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  • HUGE shopping basket 🫢🏽
  • Easy to use buttons to lay baby up & down
  • Easy handle bar adjustment
  • Not too heavy but sturdy
  • Folds nice
  • Cup holder ❀️
  • Easy foot break on the side so it's not in the way
  • Really open when in seat unit
  • Good could be longer

I absolutely recommend this pram, it's so so practical with many parent friendly features.

At first glance the pushchair is lovely to look at featuring a leather look handle and bumper bar. In parent facing mode baby is nice and close and not too low down so it's easy to interact with baby and pass them snacks πŸ™ŒπŸ½.

The hood is nice and thick and easily moves up and down and also features a peek window, although I do think the hood could do with being a bit bigger to provide some more darkness/protection. The seat unit is a lovely soft material and feels comfortable however the seat unit it quite open and my 9 month old struggles to sleep in it this could probably be resolved with a footmuff but it's summer so not an option, we have switched from the Bugaboo so compared to the bucket like seat this is a big change, this along side the small hood is a bit of a pain to get baby to sleep.

The shopping basket is amazing, I can fit my changing bag, raincover, snacks and shopping underneath with no problems accessing the basket as it's accessible on both ends, going from the chameleon 3 this is a dream as I couldn't even get my changing bag in there. The handle bar moves easily up and down so perfect for switching between parents as my partner is a foot taller than me, the suspension is good but definitely could be better for a smoother ride, it can be quite rattly but nothing major 😊 I absolutely recommend this pram x

Worst stroller system ever

  • Lightweight
  • Big basket
  • The carrycot is long and tight. My two month old baby, which is a tiny baby, was so tight in the carrycot, he couldn't move his arms. We used it two or three times and switched to the sit unit
  • Sit unit, where can I start. Thin, squeaky, i am constantly afraid that my baby will fall off or something will break. It's quite unstable and very hard on the surface, so not comfortable for sitting. It's easy to manouver , but again, once I lift it or put it down, I feel like I am manouvering a plastic toy
  • The material is a horor story. Very poor quality, it's like it is made from plastic. Not washable, very scratchy, and not comfortable at all. Always looks old and worn out, it won't last for one child, and not to mention if you would like to keep it for another one. Even the basket is low quality material, I feel like it will rip off anytime
  • The car seat gave me anxiety, literally. I couldn't wait to stop using it. I've seen my friend's Maxi cosi's car seat and it was nothing like this. Tight, very deep, the position is uncomfortable and not suitable for a newborn. Not to mention, the material is of lowest quality and the canopy as well. If it starts raining with this stroller, good luck
  • Not suitable for bumpy roads. And by bumpy roads, I mean normal city surfaces. I was afraid my baby will get a SBS just by walking down the street. It's so shakey and squeaky, I felt literally sorry for my baby that had to ride in it
  • We were looking at Maxi Cosi zelia 3 at that time, as it was in the same price range, unlike Cybex. For that price, I would definitely go with Maxi Cosi or any other established brand that actually cares about babies. It's a huuuge difference! I don't know if Joie is new, are they improving the quality of their products with the signature line, but this is the lowest quality I've seen in a travel system
  • I had to write this, so no other parent does the same mistake as we did
  • Literally, a disaster of a pram

Worst stroller system ever, not worth the price.

A very easy push, and the driving characteristics in the city are great. The carrycot was nice, there was even an inside pocket for buts and pieces. The pushchair part also nice, just a bit open, but a footmuff was a solution.

  • Pram fabric, leather trimmings, and the overall physical outlook looks aesthetic and premium, despite its affordability
  • XXL basket
  • Peekaboo window
  • UPF50+ Waterproof canopy
  • Accessibility to the basket from front and back of pram even when the seat is reclined all the way down
  • Long zipped pocket and a space for parent’s waterbottle/thermal flask in the basket (so that it doesn’t roll around)
  • Child sits higher than other prams I’ve used (Bugaboo)
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Gate-swing bumper
  • Back rest is short (my 2 year old’s head almost touches the canopy)
  • Leg rest portion is also short (we are Asians and yet)
  • Raincover trimming is white, instead of black(to aesthetically fit the rest of the pram)
  • It would be awesome to have a zip window that will allow parents to unload their child from the pram without removing the entire raincover, especially if it is wet
  • Cup holder is shallow so my son’s sippy cup fell out of it when we were going up a curb. Therefore, I know now I can never place my cup of iced latte there

Mother of 4 and I have used various brands and types of prams before. I am a Bugaboo fan and I had actually sold off my Bugaboo Bee 5 to graduate my son to Versatrax because I do a lot of walking and needs a pram that provides me the stability and a big basket which enables me to do my grocery straight from fetching him from the daycare (lots of things to carry and I do not like hanging bags on the handle bar). I wanted the same stability and smoothness as Bugaboo offered but none of their baskets were as huge as Versatrax’s.

