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All user reviews of Jané Muum V1

5 parent reviews

We were not happy with the stroller as the wheels are not suitable for terrain at all. They also rattled, and my little one couldn't sleep in the stroller - the whole stroller shook when we walked on uneven ground.

  • extra light
  • foldable
  • brake on the handle
  • large bassinet
  • Concord adapters available to fit other brands of car seats
  • foam wheels
  • smaller canopy on the seat section

I was satisfied. I was looking for a lightweight stroller, which the Muum definitely is. I carried the folded chassis and the bassinet with the little one up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment - all at once and totally fine. We used the bassinet for a really long time, it's really roomy.

The seat is fine, except for the canopy; however, I bought a shade for a few euros and that was the end of the problem.

My problem was the foam wheels - rocks were everywhere in them.

  • Compact, suitable for tight and small spaces
  • One of the lightest strollers, for those who carry up the stairs
  • Easily foldable into the trunk of the car
  • 3 sleeping positions and reversible, facing in 2 directions
  • Window on the hood
  • The sun hood in the sleeping position seems a bit short to me, I solved it with a separate shade
  • The chassis pushes easily, it is true that it is not built for the terrain, but I didn't need that

We were looking for a lightweight and short stroller, and the Muum is it. It's a fun and one of the easiest strollers - for those who carry it up the stairs. Easily foldable into the boot of the car.

It's reversible in 2 directions of travel, which not every stroller has. The lower storage part is large enough, I think 6kg load capacity. It is not built for the terrain, but we have managed with it all urban surfaces - even in winter.

  • Big basket
  • Small weight
  • Easy handling
  • Very compact
  • The bassinet can be completely folded flat, which is a small space-saving feature - it takes up minimum space
  • There's a hole in the rain cover - the baby can breathe better. You can also give him or her something and check on the baby through there
  • Superb wheels, you don't get a puncture
  • It is not possible to open a sun visor or smth in the bath bassinet, a diaper or sunshade is needed
  • The bassinet's inside cannot be raised (inclinedň if the baby wants to see

A perfect pram. Lightweight, small size after folding - fits in the smallest lift, hard to find something like that. The car seat is super quick to click into place and adjusts well even when the baby is dressed more or less.

  • Light
  • Can be folded into the car
  • Nice design
  • Easy steering
  • Seat part - fully reclinable, reversible
  • Brake up at hand
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Huge basket, easily accessible, can carry a large pack of nappies
  • Foam wheels into which pebbles and stones are stuck
  • Short hood
  • Not much suspension

We were satisfied with the stroller. It's not perfect, but it did everything it was supposed to do for us and carried both my daughters. I will list all the pros and cons in the pros and cons :)

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