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denkabemommy says:
"The price corresponds to the quality"
and gives the Cybex Balios S

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The price corresponds to the quality

  • Extra long canopy
  • Colour stability
  • Manoeuvring
  • Center of gravity
  • Thin canopy
  • Material of the front wheels
  • Weaker suspension

The price corresponds to the quality. Basically, I was satisfied with Balios because it fulfilled what I expected it to (no, I didn't have high expectations) - and also pleasantly surprised me. It was roomy enough for even a 2 yr old child (of normal height). It was very easy to manoeuvre with one hand. The only minus was the thin roof, but on the other hand it was long enough so that even sleeping in the cold and wind was perfectly acceptable.

The front wheels, or rather the material from which they were made, were a bit of a hindrance for me. They got stones stuck in them very quickly. Suspension was a bit weak, but for city (broken) sidewalks it was quite sufficient. It also went through snow, although the wheels needed to be re-greased.

I also rate the colour fastness positively, after 2 summers the stroller looked very good. It also coped with frequent washing, the canopy was slightly greyed, but it was visible totally minimally (black color).

The weight of the stroller could definitely be lower, but when pushing or lifting it up a curb it was not felt at all. So I also rate the stroller's center of gravity positively, especially if the seat was in the direction of travel.

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