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LeFox says:
"Wonderful for our tall toddler to take long walks over multiple terrains"
and gives the Hauck Runner 2

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  • lays mostly flat when reclined
  • good price point
  • large basket
  • easy to maneuver over any terrain (forest, cobblestones, up/ down stairs)
  • easy-ish to fold up
  • stays folded securely
  • very comfortable for a tall / older child (113cm / 19kg) with plenty room to grow!
  • comfortable for longer rides
  • comfortable for the person pushing / navigating
  • you need to be relatively strong when pushing an older child on extremely sloped areas so that it doesn't tip
  • inner tubes have popped twice in less than 1 year
  • bulky when folded (expected)
  • pretty heavy (expected)

This stroller has been wonderful for our tall toddler to take long walks over multiple terrains. The adjustable handlebar has also been wonderful since I'm on the shorter side, and my husband is VERY tall. Our son no longer naps, but it lays pretty flat with a large hood, so he can lay comfortably when he wants to rest.

It doesn't sit straight up, but that's never been a problem for him. It folds with a few steps, but it's very simple. The basket at the bottom is quite large! We have had the wheels pop twice, and it was loud, and we were a bit stranded until we could get home. However, I think it was due to being OVER inflated and / or drastic temperature changes. Otherwise, we have no complaints. It's a bit bulky when folded, but all strollers of this type seem to be. We love that it stands on its own when folded.

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