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R18 says:
"Love the reversing handle"
and gives the Joie Mirus

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Love the reversing handle

Used this from newborn, love the reversing handle and easy compact fold. Fits in boot of our Astra, no massive carry cot needed! Useful for propping up our reflux baby. Also, love how you can get a separate car seat that attaches but is not always necessary, don't need to plan what bits to put in the car, just clip on the seat if she's asleep. Love the reversing handle for getting out of narrow spaces without doing a 3 point turn.

Only downsides are:
The back of the canopy blows up in the wind, but I fixed that by getting a puffier head rest and tucking it in. The handle is a bit low in parent facing mode, bit awkward to push at first, but soon got used to it. Would definitely buy again, just wish you could get bigger off road wheels for it!

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