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We were very satisfied with the stroller. Large carrycot, large inflatable wheels, after folding it doesn't take up much space (compared to some other strollers). The only thing that I might have missed was a longer canopy, so that it wouldn't blow on the baby and so on...

  • Large carrycot
  • Possibility to unzip the hood for ventilation in summer
  • Large wheels can go over any terrain
  • The basket under the pram is small
  • The material on the handle was not very good for me

I was very satisfied with the stroller. Although we rode in the carrycot for a short time, because the little one didn't like it, and the bucket seat on the seat unit wasn't meant for us either - so it was underused, but the stroller was perfect for us. I would buy it again.

Every terrain was without a problem

  • Large carrycot
  • Bucket seat - great
  • Telescopic handle
  • Reverses in both directions
  • Lightweight
  • Folds well
  • Traversed both good and very bad terrain without a problem
  • SMaller basket, but we didn't mind

This stroller is absolutely great 👌 I was very satisfied. Lightweight, big carrycot; I was worried about the bucket seat in the pushchair mode - but I was very surprised how comfortable it was for the little one. The basket is small, but I always put what I needed in there. Every terrain was without a problem. For me 💯 💙

Well worth the money

  • Quick fold
  • Fits a small car
  • Comfy for the parent and the baby
  • I didn't find any

Great, foldable, for the terrain and the city - well worth the money 😊

Easy handling, nice simple design

  • Excellent handling in terms of folding into the car
  • I found nothing so far...

Satisfaction so far - easy handling, nice simple design. Exactly what we were looking for.

  • looks
  • features and functionality
  • suitable even for taller parents
  • small basket space

A great stroller. It rides very well even in worse terrains. My daughter can fit in it even at three years old, so there was no need to buy something else.

Stylish designer pram

  • Large bassinet
  • Easy manipulation
  • Small storage place which we didn't mind

Pretty, stylish designer pram.

  • Nákupný priestor pod kočíkom nepatrí k najväčším, zmestí sa tam len pár vecí

The perfect stroller 😊 The wheels really can withstand everything. It is quite light, easy to fold. What I like most about it is the long carrycot, which I think is one of the longest in strollers currently available. If I had to choose this stroller again, I wouldn't hesitate. We are completely satisfied.

A beautiful Italian stroller

  • Easy to push
  • A great stroller
  • Small-ish basket
  • A bit difficult to get up curbs with it

Satisfied with its design as well as with its features... a beautiful Italian stroller.

  • large wheels
  • spacious carrycot
  • beautiful design
  • large mommy bag included with the stroller
  • worse manipulation when popping up curbs

I am delighted with my Neonato Puro stroller. I still use the stroller mode. It is easy to fold and comfortable for the baby.

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