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For summer in the city I would say ideal

  • Reclining positioning
  • Extendable canopy
  • Large basket
  • Wheel locking
  • Lightweight
  • Suspended
  • Option for both counter and forward direction of travel facing
  • Foldable
  • Option to buy upgrades
  • Nice
  • Handle
  • Foam wheels
  • Weak canopy

Compared to the former Neonato stroller, the Balios is much more practical. It has a large basket, full recline, a great extendable canopy. For summer in the city I would say ideal, we will see in winter. The canopy is quite thin. I definitely wouldn't go for somewhere off-road... unfortunately foam wheels are not the same as inflatable wheels, but what can you do. It's nicely cushioned and I definitely commend the nice, simple look as well.

I'm hoping it lasts us a long time, and I'll just buy a bassinet later for a possible second little one. Better than the Neonato for me, and I don't see any faults yet... maybe the handle (it's unnecessarily far away and moves). Like I said - we'll see in the winter.

It was felt that it was a lower class stroller

  • Handle with joint
  • Suspension
  • Weight - the stroller was not heavy
  • Extended canopy
  • Small seat
  • For me insufficient comfort for the child
  • The mattress pad, the footmuff - everything slid down in it

It was felt that it was a lower class stroller. The chassis was great - lightweight, great suspension - pretty smart I thought. The seat was quite small and narrow, not very padded. I don't think it was very comfortable for the baby - my son didn't want to sit in it. In the winter, the footmuff was slipping around in there, it didn't hold nicely.

Superb suspension, easy to turn

  • Suspension
  • Folding
  • Backrest positioning - baby lies flat
  • Superb canopy
  • A little harder to fold
  • Black colour - everything is visible on it. So far we have it for a while only - let's see how it will be with the material, if it will fade
  • There is nothing to hold the window on the canopy

For me, out of three strollers in 9 months in my price range, this is probably the best. Superb suspension, easy to turn. Wheels are fine. A little harder to fold, but once you get the hang of it, it can be done. It also folds in one piece.


  • Light
  • Great
  • The folding is not as smooth

Superb stroller, incomparable to the Balios M.

  • Great suspension with a smooth stable ride
  • Very decent sized storage basket
  • Good canopy
  • Good quality feel especially with leather handle bars (easier to clean)
  • Feels sturdy
  • Easy buckling up mechanism
  • Seat cover is easy to remove and wash
  • Stands up when folded
  • Very fiddly to adjust shoulder straps
  • Leaf matter and mud get caught in wheels (but doesn't affect the roll)

A lovely stroller that transitions well from newborn in the bassinet to toddler. It is excellent on London pavements and parks and has a great suspension for a smooth ride with a generous sized basket.

  • light
  • compact
  • cushioned
  • excellent manoeuvrability
  • the fabric is thin and doesn't shade so well
  • you need to get a grip to fold it right

Super happy with this. I was looking for a light, nimble, agile and cushioned stroller. Everything got fulfilled. It is necessary to grease the wheels - then it goes wonderfully easy, even if I need to turn in small spaces.

Right at the beginning we were surprised by the canopy, which tore a little when we scraped it against the wall in the place where it is stretched on the structure. And it was only gently rubbed against the wall. So be careful with any rubbing and it should be fine.

The frame is weak

  • extended canopy
  • suspension
  • large basket
  • the frame is not strong enough
  • the wheels are rubberized foam - they get pebbles stuck in

The frame of the pram is weak, but I rate very well the extended canopy. The handle is also unstable - it has a big slack (that sliding up and down) and therefore everything rattles. Even on rough terrain the stroller rattled... The wheels are rubberized foam wheels, so the pebbles get stuck in them, but that's probably the case with most strollers.

A great stroller with at a good price


A great stroller with a Cot S bassinet at a good price. And it fits a Kiddy Evoluna I-size egg with adapters - which is a superb car seat with lying position option. I don't use the stroller yet, but it fits pretty well in the trunk, which isn't big.

