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zara1357 says:
"Unfortunately, it's not worth the money"
and gives the Neonato Puro

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  • Easy handling - handles sand, snow and rocks
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Suitable for tall parents
  • The price of the 3 in 1 set includes a car seat and you can make a bassinet or a seat out of the seat frame + bag and rain cover are a part of the set
  • Loading and unloading this stroller from the car isn't all that easy - the design has its weight
  • When you put something in the bottom basket, the wheels start to rattle because the basket pushes on the brake (i.e. it's not usable at all)

We chose this brand because of the limited edition, which had maintenance-free wheels. For a price of more than 1000 euros I expected real quality. Unfortunately, it's not worth the money - if I could decide again, I would definitely not go for this brand.

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