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Very high quality

  • The canopy ensures the baby's intimacy when you don't want others to look at it or when it is sleeping
  • Huge shopping basket
  • Easy folding

The folded stroller is very small and saves a lot of space in the trunk of the car. In the bassinet it has a very thick and comfortable mattress with good material. The mattress can be cleaned well when the little one messies it up, and can also be machine washed at 30. We were worried that the bassinet was small, but with the footmuff the little one fits in there very well.

The chassis is sturdy, and you don't hear any noises. The telescoping handle is good for both me and my shorter wife.

I would definitely recommend this stroller. Even if it is more expensive, I believe that even after 3 years it will definitely still sell well because it is really very high quality.

  • Compact
  • Convenient
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Large enough wheels
  • Swivels in both directions
  • Does not have inflatable wheels
  • Large canopy with window
  • Mega large storage basket
  • Can be folded together with the seat
  • Handle close enough for baby
  • The stroller can fit a bigger baby
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wheels with reflective strips
  • For some people it may be a disadvantage that it is heavier, but I don't mind it at all, because I wanted a stroller with a more robust frame and it is logical that it is therefore heavier
  • The stroller does not come with a footmuff

We are very happy with the stroller - it has exactly everything me and the little one needed.

Very nice

  • gorgeous
  • long seat
  • large wheels
  • quality covers
  • not machine washable
  • canopy close to the seat
  • foam wheels
  • suspension
  • carrycot’s not too big

It looks incredible and the seat is long and comfortable. The fabrics are durable and gorgeous. The wheels are nice and large. Just a shame they’re covered in foam so they’ll get damaged a bit over time. Also, not too much suspension and the canopy is too close to the seat. But it’s very nice nonetheless.

One good, durable pushchair

  • Loving it!

I love it. There are small things (there always are) but this is one good, durable pushchair.

  • high quality
  • canopy too low

Seems spacious for a large toddler but my 2.5yo’s head touches the hood already.

  • design
  • stable, sturdy chassis no scratches on the chassis (if there are some, they are almost invisible)
  • folds with the seat unit in both directions
  • long seat unit surface
  • softly padded, comfy upholstery
  • easy-to-clean materials
  • lay-flat
  • extendable hood with ventilation
  • +++huge shopping basket+++
  • weight
  • handlebar adjusts in too small a scale in my opinion
  • foam wheels
  • I would put the canopy higher up
  • rear part of the backrest makes it look uglier
  • handlebar/bumper bar leatherette quality

A pushchair that catches your eye not only with its design but also its functionality 😉

I only owned the pushchair, so I am not rating the carrycot. The chassis is high-quality, sturdy, and stable on the road, and with a huge basket, si I think that even as a travel system from birth, it will function well.

So - the sturdiness of the chassis, well, it is paid by its higher weight. It is not a 'heavy' pushchair, but it's also not great for being carried up the stairs much. On the first touch, the suspensions feel weak, but using it in worse terrain, it absorbs shocks well (no rocking, of course). The beautiful design also surprised with the fact that scratches are pretty much invisible (maybe only when you look really really closely). Palm prints are, however, visible on it, but that is easily wipe-cleaned. I used a chrome disk cleaner on it once, and it made even the tiny scratches disappear.

The handlebar adjustment is only a small-scale one, and it's only good for those taller and average parents. I am 167 cm, and I had it on the lowest setting (my 180 husband used the highest one). I recommend trying it out for those shorter mums. The folding works even with the seat unit attached, no matter the direction - and the folded dimensions are very nice (for a full-size pushchair, of course - if you think about those compact models, it will seem a bit bulky 😃). I didn't mind the size at all when loading it in our car - the weight was a bigger issue there. The wheels are nice and wide, rather big, and quiet when in use - nice even for terrain use. I was a bit disappointed by the fact that they're made of foam, even though it's a quality foam. I would expect something better for that price 🙄

The seat unit is long - really long for a reversible pushchair seat. The low-positioned canopy makes it smaller, however - our 2yo DD is kind of touching the canopy when it's opened in the sitting position (when napping, it's ok 😉), even though the backrest is still high enough for her 🙈 The leg rest is great, her feet still don't dangle, and this is the only reversible model we tried where it's so (and we tried around 20 of them). The upholstery is nice and soft, very well padded, and there is a newborn insert included, even though I would probably not use this right from birth. The canopy is extendable, with options for ventilation, and it's nice and thick, so it protects the child well (if only it would be a bit higher 😀).

I have one design critique to the seat unit - I feel like they didn't finish it, the rear part being naked plastic with holes for the harness straps. It ruins the exclusive, luxury feel of the pushchair when I use it in the parent-facing position.

The biggest advantage for me is probably the basket - it's mega-ultra-huge; I've never seen such a large one before. You can put even another child in it 😂 It's also well-protected, nobody will peek in to see what you carry in it 😉 And you don't even have to empty it before folding - I used to fold the pushchair with the rain cover, two blankets, and a cup holder in it.

A downside would be the low-quality leatherette on the handlebar and bumper bar - one part started to peel off, and I was told every Ocarro has the same problem :-(

This stroller is absolutely top of the line 😍 The only thing I miss is a little bigger hood - otherwise, it's perfect 😁

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