Versatrax is an affordable range yet it packs in qualities which I find in my previous Bugaboo. I am an aesthetic person and visually, Versatrax commands attention. I got the colour β€˜Laurel’ and have received many compliments. I live in the tropics where it rains a lot. So far, the brakes and the wheels have not given me anything to be concerned about over but I wish Joie can work on their rain covers. Read my cons.

OK for the price

  • Price-performance ratio
  • Parent AND world-facing seat
  • Shopping basket
  • Canopy could be longer

Absolutely OK for the price. Recommended.

We love the basket 😍

  • value for money
  • seat padding
  • BASKET 😍😍
  • wheel suspension
  • leg rest
  • canopy

We love the basket 😍 And the weight & size are very nice for a reversible pushchair. I did expect a but smoother ride on terrain - the suspension is minimal. The leg rest - and the canopy - could be longer. For the price, a nice value overall.

The quality disappointed me

  • Design
  • Storage space
  • Frame squeaks after a few months
  • Hood is short &Β awful
  • I don't like the folding - you have to "shake" strongly to do it

Not happy about the Versatrax. The quality disappointed me - the frame squeaks, and the hood is simply awful. Just try to reline your napping child - it will get the face full of sunshine. And not in a good way.

  • Reversible seat
  • Huge storae space
  • Price
  • Hard to lift up a curb
  • Canopy is not sturdy nor long enough

Overall performance would be very good, actually, just it is difficult for me to lift it up a curb. I must praise the large basket very highly - one of the best points of the pram, and also, the reversible seat was a must for us (my little one is only four months old), so plus points for that.

  • reversing seat
  • wheels
  • basket
  • difficult lifting it up a kerb
  • hood length and sturdiness
  • suspension

I like it overall, the larger wheels, extra large basket, and reversing seat are great, and it pushes well on smooth pavements. But it is hard for me to get up a kerb. As a budget option for mums needing a reversing pushchair, it's good enough.

We got it for the reversibility - I really wanted my daughter to see me, she's still very young. The lying position, even if not 180 degrees, is good enough. The high weight capacity is also nice.

However... We travel a lot with it - and the pram doesn't hold closed, which annoys me a lot. Also, the folding could be smoother than just pure jerking it close. It wasnt't too expensive, but it's not worth the money for us - we needed something more suitable for being folded and unfolded (plus loaded and unloaded).

Really good value

  • prce/value
  • reversible seat
  • basket πŸ‘
  • suspension/terrain

A really good value. Only on harsher terrain you need to slow down - you will feel it a lot.

My husband summed it up after the first walk as 'the best pushchair we had' (it's a fifth one we had with our three kids πŸ™‚).

I am 163cm tall, and the handle fits me alright, and even my taller husband can adjust it so that it fits him. When we were assembling it, I "fought" with the harness and the folding - just to read the manual and realize I do it the other way around.

Everything is smooth and easy with this pushchair. The basket is huuuge, and I love the small secret zip-close pocket in it. I really use it for all of our shopping, and I cannot imagine not having it now. I also like that there was a drink holder included. One wheel was a little noisier at first, but I didn't even notice it - my hubby told me that.

I can rate it 8.5/10 after two months of use. It can go through almost any terrain (with those real bad condition I recommend locking the wheels), BUT I wouldn't take it to a real, hardcore forest or large stones :-) I use our old classic four-wheeler for that, not being afraid how it will look after such a ride πŸ™‚ Compared to that, this one's push is a bit stiffer, but it's a smaller, more compact pushchair so I truly can't blame it for that.

My DC loves to nap in the (spacious) seat - he's still facing me, and it's acceptably covered in this position even against wind or sun. We, however, have had another, larger one made at the tailors. We were out even when it was raining, and I can, therefore, say that the rain cover is fitting well, and it works just fine. The fabrics are high-quality - and the chassis is as well.. I am using it with a Lodger Bunker footmuff. My little one likes to put his feet on the bumper bar.

It's beautiful, reversible, spacious for the child and with an adjustable handlebar - I am happy with this purchase πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  • Price
  • Basket
  • Spacious, reversible seat
  • Fully upright sitting position
  • Perfect folding
  • Everything is simple and functional
  • No-maintenance, quiet wheels
  • Full recline is not 180 degrees but it's deep enough
  • The seat unit is quite open
  • Canopy is on the sorter side when fully reclined (you can have a new one made to solve this as we did, even with the cost of that it's still a super affordable pushchair)

The Versatrax is a very affordable pushchair good for us "normal humans". For a pleasant price, it offers A LOT. I don't get people who rate it bad - I think only those with extremely high expectations will be unhappy about how it works. It's not a 'Mercedes' kind of pushchair, but the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. For normal walks and normal mums and children, it's just great. I don't understand why there is not a Versatrax on every corner because most mummies I talk with are searching exactly for something like this.

