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chatlotka says:
"The stroller has carried 3 children, is 6 years old and works perfectly"
and gives the Bugaboo Buffalo

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  • handling
  • large all-terrain wheels
  • can change canopies, covers, etc., extension canopies, summer canopies with mosquito net
  • spacious bassinet
  • spacious and large seat - also for more than 24 months
  • anywhere in the city and off-road
  • large basket
  • adjustable handle in many positions
  • seat adjustable to 3 seating positions
  • facing both forward and rearward
  • higher weight
  • folding into the car is on the more difficult side

A great pram. Spacious bassinet, into which the average child fits even pretty much at 10 months; seat adjustable to 3 positions, I also appreciate the possibility of choice in the direction and opposite direction of travel. The basket is huge (if I compare it with the Bee), so also nice for big purchases; clips for attaching a large changing bag; easy operation with almost 1 finger despite the sturdiness and weight, great also in winter; I appreciate the extension canopies, summer canopies that can be changed as needed...

The child is 22 months old and still has a space to spare in the stroller, sleeps in it outside without problems. The stroller has carried 3 children, is 6 years old and works perfectly. The downside is the weight - and folding it into the car is a bit more complicated, but its features compensate for it.

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