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  • Front swivel wheels with locking
  • Suspension
  • Large basket
  • Off-road and urban as well
  • Easy folding
  • Easy to fit car seats
  • Easy fitting of bassinets
  • Covers can be removed and washed
  • Fabric does not fade
  • Stable stroller
  • Back positioning is with zipper
  • Could have a longer canopy on the seat

I was very satisfied with this double pram. I used it for two years - then the kids were walking. The children were in the bassinet up to 9 months (they were born in winter). I comfortably folded it into a smaller car. It has gone over everything from cobblestones through fields to forest trails.

It fits conventional doors, so I didn't have a problem with the elevator or the doctor's door. I just struggled with the back positioning at first. It's zippered, so it takes a little practice to stick your hand through the middle of the seats. The material was easy to maintain and didn't leak sunlight (I had the premium fabrics at extra cost).

I could use it everywhere

  • light
  • easy to fold
  • in terrain, it's number one
  • the positioning of the seat is just crazy

A great stroller for the city and off-road. Lightweight, easy to handle and solid construction. I could use it everywhere.

  • Strapped kids in a stroller - they're not going anywhere :)
  • Great all-terrain wheels
  • It's lighter than the others, but it's still heavy
  • Not so easy to fold in the car - it has big wheels that like to get stuck when folding

I wanted a stroller where I could strap the older one and go shopping or to the doctor's with both. For trips I prefer to take an ergo carrier, a backpack on my back and the older one by the hand. The problem is when his legs hurt and he wants to sit up.

  • Perfect for terrain conditions
  • Fits any doorway
  • Easy to push even with one hand only
  • A child can get in by itself thanks to the footrest in the front
  • Horrible basket access with the seats on; it is better with carrycots
  • No way to adjust the seatback without waking the little one up
  • No leg rest adjustment
  • Bulky
  • Heavy

It is quite expensive, but it will last even more "sets" of twins. The frame is sturdy, metal, which only's downside is the size and weight that you'll feel when traveling with it. For usual walks around town, I would probably go for a lighter, "plastic" stroller.

The hoods are rather short when the children are napping and are in the full reclined position - not protected enough... But you can always ask a tailor to make you a sun shade tailor-made for your pram. Also, the rain cover for the pushchair mode is quite bulky, too.

Best suitable for older toddlers


A very sturdy, all-terrain side-by-side for any road. Best suitable for older toddlers - we missed seeing our twins when they were little (and the sun shone on them more at that time - high-positioned canopies). A bit expensive double, but quality-wise well worth the money.

Ideal in newborn/toddler combination

  • It's lightweight
  • 80cm wide
  • Large wheels that go through everything
  • We have an older type - the canopies are absolutely useless as they are short

Ideal in newborn/toddler combination.

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