  • Fantastic accessories included
  • Brilliant on all terrains
  • Fab large, puncture proof tyres
  • Good for babies and small toddlers
  • Short straps on the seat unit
  • Low weight limit (15kg and our baby is already over 10kg at 7 months)
  • Sometimes difficult to steer when baby gets heavier
  • Apron fastens in a rubbish way

I did tons of research into what pram I wanted as I had quite specific requirements. The things I listed as necessary for me were:

Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping
Totally lie flat seat unit
Parent and world facing seat unit
Large hood with high UPF rating
4 large tyres suitable for all terrains
Good, bouncy suspension
Decent sized shopping basket
Adjustable handle height

The Fjordi offers all of these brilliantly, so after much deliberation and not being able to find one locally to actually look at in person, we ordered online.

We LOVED the carrycot. It is large, has high sides and a fantastic hood and apron with mesh for air flow. It also sits up for when baby wants to look around a bit more. Our baby still sleeps in it for cosy daytime naps at home because it's that big.

The seat unit is nice and padded and the hood is also large with an extra zip out section and another zip out mesh panel. It does pop back sometimes when going over bumps or some rough pavements, which is annoying. And it clicks when adjusting it which can wake baby up (the carrycot hood has a fab button to press when moving it). Unfortunately, the apron/footmuff could also be better. It's long, but it doesn't fasten high enough and the press studs are right between the frame and the seat unit so it's hard to put on and off if you've got anything other than skinny fingers. When lying flat with the apron on, it flaps around as you can't fasten the top of it to anything so I just tuck it in as best I can. When in lay flat mode, the harness is now way too short for my 7 month old. It digs into her shoulders at its longest and is tight around her waist/legs whether she's sat up or laid down (she's 91st centile for height and 99th for weight).

The tyres are a great size and have taken us through woods, over bumpy, muddy fields and along normal paths/pavements. What I would say is that when you've lifted the pram up a kerb or over something, when you put it back down onto the front wheels it is very often hard to move off because the wheels have got themselves turned sideways. You then have to try and lift it to make it push again.

The adjustable suspension is awesome, but I did think it had 4 wheel suspension but it has none and the front wheels. I don't actually know what it means when it's advertised with 4 wheel amortization......

The shopping basket is a good size, though I've found that if I fill it it then catches on the front wheels when they turn. Not a big issue but slightly annoying.

The handle height is great, but telescopic would be better. My husband is 6ft 1" and when he puts the handle at its highest it then brings him closer to the pram so he sometimes kicks it if we're walking at more than a leisurely stroll pace.

I got the car seat as part of the deal and it's not bad. It doesn't come with a newborn head hugger so I had to buy a separate one, the shade could be bigger and the straps need to adjust higher, but it has a newborn booster which makes the laying position a little flatter which I thought was good, and I like the extra apron that comes with it.

The raincover fits the carrycot and seat unit and the pram comes with a lot of accessories for the price. I love that the cup holder and changing bag can both fit on the handle and the insect net is a great addition (I used it a lot in the warm weather).

My husband doesn't really like the Fjordi as he struggles to fold the chassis (you have to turn the wheels inwards and push it forwards as you fold it) and he thinks it's really hard to steer now our baby is older and heavier (with the carrycot or car seat on its fine).

Overall I would say it's a good all terrain pram which is excellent for younger and smaller babies, but it definitely won't last until 2 years old due to the straps not being long enough on the seat unit. It has some excellent accessories included so you don't need to buy anything else.

A very nice-to-push pram

  • Good maneuvering
  • Suspension
  • Mommy bag that doubles as a rucksack
  • Roomy bassinet
  • Bulky size
  • Frame weight
  • Smaller basket that cannot be closed

A very nice-to-push pram, with a nice soft rocking suspension, suitable for the city as well as all terrain. The niggles of mine with the Fjordi 2 are that the frame is on the heavier side, the basket is on the small side, and the overall bulky size. Btw the mommy bag is very nice, too, superbly spacious, and can be carried around like a rucksack.

I liked the pram more

  • inflatable wheels
  • open basket
  • adjustable handle
  • easy canopy extending (carrycot)
  • seat canopy is LARGE
  • a height adjustable bumper bar 🔝
  • carrycot smaller than stated by the manufacturer
  • carrycot hood clicks while eing adjusted upwards
  • mesh extension position weirdly on the hood (carrycot)
  • frame is bulky after folding - his is not a travel-friendly pram
  • I don't like the included changing bag/backpack - not a pretty not a practical shape
  • seat unit adjustment is difficult
  • the canopy on the seat wobbles and sometimes jumps back while pushing over bumps, and clicks VERY noisily when adjusted - I am not a fan even if it's large (plus there's mesh again over the child's head 😩)
  • harness

My husband wanted inflatable wheels, and I wanted either the Noordi the Tutis Viva Life. The Fjordi had those so it won. It is true that they seemed the most all-terrain and so the most "manly" in the eyes of my DH 🙂 I do feel sorry, however, that the suspension is stiffer, compared to the Viva I was also trying out at length in the shop.

I am also glad that the Fjordi has an open basket, compared to the closable Viva's, because it can hold more stuff from my point of view. Just seems bigger. A negative, compared to the Viva, are the missing release button - the detaching of the carrycot or the seat is two-handed, compared to the other pram.

