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The bassinet is the best here

  • Large spacious bassinet
  • Cool materials
  • Alright basket under the stroller
  • Inflatables, suspension
  • Heavy chassis
  • Seat is not that great

Satisfaction, but I wouldn't want a 3 in 1 set anymore, I prefer everything bought separately. The bassinet is the best here.

You can turn with one finger

  • it was great to drive
  • good off-road too
  • it is sturdy, we will definitely use it for the second child
  • good price
  • a lot of accessories included in the price
  • large shopping basket
  • 2x we had to glue the wheels - the bigger ones
  • the smaller two wheels have to be bought new in case of a puncture, cannot be repaired
  • it is heavier
  • access to the basket under the stroller is worse in the seat setup

Great chassis, you can turn with one finger. Soft, rocking just right. Very spacious deep bassinet. We used the seat version for a short time, I got tired of the look in the year and a half.

  • spacious bassinet that lasted the full 12 months
  • handles terrain well, excellent suspension
  • one-handed operation (maybe even with a fingertip), compliant
  • large basket
  • adjustable handle height
  • both the bassinet and the seat are easy to put on and take off, both can face in the forward and reverse direction
  • easy maintenance
  • quiet, no rattling
  • great value for money
  • many accessories
  • is one of the heavier ones, some people may not like it
  • the inflatable wheels supplied with the stroller came off very quickly, we had to buy different tyres for the rear wheels
  • inflatable wheels also mean a risk of punctures
  • the front wheels are harder to handle if a puncture needs to be dealt with
  • the basket is somewhat difficult to access when the seat is in the parent-facing direction
  • the canopy of the seat has a rather awkward adjustment (it has to be constantly tightened and loosened as it tended to loosen after a while)

Simply put - this stroller is a tractor that may look rough and cumbersome to a lot of people, but it can handle any terrain with ease and grace. :-) I definitely don't regret buying it. It pushed just as well around town as it did in the park or woods. The child has plenty of space, even in the footmuff. The bassinet is perfect. The seat body has a few downsides that are a little disappointing, but not so major that I would detract from the overall rating because of them.

A reproach belongs to the manufacturer for the poor quality of the tires, which went "down to the bone" after about a quarter of a year. We replaced the tires and there were no further problems. The occasional flat is a risk that comes with inflatable wheels. What's great is the spacious and easily accessible basket that can carry almost anything. I also went shopping with the stroller - it could carry a 10kg bag of granola for our dog, even though according to the manufacturer's specifications it is designed for a much smaller load.

Nice to look at, but too heavy

  • Large carrycot
  • Adjustable carrycot
  • Stable
  • Handled the terrain well
  • Large basket
  • The cot is leaning forward quite a lot
  • Very heavy
  • We used the seat part max 2 times, I sold some parts still packed
  • The rubber on the wheel broke

Nice to look at, but too heavy. Carrycot setup used enough, seat unit not at all. The baby was born in May and I wanted him to be in it all winter, so I was looking for a stroller with a good carrycot and it fulfilled it.

I wouldn't buy it again - I sold it and now I've bought a lighter stroller for my next pregnancy.

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