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  • compact
  • affordable
  • less spacious than larger pushchairs

Very compact and nimble. Fantastic for those first two years - after that it might be too small. Great value for money. Recommended even for small car boots.

  • Small folded size
  • Easy to fold and open with one hand
  • Very easy to maneuver (even with one hand)
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Quality of the materials
  • Folding with the seat
  • Good quality mattress in the carry cot
  • Too tight suspension springs and trembling carry cot when off-road
  • Air section on the carry cot hood: as it is not fixed, it goes up every time when the hood is opened. It always has a gap for airflow, which is not so good for cold weather
  • Two buttons to open/close the hood on the carry cot (to have it on one side would be so much easier)
  • Carry cot size: if you have to use it in winter with a baby of 4 months, it is too small. It is also difficult to find a snow bag (footmuff) that fits inside as all are bigger. But if you use it during warm periods, the size should not be a problem

Choosing the stroller, in addition to the quality and safety, we had the following requirements: small folded size, folding with the seat, suitable for all roads, and low weight. We have been using the stroller for 3 months by now with the carry cot. Overall we are very satisfied with the choice. And it is the most compact folded stroller we could find. It is very easy to maneuver it!

We love the design, quality of the materials used. The wheels are indeed suitable for all roads, but the suspension springs are very tight, and with carry cot is installed with adapters, we avoid any off-road as even now, the baby is shaken too much. When we use it with the car seat, off-road is much better. This is the main disappointment we have so far.

Another thing we don't like is that the air section on the carry cot hood is not closed with a zip or Velcrom, as it opens every time the hood is closed/open, and it always has a gap.

  • Design
  • Price
  • Stable, sturdy chassis
  • Low weight
  • Compact folded dimensions
  • Folds with the seat unit in both directions
  • Quiet, no noise while pushing
  • Rubber wheels
  • Large basket
  • Fully adjustable seat unit
  • Seat unit smaller in size (maximum up to 2.5years without a footmuff)
  • Short leg rest
  • The canopy could be longer
  • No ventilation window on the canopy
  • No lock that would keep the stroller folded

I purchased this stroller pre-loved, used for one year. I was a bit afraid for it to be a squeaking too-urban-of-a-rattle (since even new, it's relatively affordable) but I was very pleasantly surprised :-)

The stroller is sturdy, stable, the ride is comfy and quiet, the materials feel high-quality, and look stylish. It's also really lightweight and compact after folding - we could fit it in our tiny Ford Fiesta car boot. Everything on this stroller felt easy and practical to use. The handlebar adjusts in height, suiting everyone, and there are no noises, which I already witnessed with much more expensive strollers. It's covered in leatherette that has a tendency to slide down over time, but it's an easy fix doable with only hands.

The space between the rear wheels is empty, meaning no kicking the axle is happening. The wheels are made out of rubber, puncture-free, and there are no stones getting in it. They are wider in diameter, so they can go through some light terrain. Still, they are perfectly maneuverable because only a thin strip is actually touching the surface if it's smooth. The suspension is not very soft, but it's completely enough for usual urban surfaces with some unevennesses. The large basket is a big plus as well.

The seat unit is rather small in size. Our daughter was using it even for naps until her two years, but her feet were already too long for it at that time. When the leg rest was down, it was doable. The hood extends, but it would be nice if it had a sun visor or other kind of shade (or some more extending parts). I would also welcome some kind of air ventilation in it - there's a mesh window, but it's on such a place that the child gets the sun on its head or face, so we had to have it closed. Otherwise, the reversibility was a very nice feature to have, and that also goes for the backrest and leg rest adjustment.

For that price, a handy, practical stroller of quality ;-)

  • compact
  • small

I like the compactness, but my dear husband hates it. He says it's like a doll's pram. We had the 2019 model.

P.S. We used it with the Nuna Pippa Lite. It worked OK.

I am not sorry about this choice

  • Compactness
  • Easy manipulation
  • It's low to the ground, and I am 160cm tall - but for some, this could be a downside
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Lie-flat seat
  • Reversibility
  • 5-point-harness
  • Eco-leather handle- and bumper bar
  • Swivel front wheels that can be locked
  • Small, short seat unit
  • Not great for worse terrain
  • Black textiles fade in the sun over time
  • The canopy extending is zip-open and not that practical

I was deciding quite a long time before I finally bought it. I didnt have the opportunity to try it out before in real life. I am not sorry about this choice. Its a great - compact and stylish stroller.

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