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Meets all my requirements

  • bucket seating
  • 4 seating positions
  • forward and rearward seating
  • easy to operate with one hand
  • good suspension
  • height-adjustable handle
  • very spacious bassinet
  • elegant and simple appearance
  • a rain cover is included
  • small basket
  • I miss that when the canopy is unzipped, there is no net so that it can blow in nicely

A very nice stroller from an Italian brand that meets all my requirements :)

Elegant design

  • elegant design
  • compact, lightweight
  • easy handling
  • larger inflatable wheels - can handle partial terrain
  • closable basket
  • not so old-fashioned :-)
  • lack of suspension
  • less room for a bigger child in the seat

We have been using the stroller for 21 months now and will continue to do so as long as we can :-)


  • Large wheels
  • Small basket


There is beauty in simplicity

  • Compact
  • Smart
  • The canopy cannot be unzipped, for example in the middle, where a net could be and thus extend the canopy to a suitable shade ;-)

Designer-stylish and modern. Easy to use with unique Pure design. There is beauty in simplicity.

  • easy to unfold and lightweight
  • adjustable pushchair handle
  • two adjustable height positions for the seat/cot
  • inflatable wheels
  • forward and reverse facing
  • stylish
  • stroller basket is lockable
  • small basket space under the pram
  • very little cushioning
  • front wheels get stuck
  • worse off-road ride
  • seat - the child does not lie flat
  • after 10 months of use, it's getting pretty rickety
  • the hood gets in the way of the head
  • the cot is quite long, but quite narrow
  • when folding the chassis, things fall out of the basket under the stroller

I wouldn't buy this stroller again. For the price, I'd say you're buying more for the style and design than the functionality. Next time, I would look for a stroller with a seat unit where the baby can be laid down completely and lies flat.

  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Large cot and seat
  • Small size when folded
  • Small basket
  • Large front wheels - worse handling
  • Poor quality of materials considering the price of the stroller
  • The canopy could do with an extension (especially for the seat)

Smart and very well designed stroller. It can be folded to very small dimensions. The cot is big enough, the seat is bucket style (which doesn't suit me very well) but otherwise, it is also big - it fits my 2,5 year old older daughter just fine. A classic car seat so to say. The basket is quite small and when you overfill it, it pushes on the brake. This annoyed me quite a bit - when I wanted to put a 1.5l bottle in there, for example, it stuck out and the stroller " rattled..

I don't know if it's the shape of the design or the tilt of the handle, but when you want to lift it "to the back" you need more force to do it than with other strollers. The wheels are big inflatable ones, but they are quite hard to maneuver and sometimes they get stuck on each other - probably worth buying the smaller "city" wheels. And I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the materials - I expected a bit more for the price (the black parts faded within one summer, the back wheels got worn down quite quickly and after about a year the plastic broke at the folding point).

  • elegant
  • stylish
  • lightweight
  • car-compact
  • large wheels that can be locked
  • suitable for off-road use
  • spacious changing bag
  • practical recline for the seat
  • high quality mattress for the carrycot
  • easy one-handed handling
  • none

This stroller is stylish, sleek, lightweight, portable, and will go over any terrain. I was very happy with both the carrycott and the seat as well.

  • Size of bassinet
  • Large inflatable wheels (off-road riding)
  • Large seat (bucket seat)
  • Small shopping basket
  • Harder chassis
  • Wheels can collide when strolling forward <-> backward

Overall the stroller is very good. Stylish, but also comfortable for the baby.

  • It can be easily carried upstairs
  • Large cot
  • Large wheels
  • Doesn't take up much space when folded
  • The canopy could be more extended
  • Looser material
  • Peels off quickly
  • Small basket/bag on the bottom
  • Seat part could be more robust
  • Brake rattles here and there
  • No window

I am satisfied with the stroller, but for the price I expected something a little better. Since we have only started using the stroller since November and already (February) the wheels are squeaking and all the silver trim is scuffed, I am a little disappointed. The stroller canopy could have been a bit longer, as it is quite lacking when the wind blows. There is also a small window missing for the baby, as our little one is extremely curious and there is nowhere to look through the pure black canopy.

