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  • Quality of materials and workmanship
  • Survives multiple generations, I'm going to put it away for the next baby
  • Seat part goes to full recline
  • More compact folding
  • The 2018 model has a larger shopping basket and suspension on all 4 wheels
  • Stroller weight 13,9
  • The frame is folded separately - it is necessary to unclip the seat and fold the chassis
  • It's sturdier and more durable - for moms who are going to walk on rougher terrain. I bought a lightweight second stroller for quick transfers around town

The 2018 model has a larger storage basket, suspension on all 4 wheels. More compact folding compared to other Hartans. Seat goes inup tolying down, together with an insert cot - bag it's a practical solution for moms without a lift.



Excellent stroller, reliable. Easy to control, handles even difficult terrain.



Excellent stroller, reliable. Easy to control, handles even difficult terrain.

Perfect. Suspension is great, and it can handle everything.

Absolutely no reservations


Absolutely no reservations. 100 % functionality and quality.

  • it is compatible with the Cybex carseat, which is an advantage, because you can adjust it even to a lying position when your baby falls asleep in the carseat
  • LED light on the bassinet is a great advantage in winter, thanks to it we were visible to cars and people
  • leather, easily cleanable surface
  • adjustable handle for shorter and taller people
  • suitable for any elevator
  • expensive, but high quality

The pram was great. The wheels were very good - they still look like new. The advantage was the leather, and also that the handle could be moved with both sides. So it was also suitable for a taller person, but even a little girl could push it.

The LED lights on the bassinet were a great advantage in winter - we were visible to cars. The only stroller in the village that lit up :-)

Very heavy and impractical

  • Handbrake
  • Heavy
  • Bad manipulation

We had it for a short time and we passed it on right away. It is very heavy and impractical.

I loved this pram

  • easy to steer
  • good folding system
  • superb quality
  • none for me

I loved this pram. I had the Bellybutton edition - blue & white combination that I sold with a heavy heart after a year and a half of everyday use.

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