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  • Design
  • Handling
  • Inaccessible basket when the child is lying down

Easy to push. I'm very satisfied and the little one is too.

My second most favorite pushchair

  • Very lovely design
  • Easy to operate - push
  • Spacious
  • Easy to fold - unfold
  • For me a great stroller ideal for summer and holidays

My second most favorite pushchair.

A favorite stroller

  • Comfy pushing
  • Every spot is visible on the material

Satisfaction, a favorite stroller.

Highly recommended

  • Easy to store
  • It is practical
  • None

Top pram. Maximum satisfaction. Highly recommended. I am very satisfied with it. I will not use it for winter, but I am just fine in spring and summer.

  • design!
  • excellent materials, even to the touch
  • perfect handling!
  • paparazzi canopy
  • mesh window
  • wheels do not need to be blown
  • more difficult handling with folding and unfolding
  • not as compact for the car as it looks
  • the handle height cannot be adjusted
  • weak suspension
  • poor access to the shopping basket when folded

A beautiful, fashionable, stylish umbrella buggy that will catch the eye of mums on the course, grannies on the street and little ladies who would like one just like it when they are mums themselves one day. It's a stroller suitable for the city and shopping malls, as I already see a problem on the bumpy sidewalks in our cities. It's not cushioned enough, but at least I think the baby will fall asleep faster. Then you can recline the back to full recline, unzip the paparazzi canopy and watch him through the mesh window.

What I'm quite worried about is that the handles will crack over time, and that the wheels get work out and look ruined. On the other hand, I appreciate that they're not inflatable and as a matter of principle I only choose those. A huge plus is the maneuverability. It steers with complete ease, I guess the center of gravity is set correctly, because the stroller itself is not that light. When folded you can slide it under the bed and behind the wardrobe, but it is folded to height, so measure the car well.

For me, it's a dream stroller that lived up to my expectations, so I'll give it a high rating. However, I would lower the price tag to match its capabilities.

  • Lightweight
  • Steerable with one hand
  • Quite stable for a buggy
  • Large canopy
  • Foldable + travel bag
  • Very spacious
  • When in the reclined position, one does not get to the basket
  • Otherwise nothing 😊

I expected a lot from this stroller and it met all my expectations. Since we fly a lot, I was looking for something high quality that wouldn't fall apart after a few folds/unfolds.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Easy to operate
  • Stylish :-)
  • I have no reservations

The stroller is very light, foldable, easy to handle. At the same time, it is solid, spacious and comfortable enough for the baby. It is also very stylish and beautiful :-) Everywhere we went, it attracted attention ;-) We got it in Golden Grey.

It can handle any terrain

  • design-wise beautiful
  • sturdy chassis
  • suitable for taller people

I was convinced it was going to be a crappy buggy like the other buggies of this type... the opposite was true. It can handle any terrain, it is large and sturdy. Of course, that makes it heavier, but it's manageable.

It can handle normal everyday use

  • Large hood
  • Doubled wheels
  • No handle bar adjustment
  • Tilts backwards when there's a bag hung on the handles

The pushchair is very nice. It can handle normal everyday use.

I do not regret the purchase

  • Lightweight, easy to fold
  • A selection of beautiful colours and motifs
  • Can be taken apart and washed
  • Option to buy accessories in the same colourway
  • Higher price

Satisfied, I do not regret the purchase. Possibility to buy different accessories in the same motif.

  • Easy folding as well as overall manipulation
  • Takes up little space in our car boot
  • Lie-flat option
  • Mega large hood with a peekaboo window
  • Beautiful look and matching ED accessories available
  • Very hard to access the basket when the seatback is reclined

With our Stokke Trailz (which will always be the best pram I had 🙏🏼) we needed something smaller, more compact - a travel buggy. I picked this Elodie Details. I have to say I liked its look at first. But immediately my daughter fell in love with it - and I as well :)

It's truly super lightweight and easy to steer. The sunhood is super large so the child is completely covered during naps. I also appreciated the peekaboo window. The only downside are the wheels that rattle a bit on uneven surfaces - but I counted on that, the pushchair being what it is, and so I take the other pram when going off-road.

  • design
  • ease of manipulation
  • comfort
  • compactness
  • low weight
  • no way to get into the basket when reclined
  • not very stable

We bought this buggy as a more compact alternative to our full-size stroller. Since it folds umbrella-style, it takes up less space - not into a large cube. I am happy with it.

The manipulation is very easy, even though it's two-handed. It's more difficult with only one hand since there are two separate handlebars. The handles are quite tall - high up, and they don't adjust. I am short (160 cm) - still, I can manage driving it without problems.

The wheels are medium-sized (for an umbrella stroller), and they do get some stones inside the foam, even though they feel more like rubber. They push well.

An excellent canopy protects from the sun. No need for any extra sun shades.

Small disadvantages:
1. When the child is napping, you can't get to the storage space (this is normal with umbrella strollers)
2. It's a bit unstable - mainly when you hang something on the handlebars, it feels like it will flip backward.

The price is higher, but the design is beautiful. It's different than other sporty umbrella strollers. We are very happy to have it. I am not even sorry for the higher price, compared to other strollers in the category.

A very nice umbrella stroller :-) It surprised me by being able to go even through uneven terrain.

  • Lightweight
  • Leatherette handlebars
  • Extendable hood
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to push
  • Narrow

It's a lightweight, compact buggy, but it pushes well even on pavements in bad shape. I found only one downside, and that would be that it's narrow, in my opinion.

Simply fantastic!

  • Easy to manipulate
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Difficult to push with one hand

This umbrella stroller is simply fantastic!

This umbrella buggy suits me 100%


Except for the fact that it's not the smallest one after folding (it is quite long), I have no complaints. This umbrella buggy suits me 100%. Oh, one more thing - when it's reclined, you cannot reach in the basket - someone could mind this.

  • Design
  • Price
  • Driveability
  • None

A perfect umbrella stroller. Lightweight, practical, and fashionable.

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