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alex says:
"A dream stroller that lived up to my expectationsm but I would lower the price tag to match its capabilities"
and gives the Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller 3.0

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  • design!
  • excellent materials, even to the touch
  • perfect handling!
  • paparazzi canopy
  • mesh window
  • wheels do not need to be blown
  • more difficult handling with folding and unfolding
  • not as compact for the car as it looks
  • the handle height cannot be adjusted
  • weak suspension
  • poor access to the shopping basket when folded

A beautiful, fashionable, stylish umbrella buggy that will catch the eye of mums on the course, grannies on the street and little ladies who would like one just like it when they are mums themselves one day. It's a stroller suitable for the city and shopping malls, as I already see a problem on the bumpy sidewalks in our cities. It's not cushioned enough, but at least I think the baby will fall asleep faster. Then you can recline the back to full recline, unzip the paparazzi canopy and watch him through the mesh window.

What I'm quite worried about is that the handles will crack over time, and that the wheels get work out and look ruined. On the other hand, I appreciate that they're not inflatable and as a matter of principle I only choose those. A huge plus is the maneuverability. It steers with complete ease, I guess the center of gravity is set correctly, because the stroller itself is not that light. When folded you can slide it under the bed and behind the wardrobe, but it is folded to height, so measure the car well.

For me, it's a dream stroller that lived up to my expectations, so I'll give it a high rating. However, I would lower the price tag to match its capabilities.

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