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zzkmet says:
"For an undemanding mom, a great choice"
and gives the Camarelo Malaga

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  • Large bassinet
  • Suspension
  • Backrest adjustment in the bassinet
  • For tall and short parents
  • Great for off-road
  • Nice design
  • 3in1 combo
  • Can be washed entirely
  • I found none

Satisfaction for me. The baby (quite tall) lasted in the car seat for half a year. I carried him up to the third floor and the frame stayed in the basement.

The pram was easy to push, the brake got stuck now and then. The seat part was fine, but it got small after a while. It lasted us till 2,5 yrs. My son liked to ride in the pram, he was happy in it. For an undemanding mom, a great choice. And it handled the terrain fantastically. The suspension could be adjusted. You have to ask about upgrades when you buy it.

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