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janiex32 says:
"A practical solution for moms without a lift"
and gives the Hartan VIP XL

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  • Quality of materials and workmanship
  • Survives multiple generations, I'm going to put it away for the next baby
  • Seat part goes to full recline
  • More compact folding
  • The 2018 model has a larger shopping basket and suspension on all 4 wheels
  • Stroller weight 13,9
  • The frame is folded separately - it is necessary to unclip the seat and fold the chassis
  • It's sturdier and more durable - for moms who are going to walk on rougher terrain. I bought a lightweight second stroller for quick transfers around town

The 2018 model has a larger storage basket, suspension on all 4 wheels. More compact folding compared to other Hartans. Seat goes inup tolying down, together with an insert cot - bag it's a practical solution for moms without a lift.

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