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Came and left

  • tray
  • large canopy
  • cup holder - I guess?
  • rubber rear wheels - if we would get them
  • lower weight (minus 2 kg, compared to Kinderkraft Grande)
  • canopy crowds up around baby's head
  • safety harness doesn't give a safe feeling
  • leg rest is unstable also paper-like
  • short foot cover
  • missing wheels (I believe that's only our case)
  • high parents handle - it was okay for me (168 cm) because it had no wheels to attach :D but would be too high, though our first stroller and pram also have +/- 100cm handle, and it was fine, so it depends

Cruiser came and left...

We bought Cruiser as next (another) stroller from (.cz and many more european countries) for 70€ as an used goods, new would be aprox. 150€.

Already at first look, it gives a cheap feeling. The canopy is large, but as you lift the seat up to a sitting position, it crowds up around the baby's head.

The backrest is sturdy. The seat is (too) soft. Legrest is a bad joke - it's missing the middle of the frame, so you can easily lift/lower only one side. You can't look inside the seat, but the feeling is like the legrest would be a card box paper covered in fabric on two metal sticks.

Safety harness, well - it's hard to find correct words. The foot cover is short, and usable only if the kid's legs are within the edge of the legrest (probably up to 12 months of age).

Last but not least, the basket. The basket is permanently attached; you have to turn the whole stroller upside down to clean it. Also, our piece came without wheels, but that's on the store. Someone returned it, they haven't checked and sold under a lower price. We sent it back the very same day as we got it - wheels or no wheels.

We also have our first stroller (Grande 2019) and a carseat (Comfort up) from Kinderkraft; those are amazing. But this... we ordered it for the weight and also the tray because we love garden parties and the baby can simply eat in the stroller, but well, what can we do?!

A warranty claim after just a month, defective frame. A new one arrived, and after three months - another complaint, the wheels stopped swiveling. If I had to buy a stroller again, it would definitely not be this one.

I love it, but the left back wheel fell off


I love the pushchair, it's perfect BUT the left back wheel fell off whilst my daughter was in the pushchair. It keeps falling off as well and I'm now left without a buggy. I haven't even had it in a year.

  • Easily accessible basket
  • Upright seat
  • Large full protection hood
  • Cupholder
  • Multi-position leg rest
  • Peakaboo window
  • Good handle height
  • Front wheels are too small
  • Small seat unit
  • Excess fabric at the front of the seat for the recline straps
  • Thin Raincover that has lots of velcro straps

So I purchased this for my 18-month-old son, who is average-sized, after our current Bugaboo pushchair being a bit too big and bulky - now he wants to walk most of the time. I couldn't find many English reviews online, so I took a gamble and ordered anyway for the cheap price tag. I thought I didn't have much to lose.

Today I took the stroller out, and I noticed immediate faults that when pushing on the path, the front wheels do not touch the ground; they glide and bump. Another is that the recline feature isn't a smooth process, and the excess fabric at the sides is annoying and gets in my son's way. He also looks huge in the seat, so I can't see it lasting us the 1.5 approx years we have left off using it as his head is at the top of the seat, but his legs have room to grow before touching the footplate.

Another thing is the tray has to be removed each time completely - there's no gate-opening feature, so it's tricky to do whilst holding a wriggly toddler. He did fall asleep comfortably, though with the hood right down, which provided ample coverage. Also, the fabric is a wipeable material, so perfect for muddy feet. It is incredibly light to steer and perfect height for my 5 "5 self! The cupholder came in handy for my coffee too.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact for the car boot
  • Nice to push
  • The child's tray is very nice
  • Accessories
  • Really good enough for the price
  • Squeaks after six months of use (but I must admit, I am using it in harsh condition - cobblestones, forest roads...)
  • The sitting position is not upright
  • No adjustable handlebar

This stroller is very beautiful, and I am glad to have bought it. I got it when my DD was 13mo. Nice accessories that were included (an apron for the legs, a rain cover, a cup holder). It's lightweight and easy to fold in the car, good for the city (mainly for public transport, it's ideal for that). I have no problem lifting it up in the tram, even with my daughter in it. Of course, you can't expect super high quality - it reflects its price. After a half year of use, it squeaks, cobblestones are a bit difficult to go through... but still, it can tackle a forest road, and one hand push is absolutely doable. I also appreciate the tray.

