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Lou says:
"For an expensive, award winning pram I think it's not worth the money"
and gives the Noordi Fjordi II

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  • Carrycot is great
  • Suspension is really good
  • Canopy is large and waterproof
  • Harness nowhere near long enough
  • Handlebar worn away after only 14 months
  • Customer service shocking, they don't care once you've bought the pram

Great for when baby is in the carrycot, but not for much longer after that.

A very expensive system with awful customer service.

Loved our Fjordi while our baby was in the carrycot and she slept in it overnight while camping and was super cozy, comfortable and warm.

Once baby (tall for her age) got to a year old we started experiencing problems with the Fjordi.

The harness on the seat unit stopped being long enough to go over her shoulders once she hit 12 months old and by the time she was 15 months old the handlebar had completely worn away, leaving two massive patches where the material had vanished. The pram wasn't being overused, we had it out 4 times a week and we look after it. The material is just so cheap and thin that less than every day pushing it hard worn away the handlebar.

Customer services say its normal wear and tear (It isn't. I've had numerous second hand prams that I've them kept for 2-3 more years and they've been totally fine) and they've told me I have to pay £40 to have the handlebar replaced, and £40 for it to be collected/delivered and I will be without a pram for the 10+ days it will take to fix.

Needless to say I am now looking for another pram that will actually last and will fit our needs.

For an expensive, award winning pram I think it's not worth the money.

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