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  • Good for tall child
  • The brake is awful, we had the chassis replaced and still have problems. When on the bus the brake just disconnects!


  • Easy to push in non smooth terrain
  • Bulky
  • Rusty screws
  • No viewing window in canopy
  • Short canopy

Got two from amazon, but they both came with oxidized components. Canopy is short and has no viewing window. It was nice to push but very very bulky.

  • It looks smart on appearance.
  • The brakes are not fit for purpose.
  • Cheap plastic.

Please don’t buy this product!! My son (2) rolled backwards into the road today whilst my husband turned to lock the door. I’d already expressed concerns to the company about the dodgy brakes that don’t seem to clip in properly! Thankfully no cars were coming at the time, but it tipped when it hit the curb and he smashed his face onto the concrete road. I’ve complained to the company but haven’t had any response yet.

The pushchair is cheap plastic, not fit for purpose and so incredibly dangerous. Don’t make the same mistake we did, it could have ended up so much worse.

  • Comfortable
  • Large seat unit
  • Nice big hood
  • And good quality rain cover
  • Seat unit top snapped and the retailer tried to blame us for folding it incorrectly… there is only 1 way to fold it!
  • Brake comes in randomly when pushing
  • And seat unit doesn’t click into place properly, we’ve only had it since February this year.
  • Really disappointed and awaiting word from the manufacturer. Buy a more expensive version if you can because this is a disappointment.

Broken seat unit and faulty brake.

  • As good as it gets for off roading on a budget
  • Available in a bright silver hood colourway to help keep baby cool/better visibility
  • Good ventilation - big zip up covered mesh window at the back plus smaller open air zip up window at top rear (also can be used to view baby when seat is fully reclined)
  • Good quality, very large air tires can handle most terrain with the front wheel locked (hard to push on deeper or boggy sand and have gotten the front wheel stuck in deep narrow dips hidden in long grass but I think any pram would struggle!)
  • No punctures yet after 6 months heavy use
  • Easy to adjust pivoting handle bar
  • Comes with good quality, easy fit (elasticated and Velcro) rain cover included
  • Seems comfortable- baby sleeps well in lie flat mode even over rougher terrain
  • Can buy a good value (2 in 1) compatible carrycot/ footmuff as an added extra
  • Bumper bar is reversible (so for safety in upright and lie flat seat modes) and gate opening too for ease of use
  • No viewing window in hood so can’t see baby unless seat is in lie flat mode
  • Upper viewing window/ventilation at rear is open to elements (no clear plastic or mesh) once unzipped
  • Little if any suspension (although this doesn’t seem to bother baby who sleeps well in it)
  • Awkward brake bar - make sure you press it down completely so it is fully engaged into wheel clips otherwise pram can roll
  • Compatible carrycot is only available in black and quite padded as it works as a footmuff too - so may get too hot in the summer for a newborn
  • Strap seat adjustment is more awkward to use than a pricier lever mechanism as it takes both hands
  • Pram is fairly bulky even when folded - will take up most/all of an average car boot so do measure up

Amazing for the price! Seems comfortable for baby and works well over most rough terrain at far less cost than it’s competitors.

  • Large whees
  • Seat space
  • Price point
  • Sporty
  • A very simple build
  • Very polyester-feel fabrics
  • Plastic used
  • Suspension (there’s not much)

A simple pushchair worth pretty much as much money as it costs. Nothing special but it works well for the price.

  • lays mostly flat when reclined
  • good price point
  • large basket
  • easy to maneuver over any terrain (forest, cobblestones, up/ down stairs)
  • easy-ish to fold up
  • stays folded securely
  • very comfortable for a tall / older child (113cm / 19kg) with plenty room to grow!
  • comfortable for longer rides
  • comfortable for the person pushing / navigating
  • you need to be relatively strong when pushing an older child on extremely sloped areas so that it doesn't tip
  • inner tubes have popped twice in less than 1 year
  • bulky when folded (expected)
  • pretty heavy (expected)

This stroller has been wonderful for our tall toddler to take long walks over multiple terrains. The adjustable handlebar has also been wonderful since I'm on the shorter side, and my husband is VERY tall. Our son no longer naps, but it lays pretty flat with a large hood, so he can lay comfortably when he wants to rest.

It doesn't sit straight up, but that's never been a problem for him. It folds with a few steps, but it's very simple. The basket at the bottom is quite large! We have had the wheels pop twice, and it was loud, and we were a bit stranded until we could get home. However, I think it was due to being OVER inflated and / or drastic temperature changes. Otherwise, we have no complaints. It's a bit bulky when folded, but all strollers of this type seem to be. We love that it stands on its own when folded.

  • Price point
  • Large wheels for bad terrain conditions
  • Lie-flat seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Very simple
  • Thin, "plastic-y" fabrics
  • Foam-covered handlebar
  • No decelaration brake
  • Plastics feel low quality
  • Bulky (but that's to be expected with a jogger)

For the price, good. Not much in terms of suspension, and the textiles are very much showing the price tag of the pushchair. I wouldn't really run with it, I'd miss a handbrake, but for our village terrain and our 2.5yo toddler, good enough.

Wheels could be better quality


I've got a puncture on or 2nd walk. Wheels could be better quality.


  • simple
  • practical
  • spacious
  • simple might be a negatove for some
  • leg rest is short

Simple, practical, spacious. We're satisfied.

  • large wheels will go over any terrain
  • steering - it is easy to push and sits well on the surface (stability)
  • ventilation peek-a-boo window on the canopy
  • even if not the smallest, the folded package fits a mid-size car boot
  • can be jogged with occasionally
  • PLASTICS (cheap)
  • brake doesn't work (often) and the plastic inside breaks or gets deformed with use
  • the pushchair scratches very easily
  • loose feeling of the joints (and it gets worse with time)
  • two-hands incline (strap system)

We used it as a budget three-wheeler for any road or terrain we encountered (and we tried it all, from the beach to forest trails). The folding is easy just not the smallest - but good overall. You do feel the price on the pushchair - the plastics scratch, the plastics around the brake break, and the pushchair gets a very loose feel over time. The price-performance value is good, but yes, you do feel the price VERY MUCH.

The price is simply unbeatable

  • value for money
  • long frame not suitable fr public transport or airports (when traveling with it, you need to remove the wheels to fit the scanner)

A very nice value for the price. Just too long for any public transport. For outside adventures, the price is simply unbeatable.

Happy with it

  • drives easy
  • goes over any bump or hole
  • well-made for that money
  • rain cover included
  • heavy to load in and out of the car
  • bulky
  • apron sold separately

Happy with the stroller.

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