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Laura says:
"Came and left"
and gives the Kinderkraft Cruiser

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Came and left

  • tray
  • large canopy
  • cup holder - I guess?
  • rubber rear wheels - if we would get them
  • lower weight (minus 2 kg, compared to Kinderkraft Grande)
  • canopy crowds up around baby's head
  • safety harness doesn't give a safe feeling
  • leg rest is unstable also paper-like
  • short foot cover
  • missing wheels (I believe that's only our case)
  • high parents handle - it was okay for me (168 cm) because it had no wheels to attach :D but would be too high, though our first stroller and pram also have +/- 100cm handle, and it was fine, so it depends

Cruiser came and left...

We bought Cruiser as next (another) stroller from (.cz and many more european countries) for 70€ as an used goods, new would be aprox. 150€.

Already at first look, it gives a cheap feeling. The canopy is large, but as you lift the seat up to a sitting position, it crowds up around the baby's head.

The backrest is sturdy. The seat is (too) soft. Legrest is a bad joke - it's missing the middle of the frame, so you can easily lift/lower only one side. You can't look inside the seat, but the feeling is like the legrest would be a card box paper covered in fabric on two metal sticks.

Safety harness, well - it's hard to find correct words. The foot cover is short, and usable only if the kid's legs are within the edge of the legrest (probably up to 12 months of age).

Last but not least, the basket. The basket is permanently attached; you have to turn the whole stroller upside down to clean it. Also, our piece came without wheels, but that's on the store. Someone returned it, they haven't checked and sold under a lower price. We sent it back the very same day as we got it - wheels or no wheels.

We also have our first stroller (Grande 2019) and a carseat (Comfort up) from Kinderkraft; those are amazing. But this... we ordered it for the weight and also the tray because we love garden parties and the baby can simply eat in the stroller, but well, what can we do?!

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