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  • Solid frame
  • Handles difficult terrain
  • Modern
  • Different canopy themes
  • Beautifully maneuverable
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Does not fit in some elevators and car trunks
  • Bassinet cannot be laid flat on the floor as for example with Joolz

We bought the stroller second hand, it was like new. We rode with it for about 8 months.

The perfect pram

  • Everthing
  • Nothing

The perfect pram. Folds well in the car, has lots of accessories and gadgets, one-handed steering... Clearly a winner 😍

The investment has really paid off

  • light
  • easy to push (even with one hand)
  • spacious both lying and sitting
  • fashionable
  • variable - in sitting position it can sit with its face the street or me
  • adjustable handle
  • for some, the price - I don't think it is though, it was worth the money

We have a 2015 Bugaboo Buffalo and I can say that the investment has really paid off. My son can fit in the stroller happily even at 12 months old and we took him out in the sitting position at 3,5 years old (when he was sick and it was the only way to get some air).

The frame is lightweight and thus lightens my back when folded into the car. It can be pushed with one hand, the wheels lock beautifully. Various accessories are available for purchase, it can be made from red to blue when needed :-) I can highly recommend it!

Can carry anything

  • Space
  • Ease of use
  • Large basket
  • Less compact
  • Heavier

An amazing stroller that can carry anything.

I love it

  • traverses any terrain
  • large carry cot
  • extendable canopy
  • possibility to change the canopies
  • possibility of summer sun canopies
  • design
  • fast folding
  • mozna jen, ze je tezsi

Absolutely top notch. I love it. It'll go through anything, it'll go up anything, and it looks great... I wouldn't change it.

I wouldn't want any other stroller after this


I wouldn't want any other stroller after this!!!

  • Large wheels
  • Beautiful design
  • Large basket space
  • Bugaboo summer accessories
  • Weight
  • Compactness

Amazing stroller, top of the range from Bugaboo. Snow, mud, rocks... Everything is OK and the baby does not wake up. For me an absolutely fabulous stroller for the village, countryside...

  • handling
  • large all-terrain wheels
  • can change canopies, covers, etc., extension canopies, summer canopies with mosquito net
  • spacious bassinet
  • spacious and large seat - also for more than 24 months
  • anywhere in the city and off-road
  • large basket
  • adjustable handle in many positions
  • seat adjustable to 3 seating positions
  • facing both forward and rearward
  • higher weight
  • folding into the car is on the more difficult side

A great pram. Spacious bassinet, into which the average child fits even pretty much at 10 months; seat adjustable to 3 positions, I also appreciate the possibility of choice in the direction and opposite direction of travel. The basket is huge (if I compare it with the Bee), so also nice for big purchases; clips for attaching a large changing bag; easy operation with almost 1 finger despite the sturdiness and weight, great also in winter; I appreciate the extension canopies, summer canopies that can be changed as needed...

The child is 22 months old and still has a space to spare in the stroller, sleeps in it outside without problems. The stroller has carried 3 children, is 6 years old and works perfectly. The downside is the weight - and folding it into the car is a bit more complicated, but its features compensate for it.

The best pram

  • Easy to steer
  • Design
  • Nothing

The best pram, design, steering.

  • spacious
  • comfortable
  • for every terrain
  • high weight capacity
  • overall look and the possibility of changing the accessories
  • weight

An awesome stroller. We were very satisfied. It is like a truck - it can handle even heavy loads of shopping, which I regularly tested 😊 The most important thing is that it’s spacious and comfortable for the child. Another advantage is the changing of the hood (apron, seat fabrics...) will change the visage of the stroller 😉

  • tackles any terrain
  • bucket-style sitting part
  • easy manipulation
  • STYLISH and mega practical

A superb pram for any terrain and it looks great in the city as well as in the mountains, in the mud 😂🤣😅 An easy manipulation, a combination of different colors for the canopy and the carrycot cover is also possible...