When walking on uneven surfaces, I sometimes feel that the stroller falls apart and shakes the little one in it, like in a tank. I still haven't figured out how to put the top zippered part down, as we've been trying it for quite a while, and there are no instructions for it anywhere.

But on the other hand, I'm glad because the stroller is easy to fold and since we live on the third floor with no elevator and I carry it up and down, it's easy to carry. The carry cot is also a little bit bigger than the others, I give a big plus for that.

I expected more for the price

  • Quickly foldable
  • Roomy even in a small boot
  • Beautiful design
  • Good handling when driving
  • Not stable enough chassis
  • Chassis susceptible to every scratch

It is very beautiful. A designer pram really. I expected more for the price though.

I have been using it since November. We have the black chassis and it is very susceptible to every scratch. That's a big minus for me. You can be as careful as you want and there's always a scratch. Stable frame, however, but with no suspension.

Unfortunately, it's not worth the money

  • Easy handling - handles sand, snow and rocks
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Suitable for tall parents
  • The price of the 3 in 1 set includes a car seat and you can make a bassinet or a seat out of the seat frame + bag and rain cover are a part of the set
  • Loading and unloading this stroller from the car isn't all that easy - the design has its weight
  • When you put something in the bottom basket, the wheels start to rattle because the basket pushes on the brake (i.e. it's not usable at all)

We chose this brand because of the limited edition, which had maintenance-free wheels. For a price of more than 1000 euros I expected real quality. Unfortunately, it's not worth the money - if I could decide again, I would definitely not go for this brand.

We were very satisfied with the stroller. Large carrycot, large inflatable wheels, after folding it doesn't take up much space (compared to some other strollers). The only thing that I might have missed was a longer canopy, so that it wouldn't blow on the baby and so on...

  • Large carrycot
  • Possibility to unzip the hood for ventilation in summer
  • Large wheels can go over any terrain
  • The basket under the pram is small
  • The material on the handle was not very good for me

I was very satisfied with the stroller. Although we rode in the carrycot for a short time, because the little one didn't like it, and the bucket seat on the seat unit wasn't meant for us either - so it was underused, but the stroller was perfect for us. I would buy it again.

Every terrain was without a problem

  • Large carrycot
  • Bucket seat - great
  • Telescopic handle
  • Reverses in both directions
  • Lightweight
  • Folds well
  • Traversed both good and very bad terrain without a problem
  • SMaller basket, but we didn't mind

This stroller is absolutely great 👌 I was very satisfied. Lightweight, big carrycot; I was worried about the bucket seat in the pushchair mode - but I was very surprised how comfortable it was for the little one. The basket is small, but I always put what I needed in there. Every terrain was without a problem. For me 💯 💙

Well worth the money

  • Quick fold
  • Fits a small car
  • Comfy for the parent and the baby
  • I didn't find any

Great, foldable, for the terrain and the city - well worth the money 😊

Easy handling, nice simple design

  • Excellent handling in terms of folding into the car
  • I found nothing so far...

Satisfaction so far - easy handling, nice simple design. Exactly what we were looking for.

  • looks
  • features and functionality
  • suitable even for taller parents
  • small basket space

A great stroller. It rides very well even in worse terrains. My daughter can fit in it even at three years old, so there was no need to buy something else.

Stylish designer pram

  • Large bassinet
  • Easy manipulation
  • Small storage place which we didn't mind

Pretty, stylish designer pram.

  • Nákupný priestor pod kočíkom nepatrí k najväčším, zmestí sa tam len pár vecí

The perfect stroller 😊 The wheels really can withstand everything. It is quite light, easy to fold. What I like most about it is the long carrycot, which I think is one of the longest in strollers currently available. If I had to choose this stroller again, I wouldn't hesitate. We are completely satisfied.

A beautiful Italian stroller

  • Easy to push
  • A great stroller
  • Small-ish basket
  • A bit difficult to get up curbs with it

Satisfied with its design as well as with its features... a beautiful Italian stroller.

  • large wheels
  • spacious carrycot
  • beautiful design
  • large mommy bag included with the stroller
  • worse manipulation when popping up curbs

I am delighted with my Neonato Puro stroller. I still use the stroller mode. It is easy to fold and comfortable for the baby.

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