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Love the reversing handle


Used this from newborn, love the reversing handle and easy compact fold. Fits in boot of our Astra, no massive carry cot needed! Useful for propping up our reflux baby. Also, love how you can get a separate car seat that attaches but is not always necessary, don't need to plan what bits to put in the car, just clip on the seat if she's asleep. Love the reversing handle for getting out of narrow spaces without doing a 3 point turn.

Only downsides are:
The back of the canopy blows up in the wind, but I fixed that by getting a puffier head rest and tucking it in. The handle is a bit low in parent facing mode, bit awkward to push at first, but soon got used to it. Would definitely buy again, just wish you could get bigger off road wheels for it!

  • Light
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Easy to fold
  • Steering it in with baby facing parent isn't easy to say the least

Lovely little strollers. However, did the manufacturers ever actually try negotiating turns whilst the handle is in reverse mode with the baby facing the parent? 🤔 Seriously, did they actually try... & succeed? Is there a certain hack to this 🤔

  • weight
  • not suitable to face the parent
  • not suitable for small babies

The low weight and the handle that can be reversed were the reasons why I bought it. And also, the claim that it can be used for a newborn.

It's really lightweight and folds easy enough. The hood size and the basket are alright in my eyes, too. The doubled wheels and the difficult pushing (& super hard turning + getting up a curb) after reversing the handle are the biggest downsides. My baby is too small to face the world just yet, and the steering is simply too hard in that setup. Also, when I cannot do that anymore, I would appreciate seeing my child, but there's no window.

I recommend it ONLY for travels and shops. It is certainly not suitable for everyday use and very small babies.

  • five- to three-point harness configuration
  • newborn insert
  • quality fabrics and materials
  • reversible handlebar
  • not the best maneuvering with the reversed handle
  • foam wheel show damage quite quickly

We bought it for the reversing of the handle. I got what I needed, and am happy with it, even though the maneuvering with the reversed handle is not the best.

My feet size 4 keep bashing the wheels


The only good thing about this stroller is the handle, which can world face or parent face in one swift movement, but once parent facing, the wheels have to be locked - and my feet size 4 keep bashing the wheels. So annoying. The idea of buying this stroller was so we could change the handle to face either way.

Another downside is handle height it's not adjustable, so again it's too low for my husband and too high for me. The seating is thin even though I've added a cosy toes. So I'm very disappointed and wouldn't buy this make again. I wish I could send it back, but it's not easy to do.

Overall a good price-performance ratio

  • very light
  • very manoeuvrable
  • super easy folding
  • loads of accessories (parent tray, rain cover)
  • good workmanship
  • not a complete lie-flat
  • not an adjustable handle height

It has its ups and downs - but overall a good price-performance ratio.

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • hard to maneuver with in the parent-facing mode

Super compact and lightweight. The push in the rearward-facing mode is not easy, however.

Best buggy I had, and I had four

  • lightweight & compact
  • one-handedly foldable
  • easy to push
  • sun canopy
  • parent-facing steering
  • frame getting stuck after a year of use

Best buggy I had, and I had four.

It’s nice and easy to push or to turn on the spot. The canopy goes down = blocks the sun quite well. It can also manage a high load in the seat + basket. I like the compact fold and the fact that it's a one-handed folding/unfolding so that I can hold my little one while folding the pushchair.

There are two minuses I’ve found - in the parent facing mode, the steering and turning is difficult with those fixed rear wheels; and the frame sometimes get stuck (and needing to be forced to open when being unfolded after about a year of use.

Overall, I would recommend it!

Great for travels and quick errands

  • easy reversing the handle
  • price
  • low weight
  • sturdy
  • upright seat
  • reasonable large basket
  • kicking the wheels when reversed
  • rear wheels don't swivel

Great for travels and quick errands. Nice storage basket.

  • weight
  • price
  • too low
  • horrible driving when reversing the handle/facing the parent

I had to return it. I was bending too much to be able to push it, and the push in the mom-facing mode of the handle is simply horrible. I went for a larger pushchair with a true reversible seat instead - I'll take a heavier pushchair over a bad push every day.

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