  • easy to handle
  • compact
  • no rattling, squeaking
  • handles even difficult terrain, uneven pavements, layers of snow and so on
  • I consider the possibility of changing the canopy and the carrycot apron a big advantage - you can endlessly change the color of anything according to your mood, gender of another child; or at least wash the one that you have :)
  • beautiful design
  • safe for the child
  • spacious enough even for an older child
  • spacious carrycot
  • bucket-type seat unit, therefore possible to put a ‘not-yet-sitting-by-itself’ child in the seat unit (comfortably)
  • adjustable handle length
  • ... and I’m pretty sure I forgot a lot :)
  • quite heavy
  • relatively high priced
  • I don’t see any more disadvantages :)

I don't regret buying this stroller. I am very satisfied - if I was to choose again, I would surely choose this one.



I recommend it! Rather compact, great, easy to handle :-)

  • I didn't expect it, but it's actually quite a lightweight, compact model, with the capability to go over terrain as well as snow - even though, overcoming those takes some effort from your part
  • 3-year-warranty and free maintenance every year
  • A lot of accessories, even though they're not cheap
  • You can only reverse the seat, not the handlebar
  • The basket color faded out

Originally, I didn't want this model - it was my partner's choice. It's actually compact and rather lightweight. My daughter used it up to her 2 months, then from her 8 months and up. Now, at 21 months, she doesn't want to ride any pushchair - sho only walks, which I am sorry for. I always feel sad I am not using it ;-)

The manipulation is good; I like the design and also those inflatable wheels. We could pass through anything, and I was happy with it. It really can go through terrain. I tried other Bugaboo models, and I can honestly tell that Buff is the best.

I love this carriage... The only thing that bothers me a bit is that it's not cushioned 😂😂

Our little truck

  • Wheels: big, filled with foam - puncture-free, awesome suspension on uneven surfaces - we can get anywhere, even pass through snow (I tried, with a 25cm layer of it)
  • Shopping cart: large, can carry up to 10kg
  • Carrycot: large and spacious
  • Seat unit: bucket-type, can be clicked on both forward- and rearward-facing, can be adjusted in one of the 3 positions
  • Canopy: easy to change, extends deeply to protect against the sun, snow, wind
  • Weight? about 12.5kg for such a large and comfortable stroller is not so much
  • The price? Hmmm, very well worth the quality

A great stroller! Our little truck, as we call it. It can carry a lot, yet still very comfy. 😍 My son (who was using it first) is 6 years old, and now I have a 2nd baby in it - everything works 100%.

  • Comfortable seat unit, even for a bigger kid
  • Heavy duty - for what it takes, you can even push a horse in it
  • Personalization through different canopies and accessories
  • Price

Quite a great stroller, I have no complaints. We have been using it for two years, and it is absolutely fuss-free - and it is used on a daily basis. I went through quite a few strollers, but this is a true all-in-one.

We used it to its maximum


The best choice; we used it to its maximum - both the carrycot and the seat unit part.

The best stroller there is


I sincerely recommend this stroller. It is the best stroller there is…

It will go through anything


An excellent stroller. I will go through anything - snow, grass, dirt roads.

Nothing to complain about


TOP stroller, there is nothing to complain about. Ideal for both city and harsh terrain. Sturdy, stable, large canopy - you can alternate the colors or even swap for a summer version, so the stroller will always be “fresh”. The only disadvantage is the higher weight which you’ll feel when loading the folded stroller in the car.

We bought it after a recommendation

  • ideal for the city thanks to the bigger size of wheels
  • ease of manipulation
  • easy unfolding
  • fits a smaller car boot
  • very lightweight
  • price of the accessories

We bought it after a recommendation from an acquaintance, which owned a stroller from this brand 🙂

First I owned the Cameleon, but after I saw the Buffalo for the first time, the Cameleon was out of the picture. Since then, our Buffalo serves us excellently for 4 years already.

