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  • I did not find any real advantages
  • Small bassinet
  • Hard to adjust the seat position

I only rented it, but I wasn't satisfied with neither the basisnet nor the seat unit.

  • roomy
  • folds well
  • cushioned
  • large basket
  • a tad higher weight

This stroller is great. It folds well - it doesn't seem to, but it also fits in a Renault Clio.

It's incredibly spacious and yet the baby snuggles in it beautifully, it doesn't fly. It has a good canopy (doesn't fade in the sun), super easy to maintain covers. Big shopping basket and easy to handle.

Newer versions have more durable wheels against pebbles, feel like an inflatable and no risk of punctures. Everything can be taken off and washed. It is well cushioned with two levels of suspension to adjust. The only downside would be that it's a little heavier, but again for off-road it's a plus.

  • Spacious seat
  • Sufficiently long seat surface
  • Sturdy
  • Good handling
  • Easy folding
  • Convenient strolling and manoeuvring
  • Large shopping basket
  • Adjustable handle
  • Apron hidden in the handle
  • Rain resistant
  • Machine washable covers
  • No reversing the seat to face the parent

It has been used with 2 kids and was fully functional when I passed it on. I would definitely recommend it.

Spacious seat - even for bigger kids. Comfortable for the kids to sleep in as it was also long enough. The handy and practical bumper bar is easy to click into place and there is a thin wind and rain cover. Easy one-handed recline. The wheels comfortably go through even deep snow.

Overall, it was very easy to maneuver and comfortable stroller. The only minus is that you can't reverse the seat to see the baby.

  • Adjustable handle even for taller parents (like me)
  • Canopy is long enough for me, can be unzipped and washed
  • The basket fits everything I need + easy to unzip the basket
  • It's easy to push - for weighing some 10 kg
  • You can buy a bassinet, car seat and seat unit
  • Carrying capacity 15 kg, up to approx. 3 years
  • The stroller is bigger, spacious, the baby is not crammed in there like a sardine
  • When getting in and out of the car frequently, the weight of the stroller is a bit noticeable - it takes up the bottom of my trunk, but we still have plenty of space for things in case of e.g. a holiday
  • I have a bit of a problem with spare parts 🙂

Even though the stroller takes up a lot of space when folded, I give it a high rating. I don't need a clunky stroller, I need it to be easy to handle, push, and comfortable for my baby - and especially ok to my height.

I used this pram with my son. We had a 3in1 system and it was really good. Compact, comfortable, and, what's the most important, roomy. My son used it fully up to his two years of age and still could fit in with a winter cosytoes. The only thing I missed was that the seat couldn't parent-face. When my little boy was very small, I couldn't have him looking at me. Otherwise, this pram endured everything and I was super happy with it.

The whole family is happy with it

  • sturdy
  • spacious
  • unique in appearance (I've never met anyone who had one)
  • the seat version is great in that you don't have to constantly take the seat off when folding it into the car, it just snaps together as it is (saves time and space in the car)
  • large basket under the stroller
  • the large carrycot can also be strapped into the car
  • spare parts somewhat more expensive (wheels)

The whole family is happy with the stroller. It is beautifully steerable with one hand; it is spacious, sturdy. I find the mattress in the stroller comfortable.

It can withstand any terrain - we travel a lot (forests, mountains, fields...). Nothing has been a hindrance so far. Well designed brake.

Compared to previous strollers (in my son's Dorjan), it has more robust design, various gadgets...

It tackled anything I needed it to


I was happy with it. It tackled anything I needed it to.

I have it with a Concord Sleeper 2 bassinet.

I don't regret getting it

  • Convenient
  • Foldable
  • Adapterless
  • Easy to use
  • Can't puncture the wheels 😁
  • High purchase price without accessories
  • Could not be put into full recline
  • Material was more maintenance intensive

See advantages and disadvantages. But I don't regret getting it 😉🙂🙂

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