I like the comfort inside the carrycot - it is well padded and they say it also protects well from the cold. I can't say my baby is complaining, so so far so good, but what I don't like is that the internal measurements were stated much larger than they actually are. Size-wise, a very normal, average-sized carrycot, but a good one at that. So this is good to know. Another good/bad thing is the extendable canopy of the carrycot - the double visor and the zip-open extension are great. BUT. The mesh extending part is so positioned that not always you can use it - it is mesh and over the baby's head, so great for airflow, less great for the sun shining into my baby girl's face.

The position adjustment of the canopy is easy thanks to the side button (you only need to push one), even if maybe the canopy does feel a bit wobbly over time. It clicks when you put it up, that's also good to know a thing, I think.

The seat is, in my opinion, not as good. I mean, it is rather nice, space-wise, but the recline is so hard to do, and the canopy... Great on paper, but it wobbles, has the same weirdly-positioned mesh as the carrycot (even worse, I'd say), and it kind of cannot be used other than fully open or fully closed - or it moves so much... and the adjustment clicks so loudly... Oh, and the harness seems so cheap and is fiddly... But the padding is nice and the seat sits rather upright - and I am loving the height-adjustable bumper bar with the crotch strap. So there are good things, and there are weaker things on the seat.

I liked the pram more.

We do like the ultra-light cradle


Bought this stroller almost a year ago, and the quality of it is perfect. We do like the ultra-light cradle (carrycot), which was beneficial for us during wintertime as it is spacious for a baby.

However, it was quite expensive, but it was worth paying.

We recommend it!

We bought this pram for our baby a year ago - it looked great, and the selling points that the pram would keep her warm in winter and cool in the summer made it a no-brainer for us. Unfortunately, we felt like we had no brains for getting sucked in when it came to actually use it!

The carrycot was so difficult to get on the base - my baby usually ended up in a full-scale meltdown before we made it out the door. The pram constantly pulled to one side when being pushed, which made walking uphill extremely tiring and difficult, and also meant that we couldn't rock her in it to keep her asleep once we got home.

The tire deflated after 5 uses and we were told that we should be carrying a pump with us everywhere we go - so much for all-terrain and being good enough for 'Nordic winters', the wheel managed to deflate in mild weather, being pushed around a shopping center and tarmac streets! Maybe it would have fared better being pushed up a steep rocky mountain??

The car seat, which came as part of the travel system, had 0 head support for a newborn, and we had to buy a separate insert to keep my baby safe.

Noordi's customer service was abysmal, and they were extremely rude when informed of the issues we had experienced, basically stating that we had a choice of all the prams in the world, so it was our problem for picking theirs - hardly instills a lot of confidence when they can't even defend their own product with more than that!

Avoid this company and their products at all costs - we were able to claim a full refund and went for a Venicci instead, which is amazing - I just wish I'd go for it first!

  • Pretty design
  • So much adjust depending on the needs of the mommy and the baby (recline, canopy, handlebar)
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Large carrycot
  • Large shopping bag space
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Metal chassis
  • All accessories needed are included
  • Higher price
  • A more difficult unfolding (it gets better over time)
  • A bit heavy to take down the stairs every day

A very good pram. A spacious carrycot, large storage space, pretty design. The maneuvering is smooth, the handlebar, and the carrycot backrest are fully adjustable. It's warm and cozy in winter, no wind getting through to the baby, and the canopy also features a summer ventilation mesh. The 2in1/3in1 system has all the necessary accessories included (mosquito net, rain cover, cup holder, changing bag). It folds ok even for a smaller car.

The downsides would be a higher weight and a longer time of getting used to the reclining (it was stiff).

Dobre stavany


Very nice quality, well built. The wheels can be removed, so it fits even into a smaller car. Waterproof, suitable for cold weather. The tub is large, suitable for a larger baby, and with a bamboo mattress that can be lifted up for reflux.

The downside is that the bottom storage compartment is open, it is not possible to close it - and therefore something can fall out.

  • Spacious, well-padded carrycot
  • Carrycot/seat unit placed high on the chassis - great for taller moms and dads
  • Hood with well-shading sun visor
  • Hood can be adjusted one-handedly
  • Reflective elements on the carrycot
  • Large, open-style shopping basket
  • Gel-filled wheels
  • Great for harsher terrain
  • Quite robust
  • Changing bag too large

So far, we only use the carrycot (half a year). I'll add a few words about the seat unit later. We own the version with smaller front wheels.

We liked this model because of the placement of the carrycot higher on the chassis, and also because it is so well padded for winter - Noordi has quite a lot of customers from Russia, and I thought - if this stroller can handle Russian winter, ours won't be a problem. Once put together, it is great to use, it passes through worse terrain without problems, and it's easy even to push it with one hand.

To fold the pram into a Fabia Combi is quite a tight fit - so, because we do drive around the city and also live in an apartment without an elevator (thus, leaving it in the car boot), I would choose a more compact model next time. For occasional trips, or for those who don't use it much on city sidewalks, I would certainly recommend this model - at least in the carrycot configuration.

Since I carry my baby, for the most part, the stroller is not used every day - in any case, there were no problems with it yet, functionally, and it looks like it will last. Our Fjordi is a 2in1 stroller system, and it is even possible to buy adapters for car seats of other brands - at least for our Cybex for sure.

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