  • great all-terrain performance
  • higher weight

Excellent, elegant stroller with great all-terrain performance. Easy to fold. Thanks to all details and tweaks it’s really suitable for all-weather and all-terrain use.

  • Stable chassis with quality wheels for all-terrain use
  • Extendable canopy is great against wind or sun
  • Spacious basket for shipping or other necessities
  • Bucket form of the seat is not suitable for longer naps; the baby presses his chin against his chest and can therefore snore
  • Not so practical system of shoulder straps
  • Weaker securing of the mosquito net on the edges on the summer canopy

We had this stroller since spring 2013, when it was new on the market. The first child didn’t even want to sit in it, so I only used it for the second one. I find many of its aspects fantastic, but it’s not perfect. Safety tests even revealed that there were found some harmful substances in the bumper bar, which, unfortunately, a sitting child in the seat unit configuration tends to chew on.

  • big wheels
  • large, spacious carrycot
  • weight limit of 17 kg
  • design
  • extendable hood
  • easy handling
  • big shopping basket
  • high price
  • expensive original accessories

I have this stroller since 10/2016 - and I will use it for the second child too. It is amazing - a year and a half without any problems, and we use it every day for a 15kg baby, plus always with a fully loaded shopping basket! Vanquishes every terrain.

One of the best


One of the best strollers there is.

Great for terrain use

  • Spacious
  • All-Terrain
  • Heavy
  • Very big, even after folding

Great stroller for terrain use. Spacious, comfortable for both the baby and the mother. We wanted a stroller for walks in nature / for the countryside, not for the city.

THE stroller

  • spacious carrycot
  • seat unit placed high on the chassis
  • excellent maneuverability
  • all-terrain ride
  • beautiful to look at
  • not the best for folding in the car boot everyday

This is THE stroller as well as the best purchase. And I must say - I tried a lot of strollers. I am sure it will serve us well and for a long time.

I have a limited edition (Atelier). The carrycot is really large. It will last at least for the baby’s first 10 months - even in winter, with a footmuff. The seat unit is also amazing, and the suspension is excellent on rough terrain (I must say, our access road in front of the house is also a harsh terrain). The Buffalo basket can take even a week load of shopping. Plus, the stroller looks beautiful.

Best stroller we had

  • Drivability. It has wheels with foam that behave like inflatable, with the advantage of not getting a puncture
  • Spacious and large carrycot
  • Huge extension of the hood that perfectly protects the child from the wind, but also the sun
  • Quality, solid chassis - we conquered even a field, forest or potholes without problems
  • Large and spacious seat, which also fits a larger child
  • Easy folding
  • Possibility to buy original accessories such as summer canopy (amazing thing!!!), breathable liners for summer, umbrellas, blankets, but also hoods :) So when you get tired of your chosen color, don’t worry - just replace something, and the whole stroller looks different :)
  • Large and easy-to-maintain basket
  • Weight capacity
  • Stability
  • Design
  • Weight
  • The seat unit is better for older kids. My 6 month-old daughter was sliding down in it, but only at the beginning

I bought the Bugaboo Buffalo for my daughter when she was a year and 2 months old. We used it to her 2 and a half years and only the seat unit, which I am actually sorry for because it was the best stroller we had - and we went through more than 10 different ones. I liked the Buffalo Diesel Denim limited edition, but truthfully - not immediately, it took some time. If I was expecting a second child, I wouldn't hesitate - we would certainly get a Buffalo again 🙂

I loved this one

  • Stylish
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Bucket seat
  • Extendable canopy
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Reversible seat unit
  • A stroller for every terrain
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Big basket
  • Big wheels
  • Doesn’t take up much space when folded
  • Large selection of optional accessories
  • The price-quality ratio - it’s is definitely worth the money
  • The brackets to hang your bag from being placed very low (a bigger bag almost reaches the basket)

I loved this one. It’s perfect.

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