It's, however, not a budget no-brand pushchair, and you can see it. An advantage is also the option of creating a travel system - and the Joie car seats are also very good, with nice test results. The Versatrax is also spacious while featuring a reversible seat, and it even has a huge shopping basket with good accessibility. The fold is perfect - easy peasy and doable even with one hand only. The belly bar can be gate-open, so your child can go in and out by itself - and it's not in the way when you are manipulating with the harness buckle, or when you're putting in a seat liner or a footmuff. An older child also has enough space to put its feet in, no hanging loose just so. The sitting position is quite upright, not angles as the Britax pushchairs have...

The suspension is present, but don't expect any rocking. The wheels need no maintenance, and their performance is very good. No bar in between the rear ones, so you don't kick anything even if you're walking fast or if you are tall. No rattling, and it's also not one of those super low-positioned pushchairs that look like doll prams. The handle is a bit on the loose side, but it's completely doable (but I understand not everybody likes that).

The biggest and probably the only downside is the overall openness of the seat unit - you will need some kind of universally fitting leg cover and/or sunshade. Even if I take that into account, I don't know any other pushchair that would be better - because it's that kind that looks and works like some normal mum not needing a super expensive model or some kind of fashion situation designed it - she just made a simple, straightforward, practical reversible-seat pushchair. Everyday use in the city, suburbs, the countryside is just a breeze. It's not a true terrain model, but it's also not that kind that you only can take in the shopping centers. And that basket and fold... πŸ’• Everything is easy, functional; nothing pisses you off when using it. I have no problem folding it, carrying it up the stairs, pushing t it one-handedly (if you have an older child or you need to carry a scooter in the other hand)... And you can fit SO MUCH in the basket, a whole lot of shopping plus playground essentials - and you have access to it even when your baby is napping! I mind nothing really on this pushchair, and this never happened to me (and we had multiple pushchairs already). We have one more (a jogger) at the moment, which is for real terrain in the nearby mountains, but if I didn't need that, this would be the only one I would keep until we don't need a pushchair anymore - I am not even thinking of getting some kind of buggy anymore. I am not sorry for this choice at all, and I warmly recommend it.

  • Easy maneuvering
  • Reversibility
  • Loads of space in the basket
  • Easy folding + compactness
  • Foam-filled tires
  • No leg cover included

An excellent pushchair that can pass through bad terrain without problems (forest roads, broken sidewalks, etc.). Thanks to the foam-filled wheels, we never had a puncture. The folding system is simple, one-handed. A rain cover is included, but I miss a leg cover.

  • large under-seat basket in an ideal distance - I don't kick it
  • no kicking the brake
  • adjustable handle
  • looks great
  • turning is incredible, I can turn it 360 degrees pretty much on the spot! (I didn't expect this)
  • great push - I can push it with one hand
  • maybe those wheels - they feel a bit cheap-ish, but I don't mind that at all

I am a first-time mum, so I don't have any experience with other prams, pushchairs and such... I bought this based on reviews - and I can honestly say I am glad I did.

  • Reversible seat unit
  • Large canopy
  • Full suspension chassis
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Leather handle- and bumper bar
  • A huge basket that is also quite high (no scratching it on the curbs)
  • Seat unit's position is also high up
  • Folding with the seat in both direction is seriously great
  • 2 closable storage 'pockets'
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Cup holder and leg cover included
  • Fast fold and easy carrying the pushchair (there's a separate handle for that)
  • The handlebar is loose - it has quite a will, which is noticeable a lot mainly when you move it forwards and backward πŸ˜’

It meets all my requirements!

I was choosing a pushchair based on numerous criteria, which I was unwilling to forget. The only thing that was stopping me was my budget πŸ˜€ I read many reviews about many different brands and models...

I own it only a short time, but I am super happy about this pushchair. It tackles even village roads; cobblestones are not a problem (and no noise nor rattling). It's easy to push around.

I would only reproach the loose handlebar. You can feel it's moving; it has a will. Also, I would probably make the manufacturer think about some kind of protection for the front axle, which is quite wide - I have to be very careful going through doors to not bump in the side and scratch it.

The brake is on the side, and it's not in the way (I had to be careful with my first pram, ther it was in the center πŸ˜•).

