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Practical stroller for all surfaces

  • Lightweight (very)
  • One-handed steering
  • Spacious
  • Almost horizontal sleeping position
  • Colour fastness
  • Easy to fold and doesn't take up much space
  • F-Series seat unit can be attached with or without adapters
  • The canopy doesn't hold, the wind blows and it is folded
  • Worse access to the basket

Practical stroller for all surfaces, foldable, variable. It certainly has more pluses than minuses. Except for the canopy, that's a problem.

  • well sprung wheels both front and rear
  • goes over any terrain
  • spacious even for bigger children
  • good access to the basket
  • complicated folding
  • footrest soft in the middle (like on a buggy)
  • short canopy (even when extended)
  • thin canopy material
  • short seat area

The biggest advantage of the stroller is the chassis. It is absolutely great. But the rest, unfortunately, did not impress very much. Too bad.

A gentle ride

  • Simple
  • Sometimes I'm annoyed by its size, but more often than not it's actually a convenience

Elegance. A gentle ride. Comfort for baby.

  • the most cushioning stroller of this type
  • wheels foam and filled with air, so there is no risk of puncture
  • leather handle
  • positioning handle
  • removable footrest
  • well designed safety belts, their unfastening - it is quick to change the footmuff, for example
  • a thin fabric on the hood
  • short hood
  • seat positioned lower, so slightly worse access to the basket
  • fabric bumper bar - could be in a PU leather, as children quickly get it dirty

A great stroller, but it has a few shortcomings. The biggest is the hood - it is only a layer of fabric and although it can be extended, it is still short. You can buy a sun visor, but it's pretty impractical.

The rest is individual - what bothers some people, may not bother others; e.g. a lower seat and thus a little bit more difficult access to the shopping basket, a fabric bar that gets dirty and has to be washed (a leather one would just wipe clean), back positioning would probably be better with a lever than a strap... What I praise is the handle with PU leather with unlimited positioning possibilities, the suspension is absolutely perfect, and the wheels on which you don't get a puncture.

  • \Rocking\ suspension
  • Sturdy, stable frame
  • Quality wheels
  • Rotating pushbar
  • Adjustable belly bar
  • Terrain-capable
  • Quite compact
  • Multi-step two-hand folding
  • Basket access
  • Short, soft leg rest
  • No ventilation
  • Dark colors can fade

A really sturdy and well-sprung stroller. I have not yet encountered such a "rocking" spring suspension on a mid-size pushchair - it can easily compete with Polish 3In1 combinations.

The chassis is massive, sturdy, and durable with a perfect suspension, but it is not extremely heavy and it is relatively foldable. Folding is a multi-step process and requires both hands, but you can get used to it easily. The positioning of the handle is by tilting it up or downward, which suits me, the tilting control is a bit atypical to me, however. The wheels are made of a special material, they do not get stones inside and the comfort of the ride approaches inflatable wheels. The basket is medium-sized and is placed high enough (so that it does not rub on the ground when driving off-road), thus, it is a bit less accessible.

The seat unit is quite roomy, it can accommodate a 3-year-old child. I would see the problem in the footrest, which is very short and not sturdy enough (similar to an umbrella stroller), so it is possible that very soon the baby's legs will start to protrude - BUT when put down, the baby can comfortably place his feet on the footrest and use the seat without positioning the legrest. Personally, it didn't bother us, it even seemed better to me than the older Britaxes, whichof the leg rest didn't have positioning at all.

The seat upholstery is pleasantly soft. The positioning of the seatback is easy, the adjustment system is simple. The seat is not perfectly upright, but it never bothered my children, and a bonus is the adjustable belly bar.

The canopy is extendable – it could be a bit more, but it was enough for us, or it can be solved with a shade of some sort. However, I missed the possibility of ventilation in the summer.

This buggy was my favorite mainly because of the suspension and because it can easily cope with any terrain, but when folded it does not take up the whole trunk. I recommend it to an active-lifestyle mother – it will definitely be able to withstand more than one child 😊 The only thing that might show the age is the color on the upholstery (especially darker colors may fade over time).

This is how you design a stroller

  • Perfect chassis
  • Easy manipulation even with a heavier child
  • Comfortable ride
  • Suitable for tall parents
  • Easy getting it up a curb
  • Very good suspension
  • No rattling, no stones in the wheel foam
  • Passes through everything, even snow
  • Extendable hood
  • The quality of the fabrics (very thin) if not very high
  • Bad reclining system (strap)
  • Complicated folding (without the bumper bar in the front, it's fine)
  • Very thin canopy

Gesslein S4 Air + 2018 with leather handle. This is how you design a stroller - really nice, with very good suspension and all-terrain capability. And you can even buy an optional carrycot.

I minded the hood the most because the fabric was thin like that of a T-shirt, no double/weatherproof layer, or inside lining. I also disliked strap recline. The folding was a bit complicated, but you can get used to that. Even though not that lightweight (10kg), the handlebar was very well designed, and the overall manipulation was reasonably easy.

It certainly has more pros than cons

  • Lightweight (very)
  • One-hand push
  • Spacious
  • Almost a completely flat recline
  • The colors stay (no fading)
  • Easy and compact (space-saving) fold
  • You can click on the F series seat unit with or without the adapters
  • The canopy doesn't hold well - stronger wind can get it to fall down
  • Basket access (difficult)

It's a practical stroller for all kinds of terrain. Compact, versatile. It certainly has more pros than cons. Except for the canopy, it may cause problems.

  • High backrest
  • Spacious
  • The folding system is a bit complicated

Excellent for trips (even for those to a forest or any kind of nature) as well as for long walks thanks to those robust, no-maintenance wheels.

  • High-quality wheels
  • No apron

Those maintenance-free wheels are awesome. I can fit a two-year-old easily - there is enough space for a footmuff plus a blanket. Spacious shopping basket. The fold is not one-handed, but it's easy enough.

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