Durable fabrics and quality frame


Bassinet long 78 - 80 cm - one of the longest. It is insulated and has a detachable washable interior. Easy folding and unfolding of the pram. All 4 wheels have suspension. Spacious shopping basket - load capacity up to 5kg. Nicely adjustable handle for tall people. Durable fabrics and quality frame. One of the lighter strollers if you need to carry up stairs. The seat has a perfect hood.

The downside is the narrow ness of the bassinet and the fact that the rain cover fits only on the seat.

I recommend buying a Cybex footmuff - very warm, and a Cybex changing bag - it is very practical, even with a pad included.

A reliable stroller

  • Sturdy
  • Canopy is long
  • Basket is ok
  • Spacious (tall baby)
  • Seat can be changed positions
  • Wheels are good
  • Seat fabric is machine washable and keeps the colour
  • Heavy
  • Folding is not compact
  • Wheels take all the leaves and get stuck
  • Tall baby could need more space
  • Rain cover could be better
  • Not compatible with any car seat that is not Cybex

Sturdy but heavy and difficult to fold.

It's a reliable stroller. I have used it for almost two years now and I have very few complaints.

If you live in a flat and don't have a lift or space where to leave it downstairs, I don't recommend it for you.
The cover is machine washable, retains the colour, it is spacious and smooth when pushing it.

If you use public transport, it might be difficult to have enough space for another stroller.

The basket is big enough and the canopy covers a lot from the sun. If it rains, the cover is ok, however with wind it struggles to stay put.

I believe there are better strollers for the price I paid (it is a bit pricey) but it is overall a good stroller

  • Weight
  • One-hand driving
  • Seat faces both reverse and forward direction
  • Fits a Bugaboo Donkey2 canopy
  • Squeaks
  • The wheels are rattling
  • The canopy is this
  • Foam covered handle
  • Folding
  • Takes up a lot of space in the car

I bought the Balios S after the Joolz Geo. On the first ride, my little one almost flew out of the stroller because it feels much lighter than the Geo. The one-handed manoeuvrability is great.

My little one is 10 months old and she is absolutely fine in it. In the winter we were with the Elodie Details footmuff and it was also great.

I was expecting more from the folding, but I finally figured out how to fold it. It takes up a lot of space, though, in my opinion.

We've had it five months, a friend reinforced the front rattly wheels with a rubber band seal and they don't rattle anymore.

It squeaks a lot, so I carry lube spray with me and then it's ok. But despite all the shortcomings, I'd still say it's great because it really rides by itself. 😉


  • Pretty looking
  • Price is affordable
  • Weak canopy
  • Front wheels rattle
  • Not too sturdy

A weak stroller - it didn't ride well, the front wheels were rattling. The canopy was thin and very bendy.

  • Lightweight
  • Nice design
  • Availability of accessories
  • Easy handling
  • Large basket
  • Short canopy on the bassinet (on the seat, it is great)
  • Front foam wheels
  • Narrow bassinet

I am rating the stroller after about nine months of use. I bought it when I was pregnant and tried the pushchair version first, with my older daughter. The seat is overall a kind of middle ground. Like a classic system - nothing great. Up to 2 years old, approximately, the baby should definitely fit. In summer though, I can't imagine it in the winter. Later we bought a bassinet and a car seat for the baby who came into the world in the winter.

To my surprise, the stroller doesn't have any big problem to cross a harder terrain. The wheels don't rattle, as I've read a lot, they're just foam in the front - so wear shows a bit on them. This is to be expected. The bassinet is quite long, but narrow. The canopy is quite short - that visor is a bit unnecessary. Overall, though, it's a lightweight stroller.

Need to figure out the right feel for how to fold it. The first attempts were pretty nerve wracking :)

  • Steering
  • Long canopy
  • Looks are nice
  • Price
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Folding
  • Positioning
  • Rattling

A good stroller at a good price. It has more advantages than disadvantages, so I am satisfied.