The price-performance ratio is good enough, but we only have it for the last of our stroller days. My DD already walks by herself quite a lot. It's also comfortable for naps; the recline is easy - even if two-handed, the hood is extendable (your child is in the sunlight). The apron seems to fit only a smaller baby (maybe up to a year) - my daughter kicked it off.

A lightweight pushchair with an extended canopy. The seat is comfortable and reclinable to lay flat; the leg rest adjustment is also there. A large basket, and a not-so-good leg cover - but that's not that important. Just the chassis could have been thought through more - after being folded five times, the pushchair rattles, but it's not that terrible. The colours are beautiful, and the price, of course, great - and the easy folding I like too.

  • design
  • price
  • ok to push
  • lightweight
  • suspension is weak

For that price, I can recommend it. I didn't expect it to be much, so it pleasantly surprised me.

Very easy to put together. I love the child tray, and so does my son. The space is good even for my older daughter, who is even over the maximum weight limit. If looking for something urban and affordable, look no more. The only downside would probably be the bulkier fold.

  • weight
  • price
  • it's prettier on the pictures
  • thin hood fabrics

It's prettier in the pictures than in reality. The hood fabric is a bit thin, and a bit less pastel than on the picture. The driveability is good, though, and the pushchair is lightweight.

It pushes very nice on smooth surfaces; it's, however, more difficult on uneven terrain.

  • price
  • design
  • colors
  • straightforward functionality
  • (bulky) fold
  • (rear axle) assembly
  • cheaper details and finishes

The fold doesn't work smoothly for us; it's a bit of a fight - I guess it may get better with time and practice. The folded stroller is a bit too large, I can fit it in our small car just so-so. I also didn't like the way you need to put in the rear axle, I am not a fan of such 'construction' works, and I struggled there.

The design mirrors the price, it's nice and pretty, but the details sometimes feel cheaper or unfinished. For that price, though, a nice occasional stroller; as such, it's a good value for your money.

We had to return it

  • nice design
  • faulty piece

The folding mechanism failed right after getting it out of the box and we had to return it. We were refunded. It looked nice, though.

  • Weight
  • Hood
  • Peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure
  • Large shopping basket
  • Nice material
  • Apron
  • Rain cover
  • Cupholder
  • Handlebar suitable for taller parents 😄
  • Child tray
  • Rear wheel suspension
  • Adjustable belts will fit the size of the child
  • Non-adjustable handle (156 cm - it's too high for me 🤷🏻‍♀️, my husband is 2 m - it's better for him than on other strollers)
  • I feel it's not that stable, but maybe it's because I used to have a huge stroller before 😄
  • Front wheels rattle on uneven terrain (again, it's new for me, as I had air-filler tires before, so it irritates me a bit)
  • Leg rest feels very weak- like it's made of paper 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have this stroller only for a short time, but I am happy with it. After using a robust three-wheeled stroller with air-filled tires, I was looking for something more compact and lightweight.

It doesn't feel sturdy at all. The fabrics are very nice, but the chassis and wheels are not very high-quality. The rear wheels hold in place thanks to this tiny little securing thingy, and I am a bit afraid to go out with the pushchair - what if the wheels fall down at some point? 😂😂😂

The canopy is huge, that's great. Under the baby's bottom, however, there is only a thin layer of fabrics - not much lining/cushioning. The backrest is kind of hard for the baby as well, and it is too short to my taste.

I couldn't imagine having it as an only pushchair.

I am happy with it

  • Great recline system - from sitting to lying position
  • Rubber wheels
  • Practical and easy folding system
  • Beautiful colourways
  • Nice price
  • Child tray included
  • Fixed handlebar (only one possible height/position)
  • Only front-facing

A very good stroller - I am happy with it.

  • price
  • look
  • weight
  • full recline including leg rest
  • basket
  • child's tray instead of a bumper bar
  • cup holder included
  • simple, very basic in terms of craftsmanship
  • not much for bad terrain
  • fixed handlebar

Very simple, which was expected for the price. I like the colors and the huge basket. Also, the basket is incredible. The drinks holder is included, which is very nice (especially for this price range), but I mind a little that is is on the outer side, so I sometimes bump into things with it. I guess it just takes some getting used to. Using the pushchair mostly for shopping and short walks, I can recommend it. For regular use on worse terrain, I's say get something else.

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