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kristiin says:
"You can turn with one finger"
and gives the Dorjan Prestige 2 Butterfly

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You can turn with one finger

  • it was great to drive
  • good off-road too
  • it is sturdy, we will definitely use it for the second child
  • good price
  • a lot of accessories included in the price
  • large shopping basket
  • 2x we had to glue the wheels - the bigger ones
  • the smaller two wheels have to be bought new in case of a puncture, cannot be repaired
  • it is heavier
  • access to the basket under the stroller is worse in the seat setup

Great chassis, you can turn with one finger. Soft, rocking just right. Very spacious deep bassinet. We used the seat version for a short time, I got tired of the look in the year and a half.

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