  • Simple design
  • Reasonable price
  • Storage of the overall and individual parts - both the cot and the seat can be folded and do not take up space while you use the other part
  • One-hand folding
  • Easy to manoeuvre (even single-handed)
  • Long hood
  • Safe car seat as a part of the set
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Suspension
  • Long carry cot
  • Thin hood - but it doesn't blow in, so it doesn't bother me that much
  • The front wheels rattled when crossing rough terrain - we glued a rubber band between them and the frame and the problem is solved
  • The drinks holder is attached from the outside and has to be taken down when folding
  • Without accessories included
  • Harder to drive in deep snow - probably like most strollers

I was looking for a simple, light, and compact stroller, ideally a three-in-one travel system. The Balios S was love at first sight - it fulfills everything I need. I think there's really nothing to fault in the price range.

Very satisfied

  • reversible to face both the world and the parent
  • can be placed in a lie flat position
  • easy handling
  • lightweight
  • nice design
  • also suitable for more difficult terrain
  • large canopy
  • large basket
  • higher price

I am very satisfied with the pushchair.

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Small for larger toddlers
  • Squeaks a little over time
  • Flipped over with a heavier bag and baby inside

Quite a lightweight pushchair. For larger children a bit too small. With a heavier bag, it tipped over with our little one.

I didn't find it very comfortable

  • Reversible seat facing both forward and backward
  • Easy changing of backrest positions
  • Extendable canopy
  • Large shopping basket
  • Washable all parts
  • Rattling handle right out of the box
  • Not nimble at all

The stroller is fine to look at. It also has some good features like an extendable canopy, easy changing of positions and easy turning of the seat.

But I didn't find it very comfortable - the handle rattles a lot, it's not sturdy. It is difficult to react to changes in direction, and even more difficult to operate with one hand. The canopy is very unstable, when the wind blows harder, it bends it to the sides.

In its description, it stands after folding. However, this is not very true, because if the front wheels curl a little, the stroller falls.

  • reversible seat
  • lever-operated back seatback positioning
  • large rear foam-filled rubber wheels
  • large canopy
  • large basket that can carry more than 5 kg
  • adjustable handle height
  • easy to fold and operate
  • looks good
  • narrow seat
  • higher weight
  • not as sturdy frame - at the beginning had to get used to it
  • thin canopy material

So far we've gone everywhere with it - regular broken sidewalks, high curbs, grass, even a gravel road. My daughter is a year and a half old - she slides out of her seat when she's not buckled in, and it's less roomy for sleeping - but she doesn't complain and likes to ride in it. The suspension is weaker than on the robust 3 in 1 prams, but we've got used to it. Easy folding is possible in both directions, when folded, it fits in a smaller car. I'm quite happy with the stroller 😊

Too much of a rattle for me

  • Easy steering
  • Large basket
  • XXL hood
  • Not stable
  • Low seat position
  • Narrow seat

I was expecting more from this brand. Too much of a rattle for me.

The perfect stroller, which I find only one downside - a too shallow seat. Without the seat harness, I would be afraid that my baby would fall out from under the bumper bar - and sometimes I feel that he is almost hanging there by the belt between my legs. But otherwise it's perfect - very roomy and perfectly accessible basket, easy to fold, seat reverses even if baby is sitting on it (I click it off it in, take it out and turn it around). With the locked wheels, it's perfect for skating, decent suspension, big canopy. And most of all, I really like it :)

The little one looks happy in it

  • One-handed operation
  • Large basket
  • Also foldable with one hand
  • Positionable
  • None

I am very satisfied with the stroller, even surprised. The little one looks happy too, as in the other stroller we had a problem to fall asleep... for me I can recommend 100 % 🥰

  • beautiful colour
  • off-road wheels
  • all-wheel suspension
  • large shopping basket
  • XXL canopy
  • easy one-hand folding
  • foam wheels
  • takes up little space when folded
  • the seat could be a little wider

After the Cybex Priam, I wanted something more compact, smaller and lighter. When I saw the new Cybex Balios S Lux 2020, my mind was made up.

The Magnolia Pink colour scheme was the winner for us. The colour is really stunning in person. I tried the stroller on different terrains (asphalt road, bumpy road, pebbles, grass, dirt/forest road) and it handled all of them without a problem. The suspension on all 4 wheels is really great. The shopping basket is large and roomy. The seat is adequate, but if it was a bit wider it wouldn't hurt. I'll see how my daughter fits in there with her fluffy footmuff in the winter.

