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hafika says:
"I wasn't shappy with the seats"
and gives the Easywalker Duo Plus

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I wasn't shappy with the seats

  • Lightweight (among other double strollers)
  • Compact enough
  • Excellent handling
  • Goes everywhere
  • It has no leg support
  • Small canopies, sun shines on smaller children
  • Folds up so that the place where children sit is placed in the trunk of the car and risks getting dirty
  • The bassinets have no ventilation, which only matters in the hottest weather

It's light, easy to handle, goes everywhere. With the deep bassinets, the only thing I missed was ventilation in the hottest heat.

I wasn't so happy with the seats though. The kids lacked foot support and the canopies were too small, so the kids' eyes were always in the sun (we had the roads around our place so bad that half of them were always against the direct sun). The various shades we got either weren't enough, didn't hold, or the kids couldn't see the outside with them. I could only have them in the seats after a year, until then they were always screaming in there.

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