The bumper bar is a bit too low and a bit too far away from the child. Maybe it will be better when we're bigger 😊

The extended canopy has mesh windows on the side, which my child doesn't like - I would also like it more if it would be only fabric. I mean, there is a mesh peek-a-boo window so ventilation there is enough 😏

The chassis is robust, sturdy, and safe - it doesn't flip over when I put a bag on the handlebar!

Anyway, I don't regret this choice! Also, it's not a pushchair you meet on every corner, so that's a plus as well 😍

Always consider your own needs and what you feel like, not what your friend that doesn't even have it, says. When checking the reviews, think what people say - but with a bit of distance, it's different people with different needs! ✌

Tomorrow I am sending it back

  • Design
  • Large underslung basket
  • Large canopy
  • Quite narrow
  • I didn't feel that my baby is safe in such an open seat
  • Rattling handle

I didn't see this pushchair before purchasing it online and having it delivered - I only chose based on what I found on the internet. I had a condition of a reversible seat since my son is only nine months old. Tomorrow I am sending it back.

The telescoping handle is nice for taller parents, yes. It, however, rattles quite a lot, and I was only using it inside! The seat is very, very open - when I put my son in it, I was actually afraid he could fall out. Even the child's bumper bar is made so that there is a lot of space on the sides.

  • easy to manipulate
  • lightweight
  • big basket for shopping
  • easy to fold, and compact
  • beautiful
  • not the smoothest to go through obstacles such as a curb
  • I miss an apron to cover the baby's legs

Beautiful, more of an urban stroller with a reversible seat. It is really easy to manipulate and to drive around, no rattling I would notice, and everything works as it should. There was a rain cover and a cup holder included. I do miss an apron - a leg cover that I got used to with my first stroller, but you can live without that. I am happy with it.

Its so open on the sides


Like, it's ok... like fine, 100 points for that shopping basket. Driveability is good, I'd say, and I also like the color and the PU leather details. Buuuuut the whole chassis, even with the handlebar, is not sturdy at all - kind of squeaky... and that hood? Terrible! So tiny, up there with a mesh part through which the wind blows... And, I don't know, like it's so open on the sides... In any case, a napping child has to be buckled in, or it will roll out for sure πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

  • Beautiful
  • Spacious
  • Good suspension
  • Reversible seat
  • Large basket
  • Telescopic handle
  • Super compact fold
  • Affordable
  • Short-ish canopy, but nothing horrible
  • More open sides (because of the foldability and reversibility)
  • Small choice of colors

I was at the Joie Versatrax stroller demonstration. Even before that, there were discussions such as "what a disappointment that short canopy is, and that open seat unit - and perhaps it's too small even...". So - I bought it, and now I can share my - real - knowledge, and everybody - take what you want from it...

So yes, the seat unit is a bit open, but as I did my research, I must say I've found out that this is how it goes with the reversible type of strollers, unfortunately. πŸ˜” Yes, there is a short-ish canopy, but nothing worse than those of Moon ReSea Sport, Cybex, Mamas&Papas, Oyster 3, EasyGo Optimo, and other I was considering... On the contrary, these (and others) often had even smaller canopies, and what is more, much weaker suspension than the Versatrax.

For me, it ended up being the best of all I saw (and I was choosing my stroller for several months). It is even longer than the Joie stroller that is forward-facing only, and only two centimeters less wide. It is really the most spacious forward- AND rearward facing stroller I have seen. It is sufficiently (even more than that) long, with a good, soft suspension system, and with a pull-out telescopic handlebar. The openness because of the revering of the seat doesn't really matter in summer, and in winter, you should use a good footmuff anyway.

Everybody needs to consider his or her priorities! Long canopy and more closed seat unit? The Valco Snap Ultra, for ex., has those, but again, I think that one is very narrow, no suspension whatsoever, and only up to 15 kg = small. As far as I know, other mothers got rid of it quite quickly.

I'm also a bit unhappy about the canopy, but you can't have everything. I am solving it by purchasing and extra sun shade. The fact that it is the most spacious reversible stroller, and even features a large shopping basket and that suspension - plus a 'luxury' compact fold!

With that, I wish you all a happy hunting for a perfect stroller for YOU. We chose this after many months of consideration! πŸ™ˆπŸ€—πŸ™πŸ˜‡

One more thing to add. If you have a specific color in mind, don't hesitate too long. I wanted the dark gray and now, no longer anywhere in my country - they were gone so fast, and we hardly got them to order us (they said) THE last piece... They will be stocked again in December πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Yeah, and their explanation of why the canopy is shorter. It is because of the stroller's compact folding, where the canopy is a part of how the seat unit folds into itself - so it cannot be longer, if you don't want a bigger folded package...

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