For me, this is another great stroller from Cybex. I knew it wouldn't let me down - having had a Cybex before. Complete satisfaction ❤️

The price corresponds to the quality

  • Extra long canopy
  • Colour stability
  • Manoeuvring
  • Center of gravity
  • Thin canopy
  • Material of the front wheels
  • Weaker suspension

The price corresponds to the quality. Basically, I was satisfied with Balios because it fulfilled what I expected it to (no, I didn't have high expectations) - and also pleasantly surprised me. It was roomy enough for even a 2 yr old child (of normal height). It was very easy to manoeuvre with one hand. The only minus was the thin roof, but on the other hand it was long enough so that even sleeping in the cold and wind was perfectly acceptable.

The front wheels, or rather the material from which they were made, were a bit of a hindrance for me. They got stones stuck in them very quickly. Suspension was a bit weak, but for city (broken) sidewalks it was quite sufficient. It also went through snow, although the wheels needed to be re-greased.

I also rate the colour fastness positively, after 2 summers the stroller looked very good. It also coped with frequent washing, the canopy was slightly greyed, but it was visible totally minimally (black color).

The weight of the stroller could definitely be lower, but when pushing or lifting it up a curb it was not felt at all. So I also rate the stroller's center of gravity positively, especially if the seat was in the direction of travel.

  • Ultra-lightweight!
  • Perfect design
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Perfectly fits into the car boot and saves a lot of space there
  • Excellent chassis, can also be used in a (not too) rough terrain
  • Very comfortable for the kid
  • Great value for money
  • Too small front wheels - may get stuck even in a smaller hole
  • Shopping basket got damaged after 1 year of use

Probably the best stroller we've ever had. Been using it for about 3 years and with almost no troubles. Great buy.

  • Compact
  • Easy to steer
  • Reversible seat
  • Adjusting leg rest
  • A full lie-flat
  • Large hood
  • Rattles on bumps and holes
  • Foam front wheels
  • Unstable

I bought it as a second stroller to our double pram or for occasional short trips when our elder wants to walk by himself. It fulfills my needs, but I wouldn't want it as an only stroller.

Not stable


Not stable. It was squeaking, the backrest was falling off and the brake was jamming.

  • Stylish
  • Compact
  • Light
  • You can swap the canopy for a Bugaboo one
  • I found none

I recommend it. It is compact, beautiful, lightweight, and the seat can reverse to face the parent as well as the world.

Number one for us


Maximum satisfaction. Easy folding - saves so much space. Number one for us, mainly when compared with a robust polish stroller system we had!

  • Design
  • Reversible seat
  • Seat adjustable from an upright sitting position up to a complete lay flat
  • Very large canopy
  • One-hand fold with the seat attached (in any direction of travel)
  • Stands by itself when folded
  • Suspension
  • Materials faded out after one summer
  • The chassis has a lot of give; the more time passes, the more give is there - then it feels like it floats from side to side
  • The fabrics are thin
  • Handlebar covered in cheap foam that doesn't feel nice in your hand
  • No footrest at the end of the leg rest - the child's feet dangle
  • Warranty claim is super complicated, and they are not willing to repair faults

I feel like the manufacturer saved money where he could.

The overall impression is not that good. The materials feel low-quality and cheap; even the wheels are different (foam-covered) in the front. The stroller wears down quickly and the fabrics fade, claiming your warranty is suffering, they don't really want to help you...

It's a shame because the stroller looks beautiful and features-wise, it's practical. It even tackles more demanding terrain, and the canopy is huge. The fold is a bit weird, but one gets used to it.

The chassis could be sturdier

  • lightweight
  • a very beautiful design
  • fully reclining
  • extendable hood
  • easy fold
  • compact after folding
  • the wheels, mainly those in the front, are very sensitive to small stones 🤭

The chassis could be sturdier, but overall, we are happy with it 🙂

We love it

  • Design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great canopy

A great design, easy to maneuver, comfortable for the baby. We love it 😍😍😍

Cybex Balios S - well, I don't know. Wheels are fine, colour is also ok, but that super-thin canopy fabric? Meh... I also wasn't sure about the shopping basket. Not sturdy, chassis- or handlebar-wise. For me, a stroller more useful for car trips or for holidays. Not that great for everyday use or a bigger load of shopping.

