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All user reviews of Joolz Day 2

21 parent reviews

Love at first sight


Love at first sight ❤️

Great handling

  • Appearance and design
  • Large carrycot
  • Easy to handle
  • Narrow seat, the little one is 10,5 kg and in winter clothes it will be a problem this year
  • The frame sometimes squeaks, we put in a complaints and they serviced it, the problem is over
  • Expensive accessories

Beautiful stroller, great handling.

  • compact
  • lightweight
  • great handling
  • design
  • only in the seat unit we had a problem with the bumper bar for a while before the little one grew up, but we rode without the bar for a while and it was perfectly fine

I fell in love with the stroller at first sight. And even today, after almost a year and a half of use, I wouldn't change it. We've traveled the country with it - all terrains were fine. And our little one loves it.

For us, great dissatisfaction. The bassinet is very narrow, so my daughter at 4 months did not fit in it. The seat didn't save it, as it is narrow too and it is also very shallow, so the child with a winter footmuff can't fit in the seat. When we went back to the seat in the summer, when the footmuff was not needed, we found that we could only use it when we knew the baby would not sleep, as the stroller cannot be reclined to full recline, and so the baby sleeps uncomfortably, kind of sitting, and cannot even turn on its side. The stroller is very beautiful, easy to use - all pluses for the parents, but absolute discomfort for the child.

We rode in the bassinet until 8 months and there was no problem with space. The seat unit is great, sleeping in it - without any problems. It handles terrain very well, steers great. The basket is sufficient for everyday things and shopping. The netted canopy is practical, as is its length. As a demanding mom, I really found no fault with the stroller.

I love this stroller

  • Compact enough
  • Spacious bassinet
  • Sturdy
  • All removable, washable
  • Can be facing both directions

I love this stroller. I don't know why everyone needs a mile-long baby bassinets. Our tired two year old used to love the stroller when he wanted to sleep and the baby was in the carrier. In length and width, my baby could fit in there until 8 months without any problem. Of course not with arms outstretched to the sides :D

From 6m the child was in the seat. Satisfaction again. I have nothing to complain about.

  • Driving characteristics
  • Bucket seating
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • A stylish pushchair
  • Price
  • Easily scratched
  • Fades

A very stylish and functional stroller. Joolz brand is definitely the best for me!

The stroller met my expectations. It is a more expensive model, but still worth the money. Easy to handle with one hand, easy to fold - and it doesn't take up that much space as I was worried it will.

The downside, in my opinion, is that the colors are not durable on either of the newer Joolz strollers. The design scratches very easily, although I do pay attention not to scratch it!

But despite all that, the Joolz Day 2 and Jollz Hub are the best strollers I've ever had. ❤️

  • design
  • style
  • a more difficult folding, compared to a Baby Jogger or Yoyo

Designer, nice, but my baby doesn't want to sit in the so-called bucket seat. It is very individual.

The stroller sells well, it is a sought-after brand.

Absolutely top-of-the-line quality

  • Great handling
  • Amazingly shaped bucket seat - little one loved it
  • Quality materials
  • Easy folding and unfolding of the stroller
  • Quality wheels
  • Super straps' fastening
  • Comfortable
  • Superb basket
  • Weight was not felt at all when pushing
  • Great riding characteristics
  • None

Really fantastic stroller. We have rotated this model with other strollers, so I can compare - and it was really amazing. Absolutely top-of-the-line quality - whether the frame, covers, or ride. Absolutely easy to fold and unfold the stroller; it went over any terrain. The little one loved it.

I would not change it

  • Light
  • Nice to drive

I would not change it, great satisfaction.

I couldnt make a better choice

  • Easy to push
  • Elegant design
  • Quick to fold
  • Chassis scratches easily

This pushchair is the best! I couldnt make a better choice.

A fashion accessory

  • Easy to handle
  • The chassis and the seat have to be folded separately
  • A bucket-type seat
  • Unnecessary takes up too much space in the car
  • Scratches quickly

It feels like just a fashion accessory.

Loving it since the first use


I have been loving it since the first use.

Very nice design and maneuverability


Very nice design and maneuverability. For me, the best 👍

It was a pleasure using it

  • perfect
  • beautiful
  • easy manipulation
  • baby happy in the bassinet as well as the seat
  • higher price of the system and accessories too
  • needs to be lubricated often
  • bulky
  • color of the fabric faded a bit

Excellent stroller system-quality corresponds to the price. We were very happy with it. It was a pleasure using it. The stroller is beautiful, but it needs to be maintained regularly - lubricated, as it squeaks. My son was happy in both the bassinet and the seat.

I recommend it

  • low weight
  • easy to fold
  • excellent maneuverability 👌🏾

Huge satisfaction 👌🏾😊 I recommend it 😉

Amazing in every aspect

  • satisfaction 100%
  • none

Amazing in every aspect.

You pay for the quality


My partner and I are very pleased with it. It is easy to maneuver as well as to fold... our princess also likes it 😍 I can only recommend it. There is nothing to complain about. You pay for the quality 👍 😊


  • Easy manipulation
  • Wheels suitable for every terrain
  • Large, spacious carrycot
  • Chassis scratches easily

A wonderful stroller <3

  • Amazing, spacious carrycot - my daughter will be 7 months (66 cm), and she can still fit inside in the ED footmuff
  • Beautiful design 😍
  • Large and spacious changing bag
  • Easy fastening of the seatbelts
  • Easy to handle with one hand
  • Easy to fold
  • Large shopping basket
  • Extended canopy
  • The chassis rattles a bit at the bottom, near the brake
  • It takes a lot of space in the car trunk

I'm very happy with this pram. 😍 It's easy to handle and with a beautiful design.

THE stroller


This is THE stroller to buy 😉

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