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  • Deep bassinet
  • Easy handling
  • Nice design
  • Large shopping basket
  • Seat unit setup is heavier

One of the great strollers that can ride even in the winter in the snow. It feels light, easy to handle, deep spacious bassiner. For me AWESOME.


  • Huge carrycot
  • Extendable canopy on the carrycot
  • Ventilation on canopies
  • Suspended frame
  • Reversible seat and carrycot
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable
  • On the heavier side

Gorgeous stroller, we had one in a deep red. I can only recommend it.

Fulfills everything I need

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Large canopy (sun visor)
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Easy to operate
  • Seat goes up to full lie-flat
  • The only drawback in my opinion is that it takes up more space in the trunk when folded into the car

It fulfills everything I need 😉

I recommend it for taller parents

  • Large spacious bassinet
  • Tall backrest in the seat
  • Seat goes completely flat - not semi-sitting or semi-lying
  • Fits a large, thick footmuff just fine
  • Both the bassinet and the seat can be facing both directions
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Suspension
  • Extended hood
  • Large shopping basket
  • Stroller bag + muffs, insect net, aprons for both parts
  • Parent handle, where the pushchair is pushed, can be adjusted
  • A little heavier
  • It needs to be folded into two pieces when folded into the trunk of the car and thus takes up more space

The best pram I've ever had. I recommend it for taller parents.

We are very satisfied. We still have it at my mother-in-law's. If I were to buy a pram again, I would definitely choose a 3 in 1 system and the Camarelo brand.

  • Really deep spacious cot that we used for a long time
  • The inflatable wheels handled any terrain
  • A lot of positioning of the tub, which was an advantage for me because I am tall and have back problems
  • Seat was fine, sufficient for us for now 😉
  • Maybe a little bit more compactess would be nice, as there is a separate chassis and another part, especially for the car
  • Smaller bag on the bottom of the stroller

Satisfaction for us 😉 I think it's a stroller for moms who don't need expensive brands.

Fulfills everything

  • nice
  • spacious
  • fulfills everything - see full review
  • small basket
  • quite a robust frame when you put the car seat on and want to go e.g. in the shopping mall
  • the pushchair cannot be put in a perpendicular position

Great carrycot - it's spacious and the canopy can be put down a lot so no need for a parasol. Absolute perfection.
Frame - solid, not the heaviest, locking wheels = awesome, brake - after a while the brake needs to be lubricated, otherwise the stroller doesn't brake.
Basket for small things in the lower part - small, but enough for necessities... it's definitely not for bigger purchases.
The seat unit - I had only one thing that bothered me, and that was that it could not be put in a perpendicular, upright position.
Changing bag - standard, it fulfilled everything, only it can't be overloaded.

The pram is very stable

  • Spacious cot
  • Great chassis
  • Handling
  • The positioning of the seat is not working all the time

A good pram. Very spacious, we used it with both children for over a year. I have often folded it up in the car and everything was fine.

The seat recline broke, overall I found that hard to control. Chassis great, the pram is very stable, easy to use, handled even lighter terrain.

Nothing but good experiences with it

  • completely easy to maneuver
  • can go over very bad terrain
  • well sprung
  • easy to fold

I will buy Camarello again with my next baby because I have had nothing but good experiences with it :)

  • Spacious bassinet that can be covered so that it doesn't blow inside
  • The storage space is less accessible when using the seat

Great stroller, easy to handle. Managed to take two children and is still without a malfunction.

It is being used for our second child already

  • The largest bassinet I could find
  • The bassinet inclines
  • Reversible seat unit
  • We found none in the years of using it

It is being used for our second child already.

  • Large carrycot suitable even for winter babies
  • My wheels were shaking, they couldn't fix it even after the third trip to the dealership, after one walk with it I felt like I was working with a jackhammer

Never more... For that time, about 7 years ago, pretty and modern, but now, it is totally out, this design.

  • Large bassinet
  • Suspension
  • Backrest adjustment in the bassinet
  • For tall and short parents
  • Great for off-road
  • Nice design
  • 3in1 combo
  • Can be washed entirely
  • I found none

Satisfaction for me. The baby (quite tall) lasted in the car seat for half a year. I carried him up to the third floor and the frame stayed in the basement.

The pram was easy to push, the brake got stuck now and then. The seat part was fine, but it got small after a while. It lasted us till 2,5 yrs. My son liked to ride in the pram, he was happy in it. For an undemanding mom, a great choice. And it handled the terrain fantastically. The suspension could be adjusted. You have to ask about upgrades when you buy it.

The golden compromise

  • The inflatable wheels went over every terrain
  • Wide, comfortable and adjustable bassinet
  • Comfortable car seat, easy to attach to the structure
  • Impractical and uncomfortable push chair
  • The seat of the stroller - when turning the seat facing forward, the stroller was falling over, in the wind it almost fell backwards

The golden compromise. There is nothing to complain about the bassinet, the wheels can handle any terrain. The car seat is light, practical, one movement from the chassis to the car and back. The seat unit was not thought out, however.

  • Large bassinet
  • Comfy seat that can lie completely flat

I am completely satisfied with the pram. It is beautiful, used already with the third offspring, and the colors have not faded yet. It has a spacious bassinet and the seat unit is reclinable to a full lie-flat position.

Satisfaction - bassinet, car seat, stroller handling.

A little worse folding. Not much space under the stroller - it is harder to get under the stroller when having put on the seat.

Seat unit - I was quite dissatisfied with it. Very soon my daughter grew out of it - and she was supposed to be in it until she was three years old. She rode in it for 10 months and I had to buy another one.

A great 3 in 1 set

  • Lightweight
  • 3 in 1 set
  • Each part fits onto the attachments by simply snapping it on
  • Quite large

For me, a great 3 in 1 set. All parts snap onto the chassis, and it feels lightweight...

  • suspension
  • low weight

I couldn't have picked a better off-road stroller ☺️

  • easy driving
  • sturdy chassis
  • easy fold
  • roomy
  • large storage space
  • none for us

I was very happy with it. Not sorry we got this one. And ours was beautifully yellow - different than other prams around 🙂

  • Probably only the design
  • Rattles horribly
  • Weak suspension, not for bad terrain
  • My foot is not able to release the brake; I have to use my hand 😑

I am not happy with it. I keep it at my parents' house, I took it for a walk for a few times, but overall we only use it to sleep inside or in their own yard. I don't like to go for walks with it at all.

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