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A very well made pushchair. Spacious, light, a bit long - it doesn't fit in every car. The adjustable height of the handles is a big plus. As I bought it second hand, it was already pretty rumpled and faded from washing and sun. But the new one must be really worth it, even if it is a bit more expensive. It's up to 25 kg, which is not typical for your usual buggy.

  • Large internal dimensions
  • Large extendable canopy
  • Reclining positioning of both legs and backrest
  • Suitable for parents who are planning more babies and don't want a new stroller every time
  • Sturdy and well cushioned for a buggy
  • Lots of reflective elements
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Folds with one hand (foot)
  • Large dimensions after folding
  • Weight
  • When reclined, you can not reach the basket
  • Price
  • Design

It's a "fancy buggy". Somehow I didn't desire this stroller, I wasn't impressed by the sporty design, I prefer more elegant strollers, but a good offer came, so we tried it ;-) I had the 2015 model, bought older, after one child - I think it can handle 3-4 kids just fine.

It's really very roomy, actively used for lunchtime naps at our place. The baby has plenty of room even with a footmuff. It can be reclined, the backrest is adjustable with one hand. The canopy is also awesome, it can be folded down to the baby's feet. For an umbrella style buggy it is very sturdy and quite well sprung, of course the twin foam wheels are not designed for heavy terrain or snow.

The stroller has a lot of reflective elements. Advantages are the height adjustable handles and one hand (or rather foot) folding. The dimensions when folded and the weight are not quite ideal for a travel stroller and you need to measure first if it will fit in the car at all.

The shopping basket is just the right size, unfortunately you can't get into it when the backrest is reclined but again it doesn't drag on the ground and will carry heavier loads. The manufacturer states that it is suitable from birth with the use of a newborn "cushion" (included with the stroller), I would personally recommend it from 4-5 months. It's such a travel hybrid - the weight and dimensions when folded are the weak side of the stroller, on the other hand the large internal dimensions, canopy and solid frame are a plus compared to modern "mini" strollers.

  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Carries heavy loads
  • Quality frame
  • No rattling
  • Large hood
  • Basket/mesh under the seat

I adore this stroller. It can fit a bigger child without any problems.

Me and my children will not buy any other stroller


I absolutely love this stroller. It is in another class than the rest of them. I am a grandmother and bought it for my first grandson, now six. It was supposed to have been used at my place when they are visiting, but my daughter loved it so much that she had sold the one they bought and used the Maclaren.

My second and third grandchildren are now also riding in Maclarens. The older one is at my house now for when they are visiting. Me and my children will not buy any other stroller.

It is easy to fold, to store to travel with and it seems as if the babies also love it. The covers are durable, easy to remove for washing, as well as beautiful. We just love the footmuffs. We like to take long walks and now in winter, it is a fantastic accessory to the stroller.

The expandable handles make it easier for the men to push the stroller. The men are also happy with it. We have even influenced some friends to also buy Maclaren strollers and they do not have any regrets. They are just as happy as we are.



It's perfect - lightweight, easy to push. Perfection. I had it in black. The only problem being that the fabric faded over time.

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