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lucip says:
"The stroller is very beautiful, easy to use, but absolute discomfort for the child"
and gives the Joolz Day 2

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For us, great dissatisfaction. The bassinet is very narrow, so my daughter at 4 months did not fit in it. The seat didn't save it, as it is narrow too and it is also very shallow, so the child with a winter footmuff can't fit in the seat. When we went back to the seat in the summer, when the footmuff was not needed, we found that we could only use it when we knew the baby would not sleep, as the stroller cannot be reclined to full recline, and so the baby sleeps uncomfortably, kind of sitting, and cannot even turn on its side. The stroller is very beautiful, easy to use - all pluses for the parents, but absolute discomfort for the child.

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