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julia17848 says:
"You don't notice it when you're strolling"
and gives the Mamas&Papas Ocarro

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  • Design
  • Folding
  • Large basket
  • Swivel
  • High quality
  • Weight
  • Price

The stroller is very nicely designed. I find the price quite high, but there are often whole sets on sale from the official M&P website with a cot and car seat, so you can get it for a nice price if you check it out.

It's quite sturdy, heavy too, but very well balanced - the centre of gravity is fine. So you don't notice it when you're strolling; it's only when you fold it up and want to lift it that you realize it's quite heavy. 😀 The design looks really stylish, the basket is big, a bit less accessible than e.g. the Armadillo, but similar. Covers and canopy - good quality material, folds flat, handle height adjustable. The canopy, when unfolded, is quite low - near the baby's head.

At first it was unusual, but it's a plus because the wind doesn't blow in there and the baby sleeps nicely, even when it's windy outside. The canopy is also quite long, especially when it's unzipped and extended, it just strikes me as one of the longest of the strollers I've had. I think it's also quite roomy and the seat reverses as well. Really sophisticated in every detail, no defects so far. I am satisfied.

The stroller can handle snow, but in my opinion it's still a more urban stroller. Not really suitable for off-road if you expect a smooth ride. It does have big wheels, but definitely no rocking and a soft chassis. But it's a good stroller.

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