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Vanessa says:
"I can’t say I hate it but do think, for the amount of money it's worth, it could improve in some areas"
and gives the Cybex e-Priam

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  • I do love the electrical help on going up hills.
  • Love that I can change the front wheels for tougher terrain or the ski front legs. I love this stroller in the winter.
  • The fleece cover truly keeps the baby warm.
  • I like that there’s many accessory options.
  • I’ve even shipped some over from E.U. to the U.S. I love the aesthetics, the design, the rose gold adds such a nice touch. I’ve gotten compliments on it.
  • I love how I can use it as a high chair and with the pandemic, I felt/feel so much more comfortable with my baby eating from the comfort of her stroller/highchair rather than the high chairs at restaurants, often they are not sanitary.
  • I also like how it has a mesh peekaboo window when the canopy is down.
  • I also love the extendible canopy. More than average I’d say. Definitely take lots of use of it for when baby naps. I’m currently struggling finding a traveling stroller with a more than average extendible canopy.
  • I do like the multiple recline positions and how I can switch the seat facing forward or away.
  • I do like how everything is removable to throw in the wash.
  • Almost feels flimsy/squeaking over time. Started squeaking when the baby was less than 6M.
  • The cup holder is not at arm's reach and drops my bottle every so often during my strolls. Perhaps the weight a liquid bottle makes it twists and eventually the bottle falls.
  • The brake is quite hard and loud so when the baby is napping sometimes I rather not put on the brake and run the risk of the baby waking up.
  • During summer time, I would’ve liked some sort of ventilation. My baby sweats very easily and often cried not wanting to be in a stroller due to the heat. I did buy a mini fan and attached it to the stroller to take along during our summer strolls.
  • It was a little of a tough ride at the beginning when she was under 6M. I did put a baby pillow in the cot to help have a smoother ride. The battery often starts blinking red and I have to turn it on and off wait a few seconds and then it works. Sometimes, even if I do this multiple times, it will not work.
  • To the fact that it’s heavy to pick up and load it I think it would be easier to have an easier way to hold it together for easier lifting. I catch myself looking for the stretchy part to hold over the brake area that I just give up and load it without tying it together.

I’ve had the e-Priam for about 1.5y now. It’s quite heavy to pick up and put in your trunk all the time. I’m currently searching for a light traveling stroller. I’ve invested a lot in this stroller and buying multiple accessories for it. I can’t say I completely hate it but do think, for the amount of money it's worth, it could improve in some areas.

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