Light, nice, foldable, comfortable CITY stroller for smooth flat surfaces. Aome say it can handle light terrain. It does not handle any terrain. I had a retro Roan Emma pram and we also have a sporty Baby Jogger Summit X3.

I'll definitely keep it for my second baby. Compared to other strollers, it has a sort of loose feel - but it holds, it's not really loose. It has a combination of three things that no other stroller had (Jun 2019). This extra extendable canopy, which you will appreciate in the summer. The positioning up to a FULL recline. And - the ability to reverse the seat facing you or in direction of travel. We started to use it it at the age of 5 months, when my son was not yet sitting by himself. And I wanted to have interaction with him, but he was small. Now that he's 8m, he's sitting up, but I still have him facing me 😂

The stroller is great in the price-quality-design ratio. For me 9/10.

  • Relatively large, accessible basket
  • Reclines flat
  • Folds in one piece
  • There's give in the chassis, it is not that sturdy, but I think it's just a force of habit

We bought it as a replacement for our Bugaboo. It met our expectations; we are satisfied with it.

  • very easy maneuverability
  • weight
  • one-hand folding
  • price
  • choice of colors

Fully recommending it. I was looking for a stroller that is easy to push, would not be too heavy, and would manage driving through a bit difficult terrain. This stroller meets all my requirements.

  • you don't feel its weight when pushing it
  • reversible
  • huge hood
  • great look
  • compact after folding
  • thin hood with too much flex (bends when windy)
  • shallow seat
  • seat unit is on the smaller side
  • you need to train the folding to be able to do it properly
  • the shoulder harness belts are not well made - they don't fit right even after adjusting them

A great stroller, that is almost featherlight when being pushed! I think it's more suitable for spring/summer/autumn because of a slightly shallow seat and that thin hood textiles. Otherwise, the ride is very soft, and it pusher so nicely - we even took it to the mountains with us 🙂

  • Reversible seat unit
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Self-standing after folding
  • Extra-large sun hood
  • Compact dimensions when unfolded - it fits our elevator even when the seat is fully reclined
  • Adjustable backrest and leg rest
  • 5-point harness
  • Easy manipulation
  • Large shopping basket
  • Suitable also for tall parents
  • Suitable mostly for smaller children
  • I had to practice the one-hand fold a week to get it right
  • Child's bumper bar is quite far

You need to get the knack for folding it properly - then it goes quickly and easily. It is so quiet, the ride, and the stroller pushes effortlessly. Also good for occasional harsher terrain, but nothing too serious. However, the all-terrain ride is more comfortable than the passing through big cracks in the pavement 😃

A great stroller for the good price

  • Compact
  • Suspension
  • Large canopy
  • Beautiful (for me 😁)
  • Reversible seat
  • The seat gets stuck to the shopping basket while unfolding
  • The canopy is too soft
  • The peekaboo window is missing a magnet/or velcro for closing properly

This is the best stroller I had (despite a few weaknesses). My daughter started to ride in it when she was not yet sitting by herself - even in a fully reclined position, she had a good view from her seat. In the Britax Go Big she would not be able to see anything. At the moment, she is 8 months old, and she sits there comfortably, not sliding down.

This stroller is light, compact, equipped with a suspension system and large canopy - but it is not sturdy enough, and I cannot imagine the winter with it. However, this can be fixed by buying a Bugaboo canopy 😉

The liner is made so that it is double secured above the shoulders, so there is no chance for it to slide down. However, it is time-consuming to mount it as the whole strap system has to be ptakenut out (it would be the same with the footmuff - it will hold when strapped in).

For me, it is a great stroller for the good price :-)

Beautiful, comfortable

  • beautiful design
  • suspension
  • lay-flat seat unit
  • leg rest adjustment
  • quite spacious shopping basket
  • the folding mechanism gets stuck at times; I think it needs to be used more times to get smoother

It's beautiful, comfortable. Nice suspension. Just the folding could be smoother 😀

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