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makina28 says:
"Who wouldn't love a Maclaren, right?"
and gives the Maclaren Techno XT

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Who wouldn't love a Maclaren, right?

  • nice looking
  • quality
  • compact
  • lightweight
  • easy to drive
  • goes in the lie flat position even for small babies
  • the canopy can be fully opened and extended
  • nothing for harsh terrain
  • the basket is not easily accessible when the child is lying down
  • the basket can only carry a few things (thermo botle with water, rain cover, wet wipes, snacks...)

I have been testing the stroller for about a week and I am satisfied. It fulfills the purpose for which it was purchased. I have a seven month old daughter and she does not sit yet, so I appreciate the newborn insert and the fact that it goes nicely down, into a nice lie down position - it is comfortable for her.

It is easy to handle, not heavy and fits anywhere - even next to the driver in the car. You can see that it is sewn from quality material - nothing is ripping anywhere, nothing hangs. And it is just very nice to look at - who wouldn't love a Maclaren, right? :)

Great for the city and for the playground to lie down for the baby. It can handle some things, but it's a buggy, so no forest with rocks, but a normal road, yes. And I love the drink holder, the vents in the canopy... The canopy can be extended and folded down so the sun doesn't shine in the baby's eyes. It doesn't hold much in terms of load, it has a plain basket for a few things and when it's lying down it's not easily accessible - but I've never seen that in a buggy before <3

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