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Awesome for an undemanding mum


For an undemanding mum, awesome.

  • Value for money
  • Great, luxurious look
  • Canopy
  • Leg rest

I love the nice fabrics, comfy padding, and the push is very nice. The leather details look gorgeous and for the price, you get a lot of features. The canopy could be larger - mainly in the lay-flat, I mean, the seat is quite open... and if I were to change something more, I would make the leg rest longer.

Overall, a nice value for money and a beautiful reversible pushchair. And with a super roomy basket (the pouch that can be removed is 👍👍👍).

For that money, the value is immense

  • price-performance
  • stylish design
  • roomy bassinet
  • parent- and world-facing, lie-flat seat unit
  • wheel size and quality
  • incredible storage space
  • nice removable pocket for small bits and pieces that you can carry on you like a bag
  • telescoping handlebar - nice for my tall hubby
  • ventilation
  • leatherette details & fabrics finishes
  • hood length - on both the bassinet and the seat
  • wheels can get noisy
  • handle is not super sturdy - it is on the looser side

I had picked the Joie Versatrax before, but then came the Triniti. Loved the style even more, and the price is more than nice. For that money, the value is immense.

We got it with the bassinet which is nice and large but maybe more shade in for of some sun visor would be nice to have... The seat seems similar to the Versatrax but there's extra suspension, they say. It could be more upright, but overall, I wanted a budget-friendly lie-flat and it's a nice one.

What I can criticize are the wheels - the size and quality I like, but they do get noisy on bumpy roads or on cobblestones.

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