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  • the lux carrycot is spacious and extremely comfortable
  • the electric function is fantastic for going uphill
  • the footmuff for winter is beautiful; everyone comments on how cosy my son looks sitting in his pram
  • the seat reclines fully so that your baby can lie flat, which means long restful naps
  • the automatic rocking function means that you can keep the pram moving slightly when you stop walking and this can help to keep your baby napping
  • the sun shade doesn't block sun when the seat is fully reclined which means you have to purchase an additional sun shade to use in the summer
  • it's quite bulky and heavy and takes up space in the boot of your car

I had to write a review as all the other reviews of this pram are negative, but I really love this pram.

Initially, I had some trouble with the battery, I really wanted it to work as I live in a very hilly area and often go on long walks uphill, so I contacted Cybex, who immediately sent me a replacement battery and talked me through how to use the electric function. Since then, I've used it daily. I've also used the rocking function to ensure my baby stays asleep when napping which was useful when he was smaller.

When my son was a newborn the lux carrycot was a dream, it was so so comfortable, much more comfortable than our cot and he fell fast asleep every time we went out. It's also the longest bassinet of any other pram I looked at so it lasted our baby a long time and I was so sad when I had to stop using it.

The seat unit is great as it reclines fully and my son loves to nap lying flat on his side, which he can do in this pram.

I will say the only downside for me is that even though it has a big canopy, it doesn't come down fully when the seat is reclined, so in the summer, I found that he was often disturbed by the sun in his eyes, I've since bought a universal sun shade online but think this is a flaw in the design.

  • Poor communication with retailer despite several calls, emails
  • Very expensive
  • Electronic module failed
  • Poor quality

I bought my e priam, paid an absolute fortune for it, and the electronic function stopped working after about a month. I have been chasing the retailer (Harrods) for several months and sent several videos, photos, found a number of faults, really disappointed. We’ve stopped using this pram as we feel it must be unsafe due to all the issues we’ve had. Do not purchase the Cybex e priam, a complete waste of money!!

So So SO nice on hills

  • Super lux and the assistance is so helpful!
  • Price if you don't NEED the e-assistance

So So SO nice on hills!

  • Beautiful
  • Heavy


It was happening to me too...

"I purchased the e priam and the electric part isn’t working, it’s brand new and it was the first time using it. You cannot rock the baby and the electric part doesn’t work. Very disappointed and paid a premium for this pram which doesn’t work at all!"

How did you solved this issue?


  • The Priam is still a great stroller
  • Battery flashes red

Brand new e-Priam, never worked. It is dramatically harder to roll the stroller uphill. I definitely wish I got the regular Priam. I think it is a common problem because they provided a video to "recalibrate" the battery but the issue is still there.

  • I do love the electrical help on going up hills.
  • Love that I can change the front wheels for tougher terrain or the ski front legs. I love this stroller in the winter.
  • The fleece cover truly keeps the baby warm.
  • I like that there’s many accessory options.
  • I’ve even shipped some over from E.U. to the U.S. I love the aesthetics, the design, the rose gold adds such a nice touch. I’ve gotten compliments on it.
  • I love how I can use it as a high chair and with the pandemic, I felt/feel so much more comfortable with my baby eating from the comfort of her stroller/highchair rather than the high chairs at restaurants, often they are not sanitary.
  • I also like how it has a mesh peekaboo window when the canopy is down.
  • I also love the extendible canopy. More than average I’d say. Definitely take lots of use of it for when baby naps. I’m currently struggling finding a traveling stroller with a more than average extendible canopy.
  • I do like the multiple recline positions and how I can switch the seat facing forward or away.
  • I do like how everything is removable to throw in the wash.
  • Almost feels flimsy/squeaking over time. Started squeaking when the baby was less than 6M.
  • The cup holder is not at arm's reach and drops my bottle every so often during my strolls. Perhaps the weight a liquid bottle makes it twists and eventually the bottle falls.
  • The brake is quite hard and loud so when the baby is napping sometimes I rather not put on the brake and run the risk of the baby waking up.
  • During summer time, I would’ve liked some sort of ventilation. My baby sweats very easily and often cried not wanting to be in a stroller due to the heat. I did buy a mini fan and attached it to the stroller to take along during our summer strolls.
  • It was a little of a tough ride at the beginning when she was under 6M. I did put a baby pillow in the cot to help have a smoother ride. The battery often starts blinking red and I have to turn it on and off wait a few seconds and then it works. Sometimes, even if I do this multiple times, it will not work.
  • To the fact that it’s heavy to pick up and load it I think it would be easier to have an easier way to hold it together for easier lifting. I catch myself looking for the stretchy part to hold over the brake area that I just give up and load it without tying it together.

I’ve had the e-Priam for about 1.5y now. It’s quite heavy to pick up and put in your trunk all the time. I’m currently searching for a light traveling stroller. I’ve invested a lot in this stroller and buying multiple accessories for it. I can’t say I completely hate it but do think, for the amount of money it's worth, it could improve in some areas.

Sometimes, when I am turning on the e Priam function, a red light is blinking and the electric part is not working properly. Then, if I am turning off and on several times it works.

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