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@mamafrommasz says:
"I wanted the same stability and smoothness as Bugaboo offered but none of their baskets were as huge as Versatrax’s"
and gives the Joie Versatrax

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  • Pram fabric, leather trimmings, and the overall physical outlook looks aesthetic and premium, despite its affordability
  • XXL basket
  • Peekaboo window
  • UPF50+ Waterproof canopy
  • Accessibility to the basket from front and back of pram even when the seat is reclined all the way down
  • Long zipped pocket and a space for parent’s waterbottle/thermal flask in the basket (so that it doesn’t roll around)
  • Child sits higher than other prams I’ve used (Bugaboo)
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Gate-swing bumper
  • Back rest is short (my 2 year old’s head almost touches the canopy)
  • Leg rest portion is also short (we are Asians and yet)
  • Raincover trimming is white, instead of black(to aesthetically fit the rest of the pram)
  • It would be awesome to have a zip window that will allow parents to unload their child from the pram without removing the entire raincover, especially if it is wet
  • Cup holder is shallow so my son’s sippy cup fell out of it when we were going up a curb. Therefore, I know now I can never place my cup of iced latte there

Mother of 4 and I have used various brands and types of prams before. I am a Bugaboo fan and I had actually sold off my Bugaboo Bee 5 to graduate my son to Versatrax because I do a lot of walking and needs a pram that provides me the stability and a big basket which enables me to do my grocery straight from fetching him from the daycare (lots of things to carry and I do not like hanging bags on the handle bar). I wanted the same stability and smoothness as Bugaboo offered but none of their baskets were as huge as Versatrax’s.

Versatrax is an affordable range yet it packs in qualities which I find in my previous Bugaboo. I am an aesthetic person and visually, Versatrax commands attention. I got the colour ‘Laurel’ and have received many compliments. I live in the tropics where it rains a lot. So far, the brakes and the wheels have not given me anything to be concerned about over but I wish Joie can work on their rain covers. Read my cons.

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